Decent Rap Albums with Awful R&B Covers – Greyson & Jaysun
Sunday November 20th 2005,
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Over the years there’s been a few decent albums that I’ve picked up in the dollar bin, having previously ignored them when they were originally released on account of their cheesy, R&B style cover photo. That’s right…this is a new series called “Decent Rap Albums with Awful R&B Covers”. Greyson & Jaysun were not only hampered by a corny group name, but also lost many potential buyers by sporting a smoothed-out album cover, which found the fellas sporting Hugo Boss suits while posing in a shower block (pause…), while some skeezers in mini-skirts hang out in front of the window, “sweatin’ ’em”. When it hit the shelves in 1991, I assumed it was another poor BBD imitation and kept moving. It wasn’t until I heard the superior “Livin’ Like A Troopa” during a DJ Clark Kent radio set that I figured out Sweatin’ Me Wet might be worth checking out.

As it turns out, “Troopa” was actually the best shit on there, but the whole album was pretty decent nevertheless. Apparently these guys were Slick Rick‘s weed carriers, and as a result were blessed with Vance Wright on the boards, who delivers a selection of well-programmed (although familiar) loops. In terms of subject matter, Lord Greyson delivers equal parts classic brag rap and cautionary tales, but most of the tracks are pretty good thanks to his sense of humor and the fact that he’s got an ill voice.

“Livin’ Like A Troopa” ended up as a single with a quality Eric Sadler remix, but I prefer the original version, as it remains my pick for best use of “The Big Payback” ever. These kind of “message” songs were a dime-a-dozen once apon a time, much like indy rap songs that use the “I Used to Love H.E.R.” concept these days. “Hard As They Come” (*pause*) is on of the better ego trippin’ selections, while “Laura”, “Intoxicated” and “Basketball” are all fairly predictable but still entertaining. The “Get Bizzy” 12″ features a b-side that didn’t make the LP called “No Shortz”, but let’s just say that not all b-sides win, despite what Carlton Ridenhour might have you believe.

Here’s the original review from The Source, written by J-Smooth (aka Jay Smooth from

Greyson & Jaysun –
Livin’ Like A Troopa [Sweatin’ Me Wet, Atlantic, 1991]

Greyson & Jaysun –
Hard As They Come [Sweatin’ Me Wet, Atlantic, 1991]

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Never heard of them. These two tracks don’t sound bad at all, but I won’t go searching the Internet for a copy.

Here’s the video

Comment by Lotuz 11.20.05 @

I still have this tape….although I dubbed over it in ’95.

Comment by P-Matik 11.20.05 @

This one brings back memories, the “Get Bizzy” track Slick Rick guest apperance really showed how lyrically bland Greyson & Jaysun were as rappers

Comment by khalli-vegas 11.21.05 @

I’ve always liked this album. Had it on tape since it came out and found a copy on CD a few months ago for cheap. Not mind blowing, but entertaining. I always like Rick’s verse on “Get Bizzy”, since Yo! played it quiet a bit back in the day

Comment by glavet 11.21.05 @

A new one on me.
I like the way they flipped the sample on the 2nd track.
Kinda took me back to the Kwame bone age type steez.

Comment by Mr Jackson 11.22.05 @

Good choice, look forward to the rest of the series. I picked up the ‘get bizzy’ single recently, but the album is now going for big bucks – $60-100 – on eBay, which just goes to show something or other. Oh, Robbie, sorry about the delay, but I’ve got some old fat laces for you – let me know which you need – no number 1’s left, however.

Comment by Drew Huge 11.22.05 @


Comment by dj.seequence 11.22.05 @

DAMN. That might be the wackest album cover I’ve seen in a minute. I barely remember these dudes, but I do remember thinkin’ they had a corny ass name for their group.

Comment by Writebrother 11.23.05 @

man i remember boning this one sister while listening to a mix tape and this song came on and i was like, yo who is this in the middle of it all..

Comment by Brother Omi 11.23.05 @

Could somebody please post a picture of the Back Cover of Rob Base and EZ Rock’s It Takes Two album … then see if you still think this is the worst album cover.

Comment by Anonymous 11.30.05 @

Could somebody please post a picture of the Back Cover of Rob Base and EZ Rock’s It Takes Two album … then see if you still think this is the worst album cover.

Doesn’t look that bad. Typically eighties cover.

Comment by Lotuz 11.30.05 @

That sample on Livin’ Like A Troopa gots me buggin. Im unsure if it was unintentionally recorded that way off a hella warped copy from the thrift… Good post.

Comment by Audio1 12.07.05 @

I never forgot about these guys. I actually thought their names werent THAT bad. The “Get Bizzy” video had some old movie footage since the premise was them and Rick at a drive-in theater. The “Sex Machine” sample worked, especially when Ricky D slays his verse. But I was always afraid to buy the album because of the cover. I assumed they went pop, i.e. BBD imitation.
But then the “Livin like a Trooper” video came out and greyson was busting desert eagles in the video!! I tried to find the album but I could never find it. Greyson’s voice and story-telling style was a pure fit for vance’s production. Rap acts like this make me think to myself, “What the Hell was marketing thinking when they did this??”

Comment by VerBaTim 12.30.05 @

man, i remember this, and them.
just relistened to it, and i must admit…
i think it sounds way better now than it did back then.
thanks for the memories.

Comment by sean 01.03.06 @

the hell… Laura! you keep forgetting the best damn song on that damn album. Ive been searching for that shit for durn near 15 years!

Comment by roooter 01.08.06 @

can’t pay attention when I’m in class,cuz my minds on robbin and beatin your ass….

Comment by kaeone57 10.29.06 @

Man! This album was nice i bought it twice! Once on tape when it came out now on cd. TROOPA,HARD AS THEY COME classic!

Comment by laron white 02.13.07 @

if would give anything to find a copy of that. if anyone remembers the video jukebox channel. bad in the days when pop that coochie was the #1 video for like a 13 months. greyson and jaysun was #2 for like a month. my moms would never let us call 900 numbers so i could watch the video though. i had that tape and it got stolen…back down memory lane!!!

Comment by yojimbo 03.20.07 @

Yo I am adding this to Discogs…I can’t believe tis dope LP isn’t even listed there.

Imagine if the cover was different…

Comment by Jaz 05.21.07 @

I don’t suppose anyone has the non LP joint ‘NO Shortz’ please?

Comment by Jaz 05.24.07 @

I am sure the album title did not help either.

Comment by turtle 05.24.07 @

the video was sick…well what i remember of it.

Comment by swa 12.11.07 @


Comment by vincente west 04.06.10 @


Comment by BIG JOKER 04.06.10 @

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