50 and Kanye Get Stylish
Friday December 09th 2005,
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I just got my hands on this new mix CD/DVD team-up between Curtis “Metro” Jackson and Kanye “Liberache” West, called Vogue Men Presents: Talking Fashion. Here’s my exclusive, track-by-track review:

1. “Window Shopper (Man Bag Remix)” – There’s no shame in the male handbag – just ask the Italians!

2. “Tighter In Leather” – The first of several Run-DMC remakes. Kanye let’s us know that you need a jacket “with a snug fit to be legit”.

3. “Return of the Slacks”- The fellas remind us that a well-cut pant never goes outta style!

4. “Tommy Hilfiger Skit” – Fabolous‘ close pal drops by to say “hi!”.

5. “My Loafers” – The second Run-DMC homage, this time pledging their love for penny loafers instead of sneakers.

6. “Don’t Turn Down Nuthin’ (Even The Collar)” – Protect ya neck!

7. “Farnsworth Bentley Skit” – Diddy‘s former “assistant” schools us how to tie a bowtie. Awesome!

8. “From Rome With Love” feat. Elton John – The dapper duo share tales of catwalk fun in Europe.

9. “Metro 4 Life” – Kanye goes for delf on this one, declaring his “metrosexuality” to the world for anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet.

10. “Pretty In Pink 2006” feat. Molly Ringwald – West recruits the 80’s “it” girl for this throwback that wins!

11. “Dress For $uccess” Fiddy breaks down why the tight, sleeveless dress shirt is “the look” for modern -day crooks.

12. “Donnatella Versace Skit” – Words From The OG Zombie.

13. “Sweaters Are Better” – No hooded sweatshirts here!

14. “Button-Up Boogie” – The guys make doin’ up your shirt into a new dance craze!

15. “It’s Raining (Vogue) Men” – A hot remake of Paul Shaffer‘s dance classic. 50 mumbles his way through the chorus, while Kanye tells us which side he “wears” his pants. Ask your tailor about that one!

16. “Boxer Briefs Outro” – No comment!

The DVD section also features three hours of Curtis and Kanye hanging out with male models backstage (nullus). Essential for all you “growed folks”.

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NO HOMO for witnessing that album cover

Comment by http://djxplicit.blogspot.com 12.09.05 @

This is bugged. I know Ye, he ain’t no fag!!

Comment by Marc Davis 12.09.05 @

that shit made my day. maybe he ain’t a fag but he’s a bitch made homo. if you know him personally, you’re bitch made too…for not knocking his ass out.

Comment by T-Money Bags 12.09.05 @

not funny

Comment by sirius jones 12.10.05 @

T. Money, check this punk mother fucker!! I have known that nigga Ye from back in the day when he didn’t have shit from coming over my man No Id’s crib trying to learn how to sample. He was and still is a heavy vinyl crate digging person who worked hard and was very ambitious and simply jumped the fuck off!! He sticks to the original formula of undedrground hip hop production, sampled hard drums and soul grooves, it’s just that most of you clowns are just really jealous and can’t deal with him being successful!! So you want to knock his dress code and his rhyme style, but He not only has a bunch of bitches boppin to his shit he has an urban black street audience as well as the white boy “keep it real” back packers as well!! But since your on some tough tony Internet shit, simply do this go to one of his shows in your home city with a couple of your niggas and run up on him with all that loud talk and watch you get the breaks beat off your pussy ass!! If your not going to do that then shut the fuck up Beyotch!!!

Comment by Marc Davis 12.10.05 @

Marc, I’m not calling Kanye a fag, but he can’t rock jackets three sizes too small and expect not to get clowned for it.

As far as everything else, I understand that it might piss you off to see people talking trash about someone you know, and I don’t doubt that he’s worked hard to get where he’s at, but at the same time if Kanye’s going to compare himself to Stevie Wonder after his first album, boast about stealing drums off Pete Rock records and wear shit that the kid from Zoolander wouldn’t even mess with, then people are going to call him out on it.

