Decent Albums With Awful R&B Style Covers – Barsha
Wednesday December 28th 2005,
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Not to shit on Nat Robinson or anything (I’m a big fan of both the Audio Two albums), but Bum Rush Records really should have fired their art director, because Barsha’s Explicit Lyrics album cover not only resembles some Keith Sweat gone wrong type of status with his leather vest and matching gloves, but also features an awful play on words with the whole “bar” thing. Just horrible. Suffice to say, it wasn’t until this CD hit the dollar bin twelve months after it’s release that I actually bothered to check the back cover and figured out that this was another King of Chill / Audio Two production and scooped it up.

While it could be argued that Barsha’s cover was even cornier than the Kings of Swing, he was light-years ahead of his label mates in terms of mic skills. “Brooklyn, Brooklyn” is a winner, as Bar goes for his over a hard drum track, detailing a run-in with some local stick-up kids and bigging-up the BK broads. The corny keyboard on the hook kind of spoils the mood though (I actually made a pause-tape remix of this track when I was a kid, replacing the chorus with the hook from Gangstarr‘s “Place Where We Dwell”. Apart from being completely different tempos, it kinda worked out). “Seminar 90” is an amusing anecdote about his NMS experience, while “Fundamentally Funky” stands out with a quality break. “A Quick One” has that laid-back, soul clap vibe that fits Barsha like one of those messed-up leather gloves he sported. Oh yeah, he also does a bunch of songs about how many girls he was banging.

I think this album was another CD-only joint, but you can score “Who’s The Master” / “Internal Affair” on 12″, and he did a nice cut with Pos K called “Impulse On Three” for the First Priority Music LP (another recent 80’s reissue).

Barsha – Brooklyn, Brooklyn (Explicit Lyrics, Bum Rush/Virgin, 1990)

Barsha – A Quick One (Explicit Lyrics, Bum Rush/Virgin, 1990)

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damn, thanks for pointing out the gloves! AWFUL!! and is that “BAR” tatoo real?!

Comment by mordecai 12.28.05 @

It looks like it was drawn on with a sharpie.

Comment by Robbie 12.28.05 @

i passed on this many times due to that pop tart cover [ouch] and this brings to mind the count bass d line “…never heard of mc’s like barsha/cause you too busy bangin all that garbage in your car.”

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 12.28.05 @

Yeah, I originally got this on tape when it came out and then the CD just a couple years ago. I was always a fan of the “impulse on three” cut and I think he’s “who’s the master” cut is rather nice. Besides that I think you mentioned all the key LP cuts. He had a nice style to him

Comment by kevin beacham 12.29.05 @

Y’all liked this joint? Audio Two’s second album got ten times more play in my tape deck than this.

Comment by P-Matik 12.29.05 @

Yes, this is a nice album. I also like ‘Knockin Hiney’ a lot. That ‘Impeach The President’ breakbeat does it again and again and again…

Comment by Lotuz 12.30.05 @

I got this album when it come out, off the strength of the “Who’s the Master” single/video. It got must play from me thru the 90’s. Speaking earlier on the NMS, what’s up with Freshco?

Comment by Elphonics 12.30.05 @

Who’s the master was a great single that got big play on my college radio show.

Comment by Planb 12.30.05 @

Basement Flavor was reissued???

Comment by Cinister Cee 12.31.05 @

Just about every obscure 80’s album seems to be getting repressed or bootlegged these days. Not sure if it’s on CD though.

Comment by Robbie 01.01.06 @

Not on CD. An original CD was sold for about $ 75. 00 on Ebay just recently. I’d like to have this CD, but no way I’ll pay that much for it. I’ll rather wait for the reissue (and for the reissue of the Alliance CD).

Comment by Lotuz 01.01.06 @

The funny thing about these high price 90’s hip hop CD’s nowadays is that most of them were in the cut-out bins within a year after their first issue. What all the label merger/aquistitions, some of that stuff may never see a proper reissue. I regret buying so much on cassette vs wax.

Comment by Elphonics 01.01.06 @

According to Rob at TSL, there’s a promo-only vinyl pressing of the Barsha album. I’ve never seen it myself though.
Great review.

Comment by chr!s 01.02.06 @

I bought it off the stregnth of “who’s the master” video too. It sampled vanity the last dragon movie “sure looks like a master to me” lol

Comment by roosevelt 03.21.06 @

I remember this guy!The lyrics were decent,but I
have to be honest…the production was a bit nervous.I was always a fan of Milk&Giz,and the
Alliance(holy moley!)What ever happened to M.C.Peaches?Yo,here’s the million dollar question:
with a roster with the likes of Coco Chanelle,DJ Skill,Lazy Laz(ha!!)Barsha,Peahes,Pos K,and of course,M.C.Lyte&The Audio Two,what the hell happened over at First Priority???Somebody gotta know something!!!Holla.

Comment by the senior officer 03.22.06 @

First priority had it goin on back in the days, Barsha was dat nigga, way ahead of his time. whatever happened to that label is beyond me, now the only one out of the whole entire champ who is still active in the music biz seems to be dj coco chanelle (she’s the least expected) tho i was always a fan of hers since the KOS album. i recently found her myspace page she’s a popular dj on new yorks HOT 97 and she rappin and producing current rappers… who knew!

Comment by Jason 07.30.06 @

IF ANYONE can get me a copy of that, hook me up. I needs this shit.

Comment by Mash Comp 09.04.06 @

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