“Cedge G”? Great Label Typos Part 11
Saturday July 09th 2005,
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Don’t let label typo’s confuse you – “Cedge G” is still Ced Gee when he’s behind the boards in the Ultra Lab.”We’re Back Y’all” is usually forgotten in favor of the superior b-side, “Coolin’ On The Ave”, which – despite being credited to Tuff City‘s Aaron Fuchs’ – is now known to be another Paul McKasty creation.

Never concerned with using the same samples on different tracks, Ced pulls out the popular “Pussyfooter” strings (that he also rocked on “Moe Luv’s Theme”) and combines them with some congos (which he later brought back for his “900 Number Remix #3”), but once again it’s all about style and technique. Ced Gee proves once again why he’s on best to ever do it in terms of programming, chopping and the whole science of making dope beats.

The Mighty Mic Masters also did some other great records such as “The Main Event” with Pumpkin and that ill Captain G. Whiz song that I’ve only ever had on tape after failing to track down a copy. All of these tracks have been collected on a new Ol’ Skool Flava/Tuff City album which you can find out more about here.

Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters feat. Captain G. Whiz –
(Triple M Is In Effect) We’re Back Y’all (12″, Tuff City, 1987)

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Man, I hope you keep putting up more and more Ced stuff. he was a genius. I read online somewhere that he has a new business partner and label and is coming out with new stuff, and rereleasing Funk Your Head Up!

Comment by Jay 07.09.05 @

he seriously needs to rerelease funk your head up..i`ve been fiending for that original version of mc champion ever since it was played on the radio.i have an mp3 of it but without the last mc(it cuts out just as ced is introducing him)much better than the lp version.

Comment by beatlover 07.09.05 @

The original mc champions is one of the best hip hop tracks ever made.Powerful pactor,brain distractor and all that.I always thought that they couldn’t/couldn’t be arsed to get sample clearance for the track,also the east coast remix of poppa large is much better than the original.Ultra will always have you scratching your head wondering how they never really blew up above-ground and got the true status they deserve.Most right thinking people would cite Ultra as one of the best to have ever done it!

Comment by DrOp OnE 07.13.05 @

SPeaking of Ultra, I missed the MCs Ultra Pt. 2 mp3 from steady bootleggin’s old site. Can anyone hook me up with it?

Comment by Jay 07.15.05 @

No doubt about it.Ultra are the greatest of all time.also look out for the return of CED GEE coming soon on The Factshen label..
Check my Ultra Dedication http://www.myspace.com/crf1

http://www.cbmag.co.uk (Critical Beatdown Online Hiphop Mag)

Comment by Mr CRF 08.08.05 @

yeah the last mc was a cat named James from Call Us What You Want,i have it on tape one of the best guest apperances of all time.anyone know what became of him?

Comment by dzine 08.12.05 @

Actually they have two different versions of the original MC Champions. The one version is that kid from Philly, who comes off super nice and the second version is Tim Dog, and he disses Monie Love on it. I think I still have both versions some where.

Comment by Marc Davis 08.15.05 @

James was the most ill walk on walk off emcee to ever bless a joint,

‘I’m dangerous
I’m like a porno star,
with a quick tongue mega
blowing your circumvega”

yo dzine my tapes wearing out again…

Comment by plasma 08.18.05 @

yo Dzine you seeing me?

Comment by plasma 08.18.05 @

im seeing you plasma…someone out there must know what happened to James..the search continues

Comment by dzine 08.18.05 @

and on for how many years? This cat should be in the hall of fame… if anyone could find him….

Comment by plasma 08.18.05 @

Hey Marc how do we know the kid’s from Philly, that wasn’t mentioned on the joint was it?

Comment by plasma 08.19.05 @

How do I know the kid is from Philly? Because Ultra told me. I have been knowing the personally since way back!! Ultra use to do mad shows in Philly back in the day. That’s how they linked up.

Comment by Marc Davis 08.19.05 @

Oh really that is some mad info, thanks this kid has been an entity for years for us, we was talking to keith just shortly after funk your head up was dropped and he just like wouldn’t comment on it… what about that Illegal Alien cat did you ever see him?

Comment by plasma 08.19.05 @

HEy Marc is James still about, you heard anything from him since?

Comment by plasma 08.19.05 @

Illegal Alien one was a kid name Horus from London,UK who moved to the South Bronx and use to roll with Tim Dog and Ultra back in the day. He actually was a star on a nicolodeon television show as well. I forget the name of it though. I will have to ask Moe Love the name of the show.

I am not sure what’s up with that kid James from Philly.

Comment by Marc Davis 08.19.05 @

Here is some other food for thought. Ced-Gee’s younger brother Patrick Miller aka Tu-Love(the singer on Stop Jockin me girl and also the voice on the bridge of fuck compton “about time somebody from the south bronx let those compton rappers know what time it is”) was the nuclues of UltraMagnetic and Boogie Down Productions crew. He along with KeyBoard Money Mike had the 1st production crew “Master Mind” in the south bronx. They are the ones who linked up Scott with Kris. They produced the original BDP demos “We got to advance”, “D-nice rocks the house” etc. When Ced came home from Buffalo University Patrick turned Ced onto doing beats. They use to sign Kris out of the homeless shelter so he could spend a night at Ced’s crib. That’s when Kris was spitting crazy styles over Ced’s beats in the bedroom. Anyhow, Patrick was soul vocalist he was so dope that he was offered to be in New Adition when Bobby Brown left, before Johnny Gil joined. But he declined because he didn’t want to leave his partner behind. True dat!!

Comment by Marc Davis 08.19.05 @

yeah knew/heard rumours that Illegal Alien kid was from England is he in that crew at the end of poppa large video? we used to have some hype jingles off a radio show, never really heard much more after that, didn’t know that about Tu-Love. So Ultra/Keith still do shows up there I know there was some animosity in the inlay of, I think it was Doctor Doom, any of they dudes still doing shows in Philly?

Comment by plasma 08.23.05 @

oh all these cats done gone awol I’m swayze… peace

Comment by plasma 09.20.05 @

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