Ced Gee Special Parts 1 – 5
Thursday August 04th 2005,
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First, the good news: I’ve finally imported the first five Ced Gee posts from the old Bootleggin’ site. The bad news is that since I’m using up most of my storage space at the moment, all the audio has been downgraded to 64 kps. But considering that most websites/audio blogs (aka “pathetic attempts to win friends on the internets”) take down songs altogether after a few weeks, it’s not really worth complaining about.

Part 1 – Ed Lover’s Theme Song

DJ Mark The 45 King‘s certifiable classic party-starter, “The 900 Number” seems to get brought back every few years in one way or another (I predict that Rich Harrison, the guy who did “Crazy In Love”, “Get Right” and “1 Thing”, will flip it for some singin’ broad in a minute), but the expanded EP release on Tuff City was blessed with three dope Ced Gee remixes which don’t seem to get much shine.

The truth of the matter is that “900 Number” never really needed to be remixed, since it’s addictive simplicity is the source of it’s universal and timeless appeal, but you really can’t lose with Ced’s hyped-up, BX-flavoured rendition. The first version features Lakim Shabazz’s “The Posse Is Large” vocals, but since there’s so much going on with the backing track, the two instrumental versions prove to be far more effective to display the added drum fills and soundbites from classic Ultramagnetic tracks. Originally I posted Remix #3, but I got sick of it so here’s the vocal mix:

The 45 King – The 900 Number [Ced-Gee Remix #1] (Tuff City, 1991)

Part 2 – The Travel Jam

Ultramagnetic weren’t exactly known for their guest appearance’s. In fact, prior to parting ways, the crew’s vocal cameo’s extended only to Ultra fam member Tim Dog‘s Penicillin On Wax, a Raw Breed track (Kool Keith is related to one of the MC’s), that “Free South Africa” record and this song.

I’m not sure what led to this collaberation, but Ced Gee and Kool Keith recorded a track with Dutch group King Bee in 1991. Rude Boy Remington mentions being an “Amstradamian” at some point in his verse, indicating that perhaps these guys carried weed for Ultra during their European tour. But due to the availability of quality smoke over there, I wouldn’t have thought that weed carriers would have been a necessary consideration, since you can just order hash from it’s many “coffee houses”.

Either way, Ced and Keith lay it down in their classic trademark style, while their new-found Euro pals do there best Ultra impersonations with amusing results. Producer, DJ and MC, Allstar Fresh, also scratches in Keith’s “I’m the king bee” line from “Break North” to further cement himself to the Bronx Bombers’ jocks. Not that I can blame him – I would have gladly carried some hydro for Ultra before they dropped Funk Your Head Up. Allstar also placed second in the 1988 DMC‘s, and these days can be found producing and playing House music under the name of DJ Guan.

King Bee featuring Ultramagnetic MC’s – Cold Slammin’ [Hypo Mix] (Torso, 1991)

Part 3 – Ruffs & Rares

Around 1994, Tuff City began releasing old Ultramagnetic demos and songs that never made the albums, with The Basement Tapes being the first and easily the best of the series. Kool Keith claimed these were unauthorised bootlegs that Ced had sold for some quick cash, while Tuff City countered that all the members of the group had cashed cheques from these albums. Whatever the case, the first volume was pretty dope, and included some vintage Ultra moments such as “Brainiac” and “Smack My Bitch Up”.

The best cut, “You’re Not That Large” was meant to appear but was removed at the last minute, and was later included on the “I’m Fuckin’ Flippin'” 12″ (I think it made the CD version though). As Ced explains on the intro, part of the song drops out due to “technical difficulties”, but the track would have been worthy of inclusion on their debut had that mishap not occured. Keith goes for self over a scorching Olympic Runners loop, reminding us of just how advanced he was at the time in terms of flow and technique.

