O.C. Interview (1997)
Friday March 11th 2005,
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The third and final classic interview from my tape box is thankfully not with Westwood, but taken from The Mixmaster Show (92.3 The Beat, LA). I don’t know who the host is, but he’s quite capable of delivering a few corny comments of his own. O.C. was doing press for his second album, Jewelz, which I found to be dissapointing at the time but listening to it now it’s got some really dope stuff on there. It could be argued that O dumbed-down his lyrics and comes accross as arrogant on this album, but you can’t lose with a production line-up of D.I.T.C., DJ Premier and the Beatminerz in 1997! I heard a song from his new Starchild project, which is the Japanese version of his new album, and O.C. was back in good form, which is very promising. Regardless of what the future holds for him, the song “O-Zone” remains as one of the finest tracks ever made, so I’m willing to cut him some slack for unleashing “Far From Yourz” on the world.

O.C. 1997 Radio Interview (The Mixmaster Show, 92.3 The Beat, 1996)

On a sidenote, in an old Organized Konfusion interview with Bobbito, they mentioned a song called “Rack ‘Em Up” by Prince Po and “Fight For Life”, both of which were scheduled to appear on The Extinction Agenda LP. Anybody with copies of these tracks needs to contact me immediately.

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shame prince po and oc can’t get along. what made me really rate oc was the tune of pete rock’s soul survivors. that opening verse was heaters. thank goodness for no westwood. he really needs a slap for that annoying voice of his. nice interview.

Comment by obi 03.11.05 @

I’ll give this a listen tomorrow when i have more time but i’ve always wanted to hear that “rack ’em up” track too, which i believe got cut due to sample clearance but has never been leaked from their vaults.

Not heard of the “fight for life” track before. Damn. Nothin’ wets my appetite more than unreleased O.K-circa “stress..”.

What i’ve heard of the new O.C i’ve also been very impressed. Just a little strange there are no Buckwild, Show or Finesse beats on there from the press blurbs i saw.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 03.11.05 @

Yo Robbie you need Starchild its fuckin dope- I didn’t expect a whole lot but its actually really good

Comment by AirAlex 03.11.05 @

And yeah it is weird there are no DITC beats, he only thanks AG in the credits too so I dunno what thats all about.

BTW I duno if you all have heard it but theres a song by DJ JS-1 featuring OC called “Beyond”, its OC at his best and the beat really is fitting.

and does anyone know who Inebriated Rhythms is? They do a bunch of shit on the album and it says (Juju/Warner Chappel). Is this the same JuJu of the Beatnuts?

Comment by AirAlex 03.11.05 @

I don’t fucking believe it. Simply unbelievable:

Skip and Steve for Robbins Brothers Engagement Rings. Those fuckers are everywhere. They still have those ads with the same guys on every LA and San Diego radio station. I hate them.

Comment by David 03.11.05 @

Inebriated rhythm is the name of Soul Supreme production company. So any time he produces a track it says “Produced by Soul Supreme for Inebriated Rhythm (Juju/Warner Chappell)” He is based in Boston and works with Grit Records. I have the OC “Starchild” LP here and its got two imprints on it – Grit Records and Inebriated Rhythm.

About the beats on Starchild, pretty damn good and OC sounds like the OC of old. Its dope. Its true, he only gives AG love in the thanks but he appears to be pretty down with Choco (of the Wu camp, did some beats and mixing on No Said Date). All of the Soul Supreme-laced cuts on the LP were mixed by Choco at Wu-Tang Studios.

Comment by Elliot 03.13.05 @

A small correction… Soul Supreme is based in northern Sweden and he sends his excellent beats over the internet

Comment by M 03.18.05 @

GOD bless you for this. OC Jewelz was such an incredible album. You could really tell lyrically he was stuck in zone with this project. In terms of lyricism and production and it was a perfect balance. Up into about 97′ this was like the ending of the purist that were able to make good quality albums and still get some mainstream support.


ONe – NueveSiete

Comment by sieff 03.19.05 @

ajjt men good shit

Comment by wojtas 11.02.06 @

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