Half Gracious, Half Foul
Monday November 28th 2005,
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Jumping ahead from the War Report era (which I’ll return to in a minute), 2003 saw the release of Still Reportin’, which was a strong return to form that managed to generate a nice buzz with an “XL” rating in Elliot Wilson‘s mag amongst other things. As you know by now, Trag got locked up on some trumped-up gun charge which was later dismissed, but he was caught in the system long enough to fuck up his promotions.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of some of the beats on this LP, lyrically this shit is outta control. As Khadafi explains on “Hood”, the lead single: “Magazine write articles and show no credit/to the father of this style – half gracious, half foul” before adding “your rhymes just don’t excite me, matter of fact – I get more realness outta my wifey!”.

Tragedy shines brightest when dealing with his two strongest areas as a writer – storytelling and heartfelt confessions. “Never Die Alone Part 2” is an ill description of an attempted hit by some snake bastards, set to a signature Scram Jones euro-trash soundtrack, while “Crying On The Inside” easily surpasses the standard “dedication to moms” concept as Perc speaks to his troubled late mother, and even details his little boy’s “30 foot fall” from a window, which, incredibly, he survived with only a hairline fracture. If you can’t feel that shit you must be a fuckin’ zombie.

Tragedy Khadafi – Never Die Alone Part 2 [Still Reportin’, Solid, 2003]

Tragedy Khadafi – Crying On The Inside [Still Reportin’, Solid, 2003]

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“The wit of my rhymes calculate to a sum/Queensbridge projects is where I’m from…” – Juice Crew All Stars

Trag the Super Kid still doin it. He fathered mad QB cats’ style.

Comment by P-Matik 11.28.05 @

“Magazine write articles and show no credit/to the father of this style – half gracious, half foul” before adding “your rhymes just don’t excite me, matter of fact – I get more realness outta my wifey!”

i never realy checked
Still Reportin’, but after hearing Cryin’ On The Inside, i guess I will.

Comment by Kenny 11.29.05 @

it’s kind of shitty how cats like trag are overlooked at this stage of their career because people are brainwashed into thinking they’re over and the new shit they choose to listen to instead ends up being mind numbing garbo.

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 11.29.05 @

I have to admit that “Still Reportin” is a excellent album! On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 9. My favorite tracks are “Eloheem” and “Can’t Figure”.

Comment by Big E 11.29.05 @

yo kinda off topic but…
anybody know that trag song that interpolates luther vandross ‘never too much’? it had a chick singin ‘i’m a thuggggg, and i just dont wanna stop’ i think 2-5 was on the track too.
i had it on a mixtape in ’96-’97 and lost it.

Comment by ray 11.29.05 @

The song you’re after is “True Confessions” featuring Iman Thug. I’ll post it tommorrow if you need it.

Comment by Robbie 11.29.05 @

true confessions = ridiculous heat

Comment by Drew Huge 11.30.05 @

word! please post it! its been years since i heard it. even the mixtape version i had was tainted with shout outs


Comment by ray 11.30.05 @

“Still Reportin’s” title track, “Fall Back” ft Havoc and “Neva Die Alone Pt 2” were my favourite joints off that.

Comment by T-Money Bags 12.01.05 @

Do you have that NORE “Halfway Thugs Part 2?”

Comment by Robbie 12.01.05 @

yea i got that track…

“he don’t wanna be a muslim no moooore,
he used to be black and proud now he wanna be hardcooooore”

Noreaga – Halfway Thugs Part 2

Comment by T-Money Bags 12.01.05 @

Eloheem is straight fire- i loved the album

Comment by Air Alex 12.06.05 @

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