“Delta Force” seems to be an alternative version of the LP cut “Ced Gee (Delta Force One)”. Here we find Ced carrying a bit of a chip on his shoulder, as he’s out to prove that he’s more than “just a back-up” to all those doubters who thought he was there to “play the back spot”. It’s fair to say that not everyone’s a fan of Ced’s vocals, but I thought he held his own until The Four Horsemen, when he adopted a style which sounded like a retarded android who’d smoked embalming fluid (aka Fry).

Ultramagnetic MC’s – You’re Not That Large (b-side of I’m Fuckin’ Flippin’ 12″, Tuff City, 1994)

Ultramagnetic MC’s – Delta Force (Mo Love’s Basement Tapes LP, Ol’ Skool Flava, 1996)

Part 4 – A Tale Of Two Ced’s

The story behind MF911, which they helpfully included on the back of the album, is actually more entertaining than much of the album. Originally calling themselves Philly Boy Productions, they changed their name to Mega Force 911 after Chuck D suggested the name “911” when they met him backstage (they also mention “This was before his album came out with the single 911 Is A Joke”, just in case we thought that song was directed at them?). After a few ups and downs, they finally gave the music game one more shot in the summer of 1992, and decided to try and track down Ced Gee, who they considered “the best on the music scene”.

After getting Ced on the phone, they decided to make a twelve-hour car trek from Detroit to visit New York, where they were greeted by Tim Dog and finally met their idol, the Delta Force himself. The next day they were invited to the Ultra Lab to work on some tracks, and by the end of the year Ced had gotten them a deal on Next Plateau (possibly as leverage to get Ultra’s off).

The group consisted of Anthony “Mad” Singleton and Ced “Rat” Chubb, with their brothers Tim the Terrible and Mainy Main (I guess all the good rap handls were taken?) serving as weed carriers. Ced Gee and Charlie Beats co-produced most of the songs with the group, and once again Ced reheats the old trusty break from “The Mexican” on “Get Open”. The standout for me is “My Turn”, which features a dope Ultra reworking of The Whole Darn Family. Lyrically, MF911 come-off like a cross between Tim Dog and Ced Gee, which is not suprising since their album could have been billed as ‘The Baby Ultramagnetic” in much the same way as Poison Clan were the “Baby 2 Live Crew” and Too Much Trouble were the “Baby Geto Boys”. While that would have been great news in 1988, Ultra weren’t that great by ’93, so a low-budget version was hardly going to set the world on fire, but it’s still worth checking out for Ultra loyalists.

MF911 –
My Turn (Idol * The Bloodsport, Next Plateau, 1993)

Part 5 – When B-Side Attack

“Travelling At The Speed of Thought” is hardly the most essential of Ultra tracks. Despite the fact that three different versions of the song were released (the original and the best Rolling Stones based take, the dancefloor aimed LP remix and the horrible Hip House remixes that wasted space on the “Chorus Line” single).

Once again, the b-side saves the day with this dope sequel to “Ego Trippin’ (MC’s Ultra)”. Showcasing Keith and Ced’s early Shout Rap delivery, the lyrics still demonstrate just how far ahead of their time these guys were in terms of vocab, flow and content. Some off-key singing finishes thing up (a preview of Funk Your Head Up‘s R&B excusions, perhaps?).

On the beat side of things, this is a slice of bass heavy, “Apache”-obliterating madness which adandons any concepts of melody in favour of a sea of hardcore noise which smacks you round the domepiece until you beg for mercy. If only more rap records assaulted the ears rather than sending us to sleep.

Ultramagnetic MC’sM.C.’s Ultra (Part II) (B-side of Travelling At The Speed of Thought 12″, Next Plateau, 1987)

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*sets address as Homepage :) I love all these Tuff City, Flavor Unit, Ced Gee cuts!

Comment by Cinister Cee 08.04.05 @

Once saw ULTRA on YO!mtv raps, I think it was a Fab Five Freddy one. He got Kool Keith to “freestyle” but I remember Ced Gee was more than reticent to drop any super scientifical verses, I remember him almost being too embarrassed to rhyme, yes it was funny, yes ULTRA are always going to be the best. Oh and by the way, Funk Your Head Up Isn’t wack. LISTEN TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by DrOp OnE 08.04.05 @

“Funk Your Head Up” had some good tracks but it was a huge dissapointment in the wake of “Critical Beatdown”.

