Jus Allah – “All Fates Have Changed” Review
Tuesday June 21st 2005,
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Jus & 8-Off

You’ve no doubt caught wind of Jus Allah being welcomed back into the fold of underground powerhouse Jedi Mind Tricks, where he made a name for himself after joining Vinnie Paz on vocal duties for the groups break-through Violent By Design album. This is good news for a couple of reasons, the main one being that Jus and Paz bring out the best in each other when sharing the booth, and also for the fact that Stoupe‘s tracks are a far better backdrop for Jus Allah’s blend of “righteous ignorance” than some of the tinny, lacklusture beats found on his long-delayed solo shot. That’s not to say that All Fates Have Changed (Babygrande) won’t satisfy long-time fans. When the production is up to par, on cuts such as “Divide and Conquer” (the sole contribution from the Molemen‘s Panik), Jus really holds his own on the steel, delivering a vocal performance that mixes equal parts Sunz of Man ancient mysticism, Tragedy‘s religious imagery and Geto Boys style ignorant rap, with a healthy dose of X-Clan style devil-bashing thrown in for good measure.

With a lyrical arsenal like that, you really need an epic musical backdrop to keep up, but many of the beats supplied veer dangerously close to Sega Genesis/Megadrive territory. Agallah “The Don Bishop” – who you may either remember as 8-Off The Assassin or as a member of Dip Set weed carriers Purple City – is the main offender in terms of these forgettable musical contributions. After a rocky start, things get back on track with the GZA assisted “Pool of Blood” and “Important Shit” with Lord Jamar and Agallah (who also supplies his best beat), while “Porno Flick Bitches” gets points for it’s title, but little else. “Supreme (Black God’s Remix)” wins, with it’s Stoupe-influenced beat and scratch-heavy hook, although Bomshot fails to impress after Chief Kamanchi and Jus’ superior verses. Three of the five bonus tracks provide some of the album’s strongest moments, as the previously released “Reign of the Lord”,”White Nightmare” and “Divide and Conquer” prove to be more than worthy inclusions, while older songs like “Chess King” and “Severed and Split” sound dated.

Despite some musical deficiencies, you can count on Jus Allah to boast of everything from bringing you “more ideology than you could learn off Christ” to the fact that “my dick stays lodged in your bitch throat” within the space of a few bars, which ensures that this album will keep JMT’s large fan-base entertained until the reunion album drops. Plus, how can you hate on the guy who once said “You faggots act as as bitch as Rupaul/Ya niggas share one milkshake with two straws!”?

Review copy supplied courtesy of Shogun Distribution.

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Uggh. These guys suck, Robbie.

I’m thankful someone like Vinnie Paz exists for my personal amusement and for knocking out unclem tom faggots like IconTheGlassJawKing but i find them impossible to listen to.

But i like that Yak Ballz ep on Fondle ‘Em so we all have our guilty pleasures, i guess.

Peace to JEDI.MIND.TRICKS.FAN aka Chuck Wilson from Babygrande.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 06.22.05 @

Actually, my guilty secret is that I enjoy a handful of D-Block songs, which goes against my belief that nothing good has ever come out of Yonkers.

I’m attempting to review some stuff that I wouldn’t normally mess with, otherwise I’ll only end up writing two or three reviews in a year.

The funniest thing about that whole IconTheGlassJawKing incident was the fact that he started selling T-shirts which read “I got knocked out by Vinnie Paz”, which pretty much ensured his Lifetime Herb status.

Comment by Robbie 06.22.05 @

Yeah, i remember that. What a faggot.

D. Block are pretty good over the right beats and their old late 90s freestyles on Clue and Doo Wop mixes were tight.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 06.23.05 @

Looks like a few dudes need to get backslapped hatin on Jus! Just like the cracker ass crackers hatin on Floyd Mayweather last Friday! Vinnnie and Jus is cool now stop the hate! Jus is dope and so is Ag so say the streets that you eunuchs cant walk down JMT smash us sissies!!

Comment by chronwell 06.27.05 @

“so say the streets that you eunuchs cant walk down JMT smash us sissies”

It’s good to see you’re still rocking that old X-Clan tape.

Comment by Robbie 06.27.05 @

You guys can all pretty much suck my ween? Becuz you know what, Jus Allah preyed on my mind when i was young, and then he silenced the devil that spoke with a forked tongue… he’s pretty chillax i guess?

Comment by Mike 06.29.05 @

Actually, the shirts said, “I Suckerpunched iCON The Mic King.” Fitting seeing as how Vinnie Paz ran up, suckerpunched him with a tiny punch and ran off into the club to escape iCON fighting back.

Notice how NOBODY says iCON got KOd, even tho it was a completely free shot? Paz is wack as fuck. And this album sucks, these beats are fucking terrible. Agallah is garbage.

Comment by Chea 06.30.05 @


Are you fuckin’ kidding me? Who says that?

Comment by Robbie 07.01.05 @

Icon The Mic King isn’t a soft uncle tom faggot but the black Will High that was gonna beat down Vinnie Paz but couldn’t catch him shockah !!!

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 07.05.05 @


Comment by charlesmike 07.05.05 @

bomshot kiLLLLLLLed dat track. he showed jus his first gun. those other cats are frauds. bomshot got shabazz to rap on that album. jus bites sunz of man hard.

Comment by moses sherid 07.20.05 @

yo you fuckin fools are all probably some white homies who dont know shit about real rap. Vinnie paz is a respectable rapper with some sick lyriscm. If you niggas cant appreciate it dont listen to it

Comment by Jermaine 07.24.05 @


Comment by ransom 08.09.05 @

hhahaha vinnie gimme some Dennies …are you serious…..lot of icon haters to bad none can rhymelike him….vinie paz will gobble down meals and will never rise any further than local storyteller on the corner as icon rises and takes over the came. mike oild beat him down, sucker punch and all bark…all you cats are jeaolus ause icon has the skills none have . he is the future

Comment by the unknown soldier 07.22.07 @

fuck all this paz bashin. hes the nicest alive, up with the greats like big l, pun, rakim and biggie. mic king is alright, but no one touches JMT. if you dont agree you dont know fuckin rap. bomshot is wack, kamachi kills the supreme remix, jus didnt have control on this record so you cant call him.

Comment by proph 10.03.07 @

hahahaha yall are faggots. icon the micking is a faggot.

Comment by jouser 07.22.08 @

oh and your site sucks dick.

peace fagggggs


Comment by jouser 07.22.08 @

hahaha i think its funny how all these black guys get on here dissing the white boys rappin because they talk about meaningful shit with some intelligence to it, instead of being an anebriated fool on the microphone talking about drugs , jewellery , cars and bitches real values in life fuckin joke!!!!

Comment by big luke 04.14.11 @

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