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Thursday October 20th 2005,
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One of rap’s greatest trash talkin’ tough guys is back with some new music… the one and only Tim Dog. While he cermented his place in hip-hop history with “Fuck Compton” (and the less aggressive although still effective radio version known as “Forget Compton”), his second album had some great tracks on it as well. When Penicillin On Wax was released in ’91, I couldn’t get my hands on a copy quick enough, although that was largely due to the fact that I’d been starved of any new Ultramagnetic material for over two years. The Dog proved to be an entertaining character, and tracks like the anti-Happy Rap “I Ain’t Takin’ No Shorts” with Kool Keith, “Secret Fantasies”, “Bronx Nigga” and the “DJ Quik Beatdown” skit sealed the deal.

The last time I heard from Tim was on the Ultra Big Time album he did with Keith, but that was at the height of “Keith Mania” when Poppa Large was releasing a new album every month under a different alias and as such it proved to be pretty disposable, save for the hilarious back cover. Thankfully, Tim Dog soon tired of this foolishness and broke north.

The new single, “The Original Dog”, seems to be aimed at DMX, although I remember Tim getting heated about that A&R kid calling himself “Buttnaked” Tim Dawg a few years back, so maybe it’s about him as well. The “Twist” mix sounds like somethingSwizz Beats might have done a few years back, but the “BX” version is a lot better with different lyrics and it’s use of the trusty “Naulilus” break and some “Pussyfooter” drums. “You’ve got the audacity to run with this whole dog shit and not call and do a track with me? That’s blasphemy!” barks the Dog, who sounds pretty much the same as he 14 years ago, which is a good thing in my book.

Tim Dog – The Original Dog (BX Mix) [Big City Entertainment, 2005]

tim dog

Review copy supplied courtesy of Shogun Distribution.

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Cool post man- i wouldnt say Ultra Big time is disposable tho ‘industry is wak’ is fuckin dope

Comment by Air Alex 10.20.05 @

Nice one Rob. Tim was. NAH. IS THA MAN and has posessed the “bark” might I say that would scare a lot of fakers back in their kennels!!
Fuck Compton was a classic track and gave hiphop a little needed hard push. Ultra is still killah. Long live UMC.

Comment by Dead Mike 10.21.05 @

He wasn’t saying Ultra was disposable. He was saying all those Kool Kieth albums he was dropping back to back to back were wack. (ie spankmaster, lost masters, etc.)

Comment by DJ FORCE 10.21.05 @

SPANKMASTER is not a wak album

Comment by ben 10.23.05 @

I ain’t mad at Dead Mike for posting a comment. I’m Stab Master Arson. Who got that? Anyways, I don’t know much about Tim Dog other than the “Fuck Compton” song. I guess I’ll go learn myself now.

Comment by Fresh 10.24.05 @

Maybe 3 months ago Tim Dog did a show here in Melbourne Australia & he’s still got it, shit he was better than ever. & Fresh, I got that.

Comment by Bane the Carny 10.25.05 @

Fear of A Black Hat was my shit though.

Comment by Robbie 10.25.05 @

bitch with a perm hahahaha

Comment by cro 10.26.05 @

Tim Dogs one of the illest of alltime.I met up with him a couple of months back and heard some of his new joints..Dope
For all you Ultra fans check http://WWW.CBMAG.CO.UK (Critical Beatdown Hiphop Magazine)
Respect The Legends Vol 2 Mix cd — The Best Of Ultramagnetic Mcs..

Comment by Mr CRF 10.27.05 @

man you bring back so many memories

all man

Comment by BrotherOMi 10.30.05 @

good luck tim youer going to need this keep it going dog halla back!!!!!! p.s money-d from thee undatakerz web -site

Comment by money dee 10.31.05 @

yo tim im in newyork with keith call me look now at youer phone for my number 1-dgp-gla-0dwh call me dog money d out halla back!!!!!! the cell

Comment by money dee 10.31.05 @ look for him there that what up mark and h is doing it bad the cd is off the hook!!!! disc city kid !!!!

Comment by money dee 10.31.05 @

can someone put up a mp3 of “i’ll wax anybody?” that was my shit and my record got stolen…

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 11.01.05 @

Yo, Voban, you know I got that joint/album. It’s on cassette, though. Holla at me.

Comment by fosterakahunter 11.01.05 @

Yo! Tim Dog Is One Of The Nicest!! All Them Cats Out There Into Hip Hop That Don’t Recognize, Needs To Stop Sleepin’! Word Up! Yo, One Love Ya’ll! Peace.

Comment by Tim Johnson 11.01.05 @

The new Tim Joint with Percee P is off the hook..Big up for that and that exclusive freestyle you recorded for me…Big shout to Money Dee..Im off to see Keith tommorow. (Critical Beatdown)

Comment by Mr CRF 11.02.05 @

Nobody wants to co-sign that Spankmaster is garbage? Except maybe that basketball song. haha
Ben, if you like Spankmaster, you should be listening to like E 40 or something.

Comment by DJ Force 11.04.05 @

King of the Homothugs. He originiated that shit. Check Wild in the Penile if you don’t think so! His rhymers were wack and he rapped like a retarded dusthead on steroids.

Comment by marcos 11.09.05 @

DJ Force haha I reckon that basketball song is not the best but I like everyone else , what about blackula and strip that shits ill , also e40 has some good songs too but also has alot of wak ones mainly because of choice of beats in my opinion

Comment by ben 11.09.05 @

E-40 is awful.. Dunno why we’re even talking about him.

Buttnaked Tim Dawg is and always will be a crazy ill rapper.

Comment by El Huero Loco 11.13.05 @

kool keith is back in newyorkcity this is his cosin money-d i just left his house for more info halla back!!!!! 11/25/05

Comment by money-dee 11.25.05 @


Comment by TIM DOG 01.03.06 @

onyx, tim dog, arsonists, hoodratz, sticky fingaz,…
we love da street music

Comment by da kill 01.26.06 @

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