Forgotten Beefs Part 2: Choice vs. NWA, Geto Boys & Too $hort
Sunday January 09th 2005,
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Biting the hand that feeds you is never a good idea, but when you’re a foul-mouthed Houston broad struggling to get noticed, it seems like the only option. Such is the story of Choice, the first “lady” of Rap-A-Lot. Willie D gave her a break by generously allowing her to appear on his seminal Controversy album, resulting in I Need Some Pussy, which still stands up today as a classic ignorant duet. Choice informed us that “I got a pussy ’bout the size of Bolivia” (which later provided the hook for Too Much Trouble‘s “Take The Pussy”, but more of that later), which apparently is a something she seemed proud of(!?). I suspect that D ghost-wrote her parts anyway. I’m not sure what happened between then and the time she dropped her album, but since she looked like Billy Dee Williams in drag her only chance of selling a few CD’s was to find a cheap gimmick. Most of the songs on the album dealt with her “sexcapades” (Pipe Dreams, “Minute Man” and “Cat Got Your Tongue”), but for her first single she did what any new rapper desperately seeking free publicity does – she made a diss record.

Payback finds Choice taking shots at all the big name rappers of the era. Her comments toward Willie Dee (“talkin’ ’bout bald head hoes ain’t nice, when you’re mama can’t even roll her hair with rice!” didn’t go down too well with the Clean-Up Man, who retaliated on his next album, “Goin’ Out Like A Soldier”. Choice dropped a follow-up effort in ’92 called Stick-N-Move which added some safe-sex messages in with all the pillow talk.

Here’s what Willie D had to say about the situation in an interview with James Bernard in the October 1992 edition of The Source:

What’s up with dissing Choice? Isn’t she your labelmate?

[Laughs] Yeah she’s down with Rap-A-Lot, but she ain’t down with Willie D. She dissed me – you didn’t know that, did you? She had an album called Payback which had a song called “Payback” where she dissed me, The Geto Boys, Ice Cube, Too $hort and NWA.


Willie Dee featuring ChoiceI Need Some Pussy (Controversy, Rap-A-Lot, 1989)

ChoicePayback (The Big Payback, Rap-A-Lot, 1990)

ChoicePipe Dreams (The Big Payback, Rap-A-Lot, 1990)

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I am pretty sure Willie D wrote all the Choice lyrics at least on her first album….

Comment by Pushermania 01.08.05 @

Good point. Come to think of it, Choice dissing Willie D was most likely Houston’s answer to UTFO and The Real Roxanne.

Comment by Robbie 01.08.05 @

Great post. I’d completely forgotten about Choice…

Comment by PhotoSydney 01.17.05 @

Someone knows about Choice other than me and my friends?? We worship this woman! What ever became of her? Does she know gay men worship her??

Comment by Bomitoni 11.01.05 @

Last I heard, she was working at one of our local airports back in like ’98. Other than that, I’m not sure what’s happening w/her.

Comment by Killa Chris 04.22.06 @

i am 31 and i have been listening to choice since 1990. i remember a friend made me a copy of her tape. i don’t know what ever became of that tape, but i sure would love to have the big payback cd. i would even buy a burned copy. i just want to hear the songs again. please email me at if you can help me.

Comment by brandy 10.08.06 @

I luv choice, no matter who she dissed. You have to give it up to her cause, she wasn’t lying. Hey, I am on the hunt for The Big Payback CD/tape. If anyone can help hit me up.

Comment by Jennie 10.09.06 @

I’ve been in love with Choice since Payback came out. Gay men worship her? Fuck that — she’s a dyke’s dream!

Comment by Flying Mermaid 01.17.07 @

if anyone had a copy or a way to download Choice’s Stick N Move I would appreciate it.. I love that song.. it’s a classic..don’t know why everyonce doesn’t know it

Comment by d 04.10.07 @

bitch look like michael bivins n shit.
-Geto Boys Fan

Comment by LucciPrimo 09.26.07 @

I have always liked Choice, its just that when she came out females were still trying to rap like dudes or were on some corny shit. Lil Kim made hella $ doing the same thing Choice did…I guess choice would have made more money if she got plastic surgery to look fake…Big Ups Choice! I am a fan for life!!! And I look good but its not always about looks…its about talent and the person inside. I know that I am blessed to have both. Keep your head up Choice !!! She didnt get a lot of exposure either…I am from Charlotte,NC and they never played her. I am well traveled so thats why I had her music.

Comment by PINK 09.08.08 @

Yo, my bestfriend and I were listening to Choice when we were 12…Her shyt was hot..I wish I could get a copy of the Bib Payback…She was before Lil Kim or Trina!

Comment by Shawanda 07.03.09 @

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