Jedi Son of Spock Interview
Monday April 18th 2005,
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Jedi Son of Spock
first came to light in the mid 90’s with the underground group known as The House Of Reps. The House of Reps to this day remain by and large a mystery due to their low profile insurgence of freestyle mastery and open-mic ascendancy. As a member of the House of Reps, Jedi also appeared on DJ Shok‘s “S.O.S/Padlock/Shok Therapy” single on Mass Vinyl Records. This single, among other DJ Shok produced singles, led DJ Shok to go on to working with the Ruff Ryders. In the late 90’s Jedi rhymed in the bathroom freestyle session on Lyricist Lounge volume One, as well as dropping a few mix tape verses for Eddie Ill & DL and the DJ Blowout MC’s compilation.

Finally, he dropped his own single in the fall of 1998. The A side “The Journey” and B “Spitmode” both featured Yesh AKA Yeshua Da Poed on production. On “Spitmode” Jedi and Yesh each do a verse then trade off with amazing bar for bar chemistry, much like the Yeshua & Siah chemistry from their Fondle ‘Em EP The Visualz. In addition to these songs, Jedi has recorded many unreleased tracks with The House Of Reps, and other NYC crews. With a strong affiliation to Headbop records, Jedi has done performances in Europe as well as all around the NY region. He is currently at work on his own album and some other projects.

Can you explain how you beamed onto the hiphop scene, who your early influences were, and who you listened to as you got older?

I moved into Flatbush, Brooklyn from Colombia, South America when I was about 4. No escape from this…

When I was about eight I made some exclusives tapes taking Run DMC and putting my own twist to it… I had a Jewish friend who lent me the Adventures of Slick Rick tape and from then on I thought I would write my own shit… when I was about 15 we made tapes at DJ Yooter‘s house…

The early influences were Slick Rick, Kane, G-Rap, Rakim, Special Ed, Tragedy, later on was Heiro, Organized, Natural Elements, Roots, Portishead, DITC, and the list goes on…

One of the first things that most people heard from you was “The Journey/Spit mode” 12-inch can you explain how that came about?

I hooked up with Yesh back when he had a fro, from there we always ran into each other at Brighton Beach and the Nuyorican Cafe…it took about a year to put that 12 together but it got done…my relation to Headbop is family…

How do you feel about the period of underground hiphop between 95-98?

A lot of talent at one time…. but I feel we can bring that vibe back to the scene…

Who is the House of Reps crew?

House of reps had many members but the main frame was A.L., Absolute, Benny Blanco, and I, we were just about surprising katz. Personally I think we were the best combination of south and Central Americans put together…

What’s your view on the current state of the quantification of hip-hop, that is, the labelling of “mainstream”, “underground”, “abstract/experimental”, etc. types of hip-hop?

It’s all hip-hop and it’s been like that since ’79. There is a lot of garbage on both sides of the spectrum…with a few that shine.

How did you come up with the name Jedi Son of Spock?

I was always the young kat on the mic. Jedi just stuck, super-producer Kenny D saw the Vulcan in me and came up with SOS.

What are your favorite albums and songs, of all time?

’93 till Infinity, Do you Want More, Follow the Leader, Illmatic, Extinction Agenda, Adventures of Slick Rick, The Low End Theory, etc.

What does the future hold for you both musically and in life?

The future is mine… We put together some crazy basey hip-hop skater katz would love its called Korageous Katz, made up of Godfather Don, Scaramanga, A-Butta and a few more are on that, also I’m doing a lot of work with Van Drago on some Goth hip hop… (Note: The Korageous Katz single is produced by Kenny Diaz and has not yet been released).

I would probably have a young Vulcan when I’m about thirty so I got a minute to explore….

Jedi Son of Spock – Spitmode (b-side of “The Journey” 12″, Headbop, 1998)

Jedi & A.L. – Freestyle

Written by Keir Johnson , a new contributor to A Tribute To Ignorance.

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Is that Benny Blanco the same one who releaed this 12″
under the name Phats?
Real name Stavros Krikos?

