Sean Price – “Monkey Barz” Review
Thursday June 30th 2005,
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Ruck & Boom

The mere fact that Sean Price has gone from being “the other guy in Heltah Skelter” to a soloist with a nice underground buzz is a testament to how much work he’s been putting in for the last couple of years. Appearences on records by Black Moon, Jedi Mind Tricks and The High & Mighty, in addition to his Donkey Sean Jr. CD, have ensured that more than just diehard Boot Camp fans have been checking for the official “dolo” debut from the “ODB of the BCC”.

The intro track, “Peep My Words”, promises “ignorance at it’s finest”. This is a good sign. It’s immediately apparent that Sean P is a far more entertaining MC than he was during the old Ruckness Monsta days, and while nothing on this album hits the musical heights of Beatminerz classics like “Undastand”, in terms of vocal performance and content I’d prefer the 2005 incarnation any day of the week. With lines like “gangsta rappers can’t fight so they rap about guns” and song titles that include “Brokest Rapper You Know” and “I Love You (Bitch)” (the dopest love song since Biggie‘s “Me and My Bitch”), you know that this isn’t your standard bullshit. Verbally, Price ranges from being brutally honest to hilariously self-depreciating to just plain ill, often within the same song. No one out there is really messing with the sick sense of humour that is displayed throughout Monkey Barz (Duck Down), which makes it more than worth the price of admission.

While it’s all good news in the booth, beats are usually the main stumbling block for indy albums these days, and while this album contains more hits than misses in the production department, there are still a few shitty tracks to be found here. 9th “Fruity” Wonder and his buddy from The Away Team, Khrysis, continue to bring their trademark lush soul loops, while P.F. Cuttin’ and Ayatollah also submit quality work, but some of the lesser-known boardsmiths turn in some forgettable efforts.

Despite this, the fact that I’m even bothering to listen to a Boot Camp release ten years after the rest of the world stopped checking for them is an achievement in itself. Add to this the fact that P really kills it on a lot of these songs, and you’ve got the suprise hit of the season. It sure beats listening to that new Common album.

False Beef Alert: I’m pretty certain that the threatening reference to Curious George has no connection to the the Constipated Monkey (aka “The Magician”), instead staying in line with the whole cartoon monkey theme displayed on the dope Planet of the Apes inspired cover illustration. But most of you would have figured that out for yourselves anyway.

“Boom Bye Yeah” Video

Sean Price

Review copy supplied courtesy of Shogun Distribution.

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I never really checked for Helter Skelter.

Been hearing a bit about this album but the only Sean P. track i’ve heard was the one that used the same loop as..Actually, i don’t remember. I think it was an old Diamond track.

I might check it. An Ayatollah beat is enough to get me interested.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 06.30.05 @

Dope album. A serious sleeper. Some of the best beats are the ones by underdogs like BK mixtape DJ PF Cuttin on Monkey Barz with the animal sounds and whoever did I Love You plus the Shakedown joint rocks. Sean’s rhyme schemes sound like G Rap so fans of Pun or intricate rap that is funny and wild in a Eminem (sorta) way cop this!

Comment by chronwell 07.01.05 @

Brooklyn, holla!

Onion Headz is one of the best tracks this year..and the whole album us bangin as fuck

Comment by word_a_mowf 07.03.05 @

SEAN P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cop that album!

Comment by GRiGGs! 07.07.05 @

Buy this album!
This is one of the best hip hop lp’s comin out this year!
A straight classic!!

Sean Price.—–Monkey Barz

Out Now!!

Comment by Roepie 07.07.05 @

Classic shit!Check out, Heartburn, Onion Head and Bye Bye.Another Duckdown Classic for da collection!THX Sean P.Cant wait to hear the other two Lps from the tripple thread!

Comment by BDI-Thug 07.08.05 @

This album is off the f*cking chain! Recommended

Comment by Crookie Monster 07.10.05 @

the album is hot! onion head boom bye yeah I love you bitch are some hot tracks. good looking sean p real hip hop still has a place in this love affair with trash hip hop

Comment by dreadful 07.10.05 @

Definitely my favorite rap album to come out this year so far.

Comment by chillus3000 08.04.05 @

Yeah no doubt about it,Sean P Is Dope

Comment by Mr CRF 08.12.05 @

“the fact that I’m even bothering to listen to a Boot Camp release ten years after the rest of the world stopped checking for them is an achievement in itself.” funny man , too funny

Comment by BrotherOmi 10.12.05 @

onion heads is the joint though

Comment by BrotherOmi 10.12.05 @

“ay yo shorty look good, nah she ugly, but im drunk as hell so fuck it, shorty look good”

Sean Price is rather humerous. The album is a banger.

Comment by ell 10.13.05 @

Ayo,I listened to this album just off the strength of my man being from the Ville!In Seth Lowe cats either support you,or extort you…
Sean Price,keep doing the things that YOU like to
do,you heard me???

Comment by the senior officer 03.22.06 @

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