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Tuesday August 02nd 2005,
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Having never really bothered to listen to Wu-Tang associates such as Sunz of Man, Killarmy and Royal Fam, nor bothering with Killah Priest‘s cult favourite Heavy Mental, when I heard that Tragedy Khadafi and Killah Priest were forming the Black Market Milita with Hell Razah, Timbo King and William Cooper (who I’ve never heard of), I was only really checking for the Intelligent Hoodlum‘s contributions.

After rocking the album for a couple of weeks, I have to admit that this release is a lot better than I expected. As with other “political” rap projects, the beats and hooks don’t always match up to the weight of the lyrics, and even the vocal content varies in effectiveness, as seemingly random Biblical references, Beyond A Pale Horse paranoia and Five Percenter lessons share airtime with on-point observations and empowering messages. While I still find myself waiting for Trag’s outstanding verses more often than not, the other members hold their positions pretty effectively, especially the kid who kinda sounds like God’s Son in terms of his voice.

Muiscally, things are off to a rocky start, as “Thug Nation” drags it’s feet with a plodding beat that never seems to get going, and “Final Call” is bogged-down with it’s dreary “Ten Commandments” style music (sorry Biggie fans, I mean the Charlton Heston version), but songs such as “Hood Lullabye” “Gem Stars” and “Mayday” come off with more appealing sonics. The highlight for me is “Think Market”, as stadium rock-style ’80’s guitars and a big beat bang through the speakers, bringing an energy out of the vocal performances that’s lacking in a couple of other spots. Because of the similarities in some of the beats, many of the songs on The Black Market Militia are more effective when you hear them seperately instead as a whole package, but the good stuff had me coming back for more.

While BMM falls short of the power of Public Enemy or X-Clan‘s glory days, this group has a lot of potential for the future if they can tighten up some of the weaker beats and choruses. For the time being, there’s enough quality material to make this a worthwhile listen for those looking for a change of pace.

Black Market Militia – Think Market (The Black Market Militia, Nature Sounds, 2005)

Review copy supplied courtesy of Shogun Distribution.

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Yeah, word. I co-sign on that. That’s pretty much my opinion on the album exactly. Definately a few jems in there. Good look. -One

Comment by DJ FORCE 08.02.05 @

Man, I had all that Wu-Tang WC shit back in the day. I remember liking that first Sunz of Man album. Haven’t heard it since the ’90s though.

Comment by Bol 08.02.05 @

The first Sunz 12″ bored me to tears so I never checked out the album. I should give it a listen one of the days. It can’t be any worse than the GP-WU CD.

Comment by Robbie 08.02.05 @

I never liked any of those c-list Wu-hangers on and Killah Priest is appalling.

William Cooper is not a good name for a rapper. He can only drop one or two “hanging with mr. cooper” lines/references before it gets played out.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 08.03.05 @

William Cooper is Tragedy’s producer, not a rapper.

Comment by chillus3000 08.04.05 @

“William Cooper is Tragedy‚Äôs producer, not a rapper.”

He raps on this album, according to the song credits.

Speaking of Mark Curry’s show, I wonder if Holly Robinson’s still married to the preppie guy from “Head of the Class”?

Comment by Robbie 08.04.05 @

the soldiers of darkness 12inch is dope, y’all are buggin. and the first killarmy album is one of my favorites.

Comment by g 08.04.05 @

This album is earth shattering. Never before has positive hiphop been so ghettocentric (for lack of a better term.) Goodie Mob and Dead Prez come close but this is a must for fans of Trag and Killah Preist. Im lovin Hood Lullabye and Mayday. Robbie: Holly Robinson is married w/ children to Rodney Peete from Best Damn …Show.

Comment by chronwell 08.04.05 @

@Robbie: Oops. Think I read that somewhere. But you’re right, he’s rapping on like three or four songs on the album.

Comment by chillus3000 08.05.05 @

I enjoyed this album Trag spits hot fire

Comment by Air Alex 08.07.05 @

check out

Comment by windwalker 08.09.05 @

Holly Robinson is married to ex-NFL quarterback, Rodney Peete.

Comment by Destruction 08.09.05 @

Man, half you niggas (including that review nigga) have no fuckin clue about real music. Getcha shit str8…(and its BEHOLD a pale horse, nigga)

Comment by Surge Cess 08.29.05 @

i think this album is classic material, mature tangible lyrics and solid respectable music from start to finish.its pro black without being racist as well as itelligently written.i think had it had a big enough financial push it would be part of everyones collection like a makavelli or ready to die album or something like a criminal minded. its great stuff. if i had a little dough id push the lp with maybe a few changes for a reissue. breathe a little life into thier publicist.some one needs to promote this material. “five mics”. every one , even people who dont listen to hiphop that much here this album and say “damned they’re good who are they, they know what they are talking about, they sound very professional,like veterans”.

Comment by bolo976 09.29.05 @

“Killah Priest is appalling”

kill yourself, now.

Comment by Kevin 09.30.05 @

still gotta get this joint. C’mon, you cant go wrong (lyrically) with Priest, Tragedy, Hell razah, & Timbo.

Comment by Robert 11.29.05 @

This is underground at it’s finest.It’s good to see the two boroughs click-up,you know?I gotta give an old school shout to Killah Priest-
“No,I don’t still think all the people in the Bible are black…how’s that?”

Comment by the senior officer 03.22.06 @

yo, black market mailitia is killin evrything out there. fukin better then bullshit gettin all the coverage..thats the shit that gets palyed out, yo wht tha fuk son..does anyone kno tha tack The Block? tell me where to get a full version.


Comment by kane 09.24.06 @

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