Any true Ultra fan would agree.

Comment by Robbie 08.04.05 @

Yeah, Ced seemed a little influenced by the dreaded “New Jack Swing” on Funk Your Head Up. There are still a couple of good joints on it though. “Porno Star” will always be a favorite of mine.

Comment by Jay 08.04.05 @

What’s interesting to hear with all these Ced productions I’ve never heard before is how often he re-uses samples, snares etc.

Comment by Jay 08.04.05 @

Robbie Ettelson this is Ultimate Hater I did not come here for a fight but if you want to fight me then lets dance rookie! and also remember he gave me three bucks so I bought him a bottle! so what im not the local role model! and remember I am ultimate hater dont get all confused and forget who your talkin to!

Comment by ultimate_hater 08.05.05 @

YEAHHHHH take him out ultimate hater! i ain’t forget, you the don!

Comment by nesta 08.05.05 @

Ha Ha! Any album that spawned the original mc champions, the east coast remix of poppa large and Make It Happen has gotta be good. Yeah, it’s not as good as Critical Beatdown, but what is?
I’m not even gonna think about the true ultra comment.

Comment by DrOp OnE 08.07.05 @

But the problem is that the good versions of the songs you mentioned weren’t actually on the album (“Make It Happen” was good but the remix was better). Funk Your Head Up had it’s moments, but the dissapointment of hearing Ultra – who I considered to be one of the most hardcore groups to ever do it – make songs like “I Like Your Style” pretty much ruined it for me.

I’ll admit the “true Ultra fan” comment was a little overboard though.

Comment by Robbie 08.07.05 @

Funk Your Head Up was originally never soppose to have any of those R&B joynts, but instead come super hardcore!! Smack my bitch up, you ain’t shit(featuring Tim Dog), your nobody, your not that large, were all songs for Funk Your head up. Ced actually sent me those songs when they were finishing up funk your head up, but the label Mercury polygram thought there were too hard and wanted them to water down the Ultra Funk. So David Gossett (A&R) for Mercury polygram called in Solid productions to do beats For Funk your head up. If you look at the credits Ced didn’t really do too much on that album. Solid Productions fucked the album up. They added shit and should have let Ultra be Ultra. This was during a time when NWA was soaring so Ultra was cursing more coming off with broader subject matters. They even had a song dissing NWA called “fuck em”. Plus the original MC Champions with Ced saying “yo keith i am receiving wack mc static over my transitors, hold up let me blow away”!!! Imagine if Funk your head up would have dropped with all the real joynts. Ultra would have probably blown up!!

Comment by Marc Davis 08.07.05 @

Where can the original MC Champions be found?

Comment by Jay 08.08.05 @

“Funk your head up” was almost as much of a disappointment as “immobilarity” by Raekwon as follow up albums go.

You have “chorus line” on 12″ and the “poppa large” 12″ then you don’t even really need to own it.

You could get a better album out of the better moments from the Tuff City studio scraps albums.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 08.08.05 @

Original MC Champions was never officially released on vinyl!! Although DJ Tim Westwood in London would rock it on his show on Capital Radio in the early 90’s. It was also charted on the UK rap charts # 2 under BDP’s “Love’s gonna Get you” It sounds similar to the version on Funk Your Headup, excecpt the original is much harder, and funkier there is a different kick and snare that Ced programs and it goes a bit faster. Plus during the intro Ced is talking on some straight scientific shit!! “one two one two this is mega thrust one Ced Gee, kool keith do you read me on your communictor, if so focus and drop a rhyme like a Mc Champion” Also there is a different version of “Bust the Facts” T.R. Love bounces the chopped sample a bit funkier on the SP-12 and Kool Keith gives shout outs at the end of the track!!