Comment by beez luva 04.18.05 @

yeah, that name would definitely be more suited to a crap cartoon show than a hip hop group.

Comment by Headlock 04.26.05 @

I wonder if that Koragoeuz Kats single will ever come out?

Comment by Anonymous 04.18.05 @

ha! the picture looks exactly like the one i took from my jedi record!

Comment by chris.hh 04.19.05 @

I’m not sure about that Benny Blanco record, and Chris hh. thanks for the flick homie!

Comment by Keir 04.22.05 @

worst… rap name… ever….

Comment by noz 04.23.05 @

If the Korageous Katz record ever comes out, either a name-change for the group would be in order or at least spelling it normally.

Comment by Robbie 04.24.05 @

I think he looks good.

Comment by FantasyG 05.22.05 @

“Got this rappin shit on padlock!” That was an ill 12″, I’ve been trying to find out more since I found that record, never knew Jedi had any involvment.

Comment by DJ FORCE 07.05.05 @

I am waiting for you reggaeton album to hit the radio. Your old name was Jedi Mind Tricks but some prick tried to say he had it first. Keep the fucking name. He fucking sucks in rhyming and makes horrible songs. You can hear his sesame street lyrics for yourselves if you download his songs from Imesh or Limewire. On the other hand, I personally heard Korageous Katz and it has a good vibe to it. The name probably does have to go though. You forgot to mention in the article that Jedi is Colombian.

Comment by Danny 07.21.05 @

dope interview. i remember the Shock joint and the Journey 12. Yesh killed those beats. Dope jams. Great interview.

Comment by treatfreak 07.21.05 @

yo thnx for that great jedi interview.
i am still lookin, where i can get more of that “maybe unreleased” house of reps tracks !!!
beside the vinyls got (mass vinyl,broken records,spitmode,etc..) i got some crap sound quality mp3s of old house of reps stuff. unfortunately they are untitled. i would love to get more of that old superb hip hop. there wehere emcees like jedi,matrix,animosity or A.L. Skillz. can anyone give me more info bout that old stuff ?? maybe a homepage, or a page where i can buy these great pieces of hip hop ? or jedi’s email, maybe , hehe. want to ask him seriously. thnx. tobi, a big jedi fan !!

Comment by indyvinylz 11.09.05 @


e-mail me and we can talk, pz


Comment by Keir 11.09.05 @

Hey I’m pretty interested in Jedi Mind Tricks also. Along with Godfather Don, he’s one of my favorite mc’s but i haven’t heard very much of his work. How do we email you or find a site which has his work?

Comment by syllable structure 11.10.05 @

I’m sorry…my bad, I means Jedi Son of Spock…bad mess up

Comment by syllable structure 11.10.05 @


Thanks for this whole site; it’s put me on to some stuff I never heard about back when I was 10 and listening to De La and Salt & Pepa!

As for House Of Reps, the only thing I’ve heard about them was on the Lyricist Lounge freestyle that Absolute was on with Black Thought, Com and Monch (and he Absolutely rips it – check the beat change halfway through his ‘style when you get home tonight and tell me the hairs on the back o’ ya neck don’t stand up!!)

Talking of which, they mention that all four have set up a ‘supergroup’ called The Incredible Force – has anyone heard anything of the project since?!?!

It’d be grrreat!

Comment by My Attempts To Redefine Your Hip Hop Guidelines AKA Pedro "Juan-Jesus" Mendosa AKA Ross 12.01.05 @

I am currently in the midst of writing a book on the Golden Age of Underground Hip Hop. I would really like to interview or speak briefly to Scaramanga and Godfather Don. If anybody with any info on how to contact them can get at me, my email is

Comment by Rhyme patterns 09.11.06 @

My man Jedi is no joke on the mic…I heard he’s putting out new material under the name Bateria now. Somebody played me a crazy new track featuring Jeff Star…check out this crazy whiteboy at Whats up with AL’s new shit?

Comment by Latin Listener 02.12.07 @

can we reup that freestyle, on this page the jedi son of spock freestyle and the yeshua dapoed freestyles.

much appreciated

i guess the mp3 expired

Comment by silabo 04.18.10 @

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