Forgotten Beefs Part 4 – Dismasters vs. Kool DJ Red Alert
Friday February 04th 2005,
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Considering they named their group the Dismasters, it’s suprising that Raven T & Lord Mike Ski‘s album contained only one diss record. While they claimed a spot in rap history with the timeless "Small Time Hustler", and to a lesser extent with "Black and Proud", their most entertaining moment in the booth was “Act Like You Know”.

Delivered in their typical Shout Rap style, the first couple of verses include a few vague stabs at the competition: "Run-DMC can’t do me nothing, I wish that KRS would say something / PE I like what you’re doing, Rakim drops science/ yeah, that’s kool and the gang, but don’t ever suppose you could beat me!". Luckily, the final verse makes it all worthwhile, as Kool DJ Red Alert receives a verbal beatdown for "being the only DJ in New York who wouldn’t play our record". It starts off with: "Red Alert and the Jungle Brothers, go on safaris and play with each other / out in the jungle – no womens in sight, one of them plays the girl for the night!" This is all funny shit, but the crediblity of the whole attack is pretty suspect when you take a look at the Dismaster’s album cover (below)?!?

The Propmaster was no stranger to diss records himself, as he was the first to play BDP’s "South Bronx", which itself was made in retaliation to Red Alert’s radio rival Mr. Magic‘s reaction when Scott and KRS asked him to play one of their pre-Criminal Minded 12"s. The Juice Crew fired back at Red with Craig G‘s “Duck Alert” from Marley Marl‘s In Control, Volume 1 LP, which is pretty tame compared to "Act Like You Know" but still comes off due to well-placed Star Trek soundbites. Not to be outdone, Red included several tracks dedicated to himself on his Next Plateau compilations – MC Mitch-Ski‘s "Red Alert Is A Great Man", Total Control‘s "DJ Red Alert" and Bizzy Boys with DJ Supreme Nyborn‘s "Kool DJ Red Alert" all attested to his superiority in the rap radio wars.

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oooh you have Red Alert Goes Bazerk, could you post BAIT?

Comment by beez luva 02.14.05 @

Great post man, you definitely brought me back.. Awesome blog..

Comment by HumanityCritic 02.07.05 @

That Red Alert album was a very dope album.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 02.07.05 @

You must be crazy, to go against the dismasters crew… etc.

Comment by Drew Huge 02.08.05 @

Red Alert is so hard on his butt he could be a hemorrhoid…
Funny as fuck!
Takes it hook from the Fresh 3 Mc’s F.R.E.S.H

Comment by Dase2 02.09.05 @

SMH @ the cover. they even dissed Jbs. I wonder if Chuck chillout was giving them any spins. i got this album. did they release any other albums after this?

Comment by quimby 02.09.05 @

I forgot to mention that Chuck Chillout produced “Act Like You Know”, so he would have been playing it on KISS for sure. I’m pretty sure the Dismasters didn’t drop anything else after ths though.

Comment by Robbie 02.09.05 @

That Red Alert album had a track called “Armed and Dangerous” by Kings of Pressure. I know Johnny Juice (PE producer) worked with them. HARDCORE!!!

Comment by Elphonics 12.04.05 @

Wassup y’all. Interesting read. I ran into Raven T about 5 years ago. He had just gotten out of jail and we were going to start working on some material but he just disappeared. He was a talented dude. He came in runner up to Mikey D in the MC Battle For World Supremacy in 1988. I was there as a DJ contestant and was runner up to DJ Scratch. Thanks for the shout for the Kings of Pressure. I am considering getting the dudes together to do a “You Know How To Reach Us” remake.


Comment by DJ Johnny Juice 02.16.06 @

Your comment about the Dismasters photo at the regarding thier last album was a to promote the single Black and Proud. The photo was not to go on the album cover. I should know, I was there at the photo-shoot and in the discussion with Urban Rock Records Exec., Ira Cousin, and the Dismasters was taken place. In addition, I concure with DJ Johnny Juice. Raven T was a talented dude. As his apprentice in production i was dumbfounded by his talents. I believe he was before his time. Other great producers mimiced his style in his black and proud single (to name Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis with Black Cat for Janet Jackson) later on in time. I met with raven when he got out of prison and lost contact with him. I pray for his peace in life and hope that he does well. Lord Mike Ski – May your soul rest in peace. Mad love to you cats.

DA Beast

Comment by Da Beast Clement Sealy 03.08.06 @

This is hillarious, much in the same way the “You Must Be Crazy (Brutus)” track from the same album was.

But, what does Mike Ski call himself in the song? The Supreme “Insogiver”? I don’t get it.

Comment by Kafka 03.21.06 @

When Did Mike-Ski Die I Can’t Find Anything On Him!!!!

Comment by DJTAGZ 02.18.12 @

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