Ced Hearts B-Girls – Part 7
Friday June 10th 2005,
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I had also planned to include Finesse & Synquis‘ “Soft But Deadly” as another example of Ced helping out some around the way broads, but I’ve only got it on 7″ and that shit kept skipping, so no dice. Nevertheless, Baby Doll and her brother deliver their own take on the classic battle of the sexes theme with “You Can’t Break A B-Boy’s Heart”, which is backed by an early Ced-Gee/Scott La Rock SP-1200 composition.

I’m not sure which of the chicks in these photos is Baby Doll, but I’m almost certain that the foxy big-haired broad in the mini-skirt is Five Star Moet. Here’s the story on Baby according to the bizarre bio on the back cover of the B-Girls Live & Kicking LP (reprinted exactly as it appears):

Baby Doll is a native Detroit female she’s been part of the New York Hip Hop scene for a number of years back and forth between Detroit and the New York scene. So she’s no stranger to hard core. After being part of New York hard core she’s already a star at home
in Cleveland. This tune you can’t break a B. Boy’s heart being produced by Boogie Down Production and CED GEE both Productions felt that Baby Doll [Kim] is the one artist that they both wanted to produce for.
Both teams were amazed by her because she will be doing both rapp and dance music, the guy rapping with her is is her brother [Zulu 2] or [Kid] also from Detroit with New York hard core exposure. Look out for this sexy female to be on top very soon, B. Girls from B. Boy.

Other tracks from the album include Five Star Moet’s “Moet Gets Busy” and L.A. Star’s “Write That Rhyme”, a couple of diss records directed at Roxanne Shante and Salt ‘N Pepa, repectively. Production on the rest of the record is handled by Keyboard Money Mike, Al Street Rap (?) and Spyder-D (aka Mr. Sparky Dee). Hardly essential, but as far as female rap projects go, this is one of the better ones.


Baby Doll – You Can’t Break A B-Boy’s Heart (B-Girls Live & Kicking, B-B-Boy, 1987)

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You’re comin’ with the interesting, dope, obscure shit here.

I generally dislike female rappers but best banger by a bitch..? For me it’s either “paper thin” or “afro puffs”. But then there’s “have a nice day” to consider too.

And best bitch you’d like to bang..? I’ll take Shazzy.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 06.13.05 @

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here Brian and assume your talking about “Ghettosberg Address”-era Shazzy and not her first album cover when she sported a gumby.

Comment by Robbie 06.15.05 @

I can’t remember the title or the year it was released, but I’ve got that L.A. Star album/cassette in storage. It’s not too bad. A few fluffy songs on it, but I’ll still listen to a few joints offa it. Good lookin’ on the reminder. Holla.

Comment by Foster akahunter 06.19.05 @

that top picture is Sparky Dee. Yeah, she’s ‘stunning’. Unfortunately, I can’t track down that Godfather Don interview down anyhwere Robbie, but I’ll have a cutting I can scan

Comment by Drew Huge 06.20.05 @

While Shazzy was no dime she was Beyonce compared to Bahmadia, Miss Melodie and Shante.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 06.20.05 @

Drew, if you can scan that shit that’d be great.

Brian, good point. I’d rather hit Lady of Rage than mess with any of those three.

Comment by Robbie 06.20.05 @

To be honest, Miss melodie would get the dick way before Tairrie B. But I wouldn’t mind going bang zoom with the Real Roxanne

Comment by Drew Huge 06.21.05 @

I strongly suspect that Tarrie B gave Eazy-E the clap (and possibly that other shit that bodied him, but I’m not trying to catch a lawsuit from some washed-up rapper broad who now spends her days Goggling her name in the vein hope that somebody mentions her on a website). If she didn’t give it to him directly. then one of her skanky “Cave Bitch” friends did.

Real Roxanne was worth a dip. Don’t sleep on L’Trimm either.

Comment by Robbie 06.21.05 @

I jerked off to Tarrie B as a youn’n.

True story.

Didn’t she end up fronting some nu-metal group?

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 06.22.05 @

I don’t know about the Nu-Metal thing, but if you “did the washing by hand” to her poster, I hate to think what would have happened if you’d seen her interviewing Eazy on the “Slammin’ Rap” video magazine.

Comment by Robbie 06.22.05 @

what up foster. good point about la star. i got that one ‘poetess’ cassette from like 91 and a couple of the songs are pretty good.

ha. tairrie b.

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 06.25.05 @

rah digga tops them all..

Comment by Anonymous 06.26.05 @

You are the best Miss B…. here in méxico we are with you and MY RUIN!!!!

Comment by Labrujamuerta 07.05.05 @

L’Trimm wuz da hottest bitches around. Tigre and bunny. Make me wanna stroke right now!

Comment by Lee Doggy Dogg 07.28.05 @

jean grae is the best female emcee ever, Lyricly no female has ever matched her verse for verse.

Comment by b-enzyme 08.17.05 @

Back around 87-89 Ced-Gee use to date a female DJ by the name of “Dee Dee” who was pretty dope looking as well as nice on the ones and twos. Eddie O’Loughin, owner of Next Plateau anounced that he was having auditions for a female DJ to replace DJ “Vicious” of “salt-n-pepa”. Ced told “Dee-Dee” to go down to the auditions and she got the position and DJ”Spinderella” for “salt-n-pepa” was born!!

Comment by Marc Davis 08.18.05 @

Ced also recycled that Delta Force cut for Antoinette’s first album … but I can’t remember the name of the track for the life of me. Antoinette was pretty hot!!! Didn’t she get down with Kane, who was one of her ghost writers.

Comment by Brock 08.19.05 @

Antoinette – “I Got An Attitude” has got to be the best ghostwritten rap joint ever made. I don’t even care, her voice and delivery was perfect.

Comment by P-Matik 10.20.05 @

Yo, is it true Five Star Moet used to be down with Rakim. I heard that somewhere.

Comment by Kafka 03.18.06 @

mii mother sparky-d-off real

Comment by dominique 02.17.07 @

Yo, can you help me out? I’ve b33n trying to locate that “Write That Rhyme” joint by LA Star, and I googled it, and I was linked to your page? Anyway you could do me a favor and send me an mp3 or streaming audio?? Please let me know at johnnydangerous2003@hotmail.com.

Thanks, appreciate it.

Comment by Johnny D. 07.25.07 @

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