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Sunday October 09th 2005,
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The original version of Pimp My Ride is the most predictable MTV show since Room Raiders (and just about every other show in the current schedule), but provided host Xzibit the chance to get some extra screen time for one of his shitty new albums that nobody buys. The basic concept at least made sense, since people in LA loves them some cars with “hot graphics”. For some strange reason (i.e. a lack of original ideas), MTV UK decided to launch a local version of the show, but instead of tailoring the format to British viewers, they’ve ripped-off the US version, shot for shot. Most disturbingly, instead of casting a well-known UK rapper, they’ve hired a middle-aged, balding radio personality who dresses like a teenager and peppers his speech with out-dated hip-hop buzz words from the 90’s. That’s right, I’m talking about Tim “Timmy” Westwood, close personal friend of Kanye “Liberache” West, and host of the Radio 1 Rap Show. Even that guy from The Streets would have been a better choice!

Where the American version is boring as fuck, the UK version is possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, although not in the way that the producers intended. While having X knock on your door would be pretty exciting to any teenager driving a bucket, having a seedy-looking character like Westwood arrive at your house may confuse youngsters into thinking he was there to repair the TV or return dad’s lawnmower. The girl tries to fake being excited to see him (knowing it’s worth it to get her run-down car fixed) and gives him a hug, which Timmy seems to enjoy a little too much for my liking. He then proceeds to exclaim “DAMN!” every couple of second while he examines the car about to be pimped, all the while encouraging it’s owner to refer to it as their “ride”, despite the fact that – if Minderhas taught me anything – the Brits call their car a “motor”.

When the “big dog” arrives at England’s answer to West Coast Autos, instead of the stilted Mad Mike and the crew, we find a bunch of oddballs including a chick called Pinky (because she’s…wait for it…got pink dye in her hair), a pasty fat bastard with earings and a manager with a some kind of metrosexual hairstyle. Flippin ‘eck! Not only that, but instead of Caddy’s and the like, they’re hotting-up Morris Minors!

When the painfully predictable conclusion is reached, Timmy attempts to recreate the “pimp pinch” move on the young girls top, with pathetic results, and proceeds to crack some seriously unfunny gags, leaving the viewer to scratching their head on some “why is this guy on TV”? The answer, of course, is because Dizzee Rascal was busy. It’s only a matter of time until that guy who was Mr. Bean is hosting Punk’d UK.

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I cant wait for the australian version that will surely follow. I’m picturing Figgkidd and holden camira’s with 17″ chromey’s and milo tin exhaust tips. Sounds a lot like the local mall’s carpark actually.

Comment by Headlock 10.10.05 @

Most disturbingly, instead of casting a well-known UK rapper, they’ve hired a middle-aged, balding radio personality who dresses like a teenager and peppers his speech with out-dated hip-hop buzz words from the 90’s.


Comment by Lotuz 10.10.05 @

Someone showed me a clip of this from some site. I’d seen and heard Westwood before but i’d never actually seen him in action before. He’s like a bulimic Herman Monster after a trip to TK Maxxx with the mannerisms of White Mike from series 2 of The Wire.

Fuck Dizzee Rascal, they shoulda got Silver Bullet or Drew Huge to present it instead.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 10.10.05 @

I wonder what Derek B is doing these days…

Comment by Robbie 10.10.05 @

I haven’t seen the show but i’ve met Westwood and i honestly have to say he’s cool as fuck.

Comment by neil nice 10.11.05 @

There’s no doubt Westwood did some great radio while in his prime but you have to admit he’s gone off the rails in recent years.

Comment by Robbie 10.11.05 @

the thing that gets me about Westwood is when people( usually non hip hop heads) say that he talks like a black person

the worrying thing is I think alot of the rappers he comes into contact with think heads in the UK are like him…

Comment by step one 10.12.05 @

MTV Germany had the sense to turn the format into a low-budget parody called “Pimp My Fahrrad” (“Pimp My Bike”).

Comment by matt 10.13.05 @

I was unlucky enough to have watched an episode and I have to say that that review is spot on; they don’t really put much time in showing how the “car” is “pimped” as they whore Westwood.

Comment by Brandon 10.14.05 @

it is cringeworthy and funny as fuck at the same time, when I met him in a record shop I worked in he initially spoke normally, then he mentioned some “hot joints” and it all changed…..

Comment by cro 10.15.05 @

superb article.
i used to listen to westwood’s show years ago just to hear him talk shite, he’s like the bastard offspring of steve coogan and ali g.

Comment by psyenz 10.15.05 @

MTV Germany has turned “Pimp My Fahrrad” into “Pimp My Whatever” after three or four shows. Now they are even pimpin’ whole days and stuff.

Comment by stephan 10.20.05 @

westwood does speak like a black man, i swore he was black, know waaatt-I-mean??

Comment by big neeks 11.04.05 @

yo, this article was a real good read, i’m gonna post the link to it on my blog. the point about employing westwood instead of a British MC was well observed, and funny as fuck. i aint seen the show, but i saw westwood’s channel u show, which was embarrassing…

Comment by Phundamental 11.11.05 @

What a pile of shit, who is that old man? He looks like a pilled out dad still looking for somewhere to chillout.
Every time he opens that mouth you want to slap it shut for him.
UK has it’s own scene, own culture. We don’t need some imported trash. Talk about lost in translation.

Comment by Giff 12.02.05 @

Every time i see his fucking mug on that show I want to kick my fucking TV in….Only because he isn’t there to fuck up.

Comment by Dan 01.04.06 @

I hate westwood so much!

Comment by Steven Pike 04.30.06 @

Westwood cracks me up. Hes the funniest thing on radio.

Comment by G 05.07.06 @

hes trying much to hard jsut stop!!

Comment by James 10.27.06 @

From the episodes I’ve seen, nearly ever person who’s car they mod is from down South. I’m yet to see a northerner being “pimped”! Maybe thats just me being picky because I’m a Newcastle lad, but it seems to add to the “fake” feeling of the show.

Are they getting all these people from off the street outside the MTV building?

I remember one of the first shows, had a “rock-goth” guy on, who was meant to be in a band. He had the dread-locks and the whole “stereotype” look. But you could tell he was an actor. His goatee even looked stuck on.

This show is soooo fake. Atleast the American show had a feeling or reality to it. The people they helped seemed like genuine people who deserved to be help.

All the people I’ve seen on the UK version, have done nothing to deserve it at all.

You can tell these people are actors, or random people they pulled off the street and paid.

Considering ALL the pimp jobs I’ve seen on the UK show are sooooooo bad, they would have to be paid to like it.

Im yet to see a decent job. Every car that goes into that place, comes out looking like it was modded by a 16 yr old boy-racer.

The jobs are just stupid and completely unusable.

They pimped a guys car, so it only had one seat in the back, which looked impossible to get into. This same car which he uses to look after his little sister, and his mother?

How in gods name is he going to get his little sister and his mother, and his g/f into a car with 3 seats?

The entire show is a joke and Westwood should never be allowed on national television. If he came to my door, and went near my car, I would pick up a baseball bat and chase him down the street.

The guys in the workshop are soo fake too. You have the stereotype indie guy, the stereotype rock chick, and the some fat old guys.

The show and people on it, is trying to be this “hip”, “groovy”, “chav” thing. Its just laughable.

Comment by Si Scott 04.18.07 @

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