Nas and De La Soul – Classic Radio 1 Interview (1996)
Tuesday February 15th 2005,
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I dug-up some old radio tapes the other day so I thought I’d throw this interview with Nas on here (as you can see form the photo, God’s Son also pioneered Nelly‘s band-aid gimmick). It’s from Tim Westwood‘s Radio 1 Rap Show in the UK, back in 1996 before his musical tastes went out the window. Nas was about to drop It Was Written, and he speaks his mind on the whole Biggie situation, shows Jay-Z a little love and talks about the album and the Firm project (Cormega really got the last laugh on that one, didn’t he?). De La Soul roll through towards the end to kick it about Stakes Is High as well. If Nas bores you, you can always laugh at Tim Westwood’s corny voice.
[I edited out all the songs in between, since they were doing the top ten through the show].

Nas and De La Soul interview (Radio 1 Rap Show, UK, 1996)

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De La should never do interviews. They just comes accross as such bullshit artists. All that shit about how they hate all the material stuff in rhymes, but not Nas (cos he’s sitting next to them) its the ones who copy him, and then “if you made a rule that couldn’t rap about money, cars, girls, you know material things, most of these rappers wouldn’t have a job”. yeah girls are material things, good one. I love me some De La but they are wrong in the head. They should let Mace do the interviews.

Comment by beez luva 02.16.05 @


Kris came off like a complete bullshitting herb. He was going “yeah I been speaking to the people in the streets, in brixton and they said that you were slippin”. I had no love for Westwood at the time but KRS did the weakest job ever of taking him to task, and just acted like a prick.

Comment by beez luva 02.19.05 @

hahaha hilarious. robbo you got the Tim Westwood/KRS One interview somewhere? Kris took the dude to task on everything. straight punked him out.

Good looking out rude boy. nice blog.

Comment by obi 02.17.05 @

Nice archived interview. Thanks. I wish you’d update more, because this site is great. Also, I just relaunched a blog; mine’s been reborn. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Comment by Joey 02.25.05 @

Love that Nas interview and how he talked about “wankstas”…

Comment by MAAD 03.21.05 @


What is the link of the KRS/Tim Westwood interview. I had the link once before. Can you help?

Comment by jeffrey johnson 04.29.05 @

I’m not sure, I haven’t heard it.

Comment by Robbie 04.29.05 @

if thats 1996, then it wasnt NELLYS band aid gimmick it would really be nas’s and nellys a copying motha fukr whoever thinks 50 cent is good is a BITCH

Comment by joel 02.13.06 @

Such a good look for you 2 have that 96 interview with Nas. 96 was crazy, the whole of the block was talkin bout how ill Nas was.

Westwood should have got Nas 2 freestyle over something 4sure.

Comment by CJ 11.26.06 @


Comment by FER 03.30.07 @

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