Comment by Robbie 12.10.05 @


Everyone is entitled to an opinion it’s like an asshole we all have them. It’s just when I see people getting real personal and not focusing on the art it let’s me know there is some serious hating going on!! Especially since dude is putting out good music. He is putting out my man Rhyme Fest. Rhyme Fest beat Eminem and a bunch of free style rappers. He didn’t have to reach back to Rhyme Fest. Kanye did production for Dialated, Jay-Z, and even Chicago’s “Do or Die”. Plus Kanye just signed my man Omas who actually did some of the engineering and production on the new Ultra album.

As far as the Stevie Wonder comparison, that might be a bit exagerated for him to say but so does Kool Keith, comparing himself to Elvis. You guys act like Pete Rock went into the studio with a percusion set and played all his drums live. He Jacked the beats off some dusted record like everyone else. Did you see Ced-Gee calling up Dr. Dre when he flipped the “Joe Cocker” “woman to woman” for California love? Plus Pete Rock said right on the Star and Buckwild show a couple of months ago that the only producer out here he is feeling at this moment is Kanye West. If you doubt it ask him the next time you see him in Aussie!! I’m done with the subject!!

Comment by Marc Davis 12.10.05 @

Hahaha. The only thing funnier than this post is all the people who got offended by it.

Comment by BR 12.10.05 @

Actually the funniest thing about this was the fact that I believed this was a real mixtape until I saw Robbie praising the tracks on it.

Comment by BR 12.10.05 @

Yup Kayne is a dope producer anyway you slice it, But this IS real funny. He also comes off as very arogant in public (like all celebs do). I’m sure he takes the many shots at him lightly. I think he looks like Chip n Dale with that swollen cheek like hes storin beats up there! again VERY FUNNY.

Comment by Tone 12.10.05 @

hmmmm….ive read said comments supporting fiddy and kayne and i must say.
kayne is a gronk for wanting money to be on the cover of “scratch”
and fifty cents has bigger boobs than my girl…
grow up bitches!
these guys arent pushing boundries in hiphop there just making it cheesy!

Comment by sean b 12.10.05 @

Kanye’s beats are genrally tight but as fa as his rapping goes, the flow,lyrics and voice are lame.

Comment by step one 12.11.05 @

This had me creasing. Why does 50 insist on getting his tits out and slathering them shits in oil anyway?

Comment by The Eyechild 12.11.05 @

I like a bit of Kanye West, but I’m getting sick of the syll-ab-le at at a time rhymes, and he makes up words when he raps. Anyhoot whys does everyone get so touchy. Hiphop’s always been about taking the piss. Have a sense of humour. God knows what some of the people who have written comments, would think of Fat Lace back in the day (well only a few days ago really).

Comment by farns 12.12.05 @

To each his own, right? Right?!

Comment by chronwell 12.12.05 @

Seems that both are getting stick for simply discovering a bit of style, and that there is more to life than sweatsuits and fatigues in size XXXXXXXL. Thats what happens when you travel the world and experience different cultures, you pick up on things like different styles and fashion. Nothing wrong with that in my book! although the inital parody by Robbie made me laugh as well.

Comment by Prada Sport 12.13.05 @

LMAO, the shit is funny. Save the bitching and moaning.

Comment by Fresh 01.03.06 @

itz like the eddie murphy thang:
you never know where the faggot section is.
gotta keep moving.

Comment by droge 01.03.06 @

i think that fifty is corny and kanye i like him a lil but he comes across like he knows he the shit but if you went through what he has you probably would too but how they dress- who cares they not spendin no money on my clothes so why should i care about theres none the less it was funny ass shit it would be funnier if this was an actual cd i would buy it just so i could laugh

Comment by chevy 01.05.06 @

hahaha …excellent.

Too much metro shit creeping into hiphop these days.

Bring back the BBoy styles (sans the pink tracksuits).

So dressing like an extra from queer eye for the straight guy is having “style” is it? If so, you can keep your style.

Kanye is a great producer and a hard worker no doubt, but he also appears to be an attitude filled arsehole who couldnt give much of a toss about actual HipHop fans. His Australian tour with U2 is a classic example.

oh, and care to drop any more names there Marc Davis? haha.

Comment by rvl 01.11.06 @

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