Sadat X – Experience & Education LP Review
Thursday December 22nd 2005,
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As another year of microwave rap albums draws to a close, even the decent LP’s have long since worn out their welcome. Seemingly out of nowhere, The Great Dot X steps back into the picture, sounding rejuvinated and back to his usual top form following the musically forgettable Fire In The Hole. Vocally, Experience & Education (Female Fun) and serves up a the goods as X takes to the booth with authority and confidence, his signature unorthadox delivery sounding better than ever.

In terms of the range of topics and moods presented here, this is easily 2005’s most accomplished release, but the wide range of producers brought on board disrupts the clarity of his vision. It’s bad enough that Agallah provides an uneccesary remake of DST‘s “Grandmixer Cuts It Up” on “Stack Up”, but astute listeners might notice that it’s been looped straight off the Zulu Beat CD! “Back To New York” features a weak Hammond organ dollar bin beat, and “Ge-ology Beat” is pretty much unlistenable.

“The Great Diamond D” finds D back to his David Axelrod sampling best, while the remix to “Come On Down” manages to improve on the already great original from the Heavy Bronx project, and features memorable verses from Sonny Cheeba and G.S, who delivers the killer line: “I’ll punch you in your face – I don’t care if you’re an ill rapper!”. “Shine” is another Money Boss team-up which from a couple of years back that still sounds incredible. The strength of these contributions from Diamond D, the P Brothers and Minnesotta shine so brightly that they only serve to highlight the mediocrity of some of the other beats.

If the whole album had maintained this quality of music, it would have been a five-star classic, but regardless of any sonic weaknesses, Sadat brings back that authentic New York vibe with every bar and keeps the listeners interest even when the beats don’t knock. Narratives such as the moody, dub guitar driven “Help Yourself”, the innovative, stream-of-conciousness “Daily News” and the aforementioned “Stack Up” demonstate why Sadat is still a relevant – and, equally important, entertaining – MC in 2005. Without a doubt, my pick for album of the year.


Sadat X featuring Heltah SkeltahThe Great Diamond D (Experience & Education, Female Fun, 2005)

Review copy supplied courtesy of Female Fun.

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Word, this album is pretty dope.

I wish they kept Aggalah out of the picture, but its all good. Back to New York is pretty dope I think, but your right about the production being cheese.

The Great Diamond D is one of the sickest tracks I’ve heard in a while. Does anyone know if thats on a 12″?

Comment by DJ FORCE 12.22.05 @

I dunno, I think the Gina Vegas track is pretty good. It’s like a humble playa’s anthem. A song for over-the-hill rappers “in the club”, as it were.

Comment by finally 12.23.05 @

Yeah, LP of the year for me. I also think Ge-Ology beat is pretty good. The only one I’m not feeling is the one that lifts the organ from from Clear the Lane by Phil The Agony and Defari. Oh yeah, “God Is Back” is really ill.

Comment by Elliot 12.23.05 @

The Great Diamond D is off the chain! All four com traditionally NYC gimey on this one! Just a shame that those last couple’a bars in Sean P’s verse are recycled!! If U picked up the “Legacy of Blood” by Jedi-Mind-Tricks u’ll know what I’m talking about. Bless!

Comment by Soyal 12.24.05 @

this album is right on time the great dot is back hip hop needs more albums like this. great diamond d is crazy. new york is holdin it down sadat is one who has always stayed on top of his game his bars is rough. ge-ology is runnin crazy god is back is classic sadat. this man can hold it down (shocked) no nubians. sadat keep putin it in the air

Comment by malikshell 12.25.05 @

Definitely one of the best albums of the year-

Comment by AirAlex 12.26.05 @

i heard he got arrested. is it true?
he should have had spinna produce the whole album

Comment by illest 12.27.05 @

The God is back is pretty dope too. Spinna laced Sadat on that track.

Comment by sos 12.29.05 @

Ive been a Derrick X, oh I forgot I meant Sadat fan since the beginning. Following Nubian releases, any collabo I could find. Experience and education is definately needed. Peace GOD!

Comment by Dasipharr 12.31.05 @

“i heard he got arrested. is it true?”

Apparently so:

Comment by Robbie 01.02.06 @

its not true he is going on tour soon.

‘dont believe everything you read at allhiphop. com’
was the comment from his promotor.

I thought ‘Stack Up’ was dope and my vinyl says it was another P Bros production and Agallah was just shouting.

Comment by bob disaster 01.10.06 @

There was a mistake in the credits. P Bros did the shout-out track, the outro and “Come On Down”.

While it’s true that Sadat had some “legal trouble”, he’s not locked-up so he will be still be doing shows.

Comment by Robbie 01.10.06 @

This is wild! i’ve never heard anything from this album. I’ll find it now though. I thought there was some good cuts on “fire in the hole.” Coming Years is slammin. I also like Young Son, Brothers just don’t learn and the musik to wanna be a star is dope. The lyrics were just to vulgar. Even the edited version was too vulgar.

One luv to brand nubian. they should be honored.

Comment by Kwabena 10.19.06 @

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