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Tuesday June 08th 2004,
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Just saw a mention of the PHANJAM album over at Cocaine Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes, which also featured a link to the Krown Rulers site….I can’t believe those kids are still making records. At least I’ve finally found somewhere that stocks the “Paperchase” CD. Now all I need is the tape! The thing that bugs me about the PHANJAM album is that Ced Gee and Kool Keith are listed as the producers on the two Krown Rulers cuts (“Kick The Ball” and “B-Boy Document”), but when the same songs appeared on the “Paperchase” LP they were credited to “Dave from Tuff Crew”. But according to their bio, DJ Jazzy Jeff did the two (uncredited) “Kick The Ball” remixes on the album? Anyone who knows the story behind that piece of worthless trivia let me know. It should also be noted that rocking armour, Medievil-style on your cover is not a good look…even in ’89. Maybe Grand Pubah and DJ Royal Rocker watched Excalibur a few too many times.

Hey Marley Marl, when’s that TJ Swan album dropping? After talking about it in various interviews, the project never appeared. For all I know, they may never have finished it, but it had the potential to be the one R&B album I could actually listen to… long as it had that vintage Marley “Project Sound”. Come to think of it, it was probably garbage.
Nevertheless, Swan was the only singer who has actually ADDED something to a rap song rather than watering the shit down. “Make The Music…”,”Albee Square Mall”, “Left Me Lonely” – more and more hits.

As you may have noticed, I’m in the process of creating one of the more pointless and irrelevent blogs in the hip hop “blogosphere” (or whatever the fuck it’s called), and that’s really saying something. Considering I have no interest in politics and only buy second-hand rap CD’s, old 12″s and everything that Hydra Records releases, that’s about the most anyone can expect.

Stay tuned for my review of the twelve most Ignorant albums of all time.

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