Comment by Marc Davis 08.08.05 @

My mouth is watering at the thought of these original versions….

Comment by Robbie 08.08.05 @

just to add on..

the original version of mc champion had a third mc which i`m sure i remember as being called brother james.

robbie you need to hear the original version!!
i have an mp3 from westwood,but alas it cuts out right at the part where ced is introducing the third mc..
i can send it to you or alternatively i`ll put it on yousendit for everyone in here when i get home from work tonight…

you don`t how much this needs a vinyl release..

Comment by beatlover 08.13.05 @

Mark Davis is so correct. One day the Correct Funk Your Head Up will be released with all the original joints intact as Ced would’ve wanted. (Well you can always hope) Yeah, You’re not that large forgot about that one (freaked when tripped over the olympic runners break by accident) Don’t really think I am a “true ultra fan” however I did see them live in Battersea at around the same time!
P.S What do you think of The Horns Of Jericho?

Comment by DROPONE 08.13.05 @

Funk Your Head Up is terrific. I saw Ultra last week and I talked to Ced about how underrated the album is. BTW, it was an amaZing show.


Comment by acquaman 09.02.05 @

The original of MC Champions is one of the greatest Hip-Hop tunes ever to never be released.

Comment by Jidzaman 09.16.05 @

Hey Beatlover you gotta hook us all up wid dat original…My copy is from the Tim Westood Radio rap show, its ok but a better clearer version would be sooooooooooooooo dope, and i’m sure all the the other old skool fools out there would luv ya for it!!!!

Comment by Jidzaman 09.16.05 @

For some reason, ced gee’s flow on the four horsemen sounds tight to me. I guess I’m a sucker for meter, but the whole seven syllable line thing he carries throughout the record makes it pretty fun to listen to. He sounds druk half the time, but somehow it still manages to work.

Comment by k 02.03.06 @

I dont really know where to post this but i got the basement tapes ’84-’90 on vinyl and it doesnt have the tracks “Ced-G, Tim dog freestyle” and “Ya not that large”. But I was lookin at another vinyl issue and it has those tracks. Is mine a missprint? Could anybody shed some light? thnx

Comment by MC Bucky 03.02.07 @

Those were CD bonus tracks, but “Ya Not That Large” is on the “NY What Is Funky” 12″.

Comment by Robbie 03.02.07 @

Thnx. And where would I be able to get the Ced Gee underground show EP or LP

Comment by MC Bucky 03.02.07 @

If I can get them or anybody knows.

Comment by MC Bucky 03.02.07 @

this is the original hip hop icon funkmaster wiz wanna haula at robbie for all the lov,…..appreciate’cha letsn stay connected im interested in ced-g month ,any info please haula at’cha boy…….respect!

Comment by funkmaster wiz 03.05.07 @

There was a time when Ced Gee was just as ill a Kool Keith man. ‘Ultramagnetic here to emphasize that we are wizards further experimenting, the fundamental skills of fascination, to evolve crushing and diluting…we represent our past tense… (in the other verse)i’m enriched with vitamin stun(lmao i’m blown)and if you mess with me i’m sure you’ll agree that my volocity is like a gun-releasing more bullets’!!! Beat wise NOBODY flipped apache like that.i’m good y’all.Goodnite.

Comment by BIN GRIM 09.06.09 @

There was a time when Ced Gee was just as ill as Kool Keith man. ‘Ultramagnetic here to emphasize that we are wizards further experimenting, the fundamental skills of fascination, to evolve crushing and diluting…we represent our past tense… (in the other verse)i’m enriched with vitamin stun(lmao i’m blown)and if you mess with me i’m sure you’ll agree that my volocity is like a gun-releasing more bullets’!!! Beat wise NOBODY flipped apache like that.i’m good y’all.Goodnite.

Comment by BIN GRIM 09.06.09 @

Sorry that got posted three times. Posted by phone.

Comment by BIN GRIM 09.06.09 @

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