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Wednesday January 25th 2006,
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The fact that it’s taken almost two years to reach a hundred posts could be seen as an example of “quality over quantity”, but the truth is that between working a full-time job, hanging with my two daughters, drinking and various other anti-social activites, I’m amazed that I’ve done that many.
My first post didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but it wasn’t long before I was pissing people off with stuff like this. Before the Tribute had many visitors, I dropped stuff like this that a lot of people would have missed. The old Tape Vaults posts are also worth a look if you weren’t reading this shit back then.

About six months ago I created an Unkut.com forum, but I couldn’t be bothered moderating it so I never told anyone about it. If anyone really wants a Tribute To Ignorance message board, let me know and I’ll make it happen. There are a few other things I’ve been developing on the side, but I’ll keep them under wraps for the time being. In the meantime, let’s look back at the past two years.

Top 3 Confirmed Sightings of Rap Legends Getting Pissed Off:

3. T-Ray Gets Heated

noz got a little pissed when DJ Ivory declared that “Outkast can’t rap“, which in turn saw famed producer T-Ray getting annoyed:

What are you fucking morons talking about? Milano has nothing to do with Outcast. Did you listen to his lyrics? Have you ever heard of Big Pun or Kool G Rap? That’s the league this kid is in! Showbiz (DITC/WILDLIFE) and Big Pun put him in the studio for the first time and Pun said “Two of the NICEST niggas unite as one” on their duet together (“Where Ya At?” from DITC album—check the DJ Premier remix!). This isn’t able retro Hip Hop….this is about REAL HIP HOP. For those of you young bucks who have grown up on Master P……WAKE THE FUCK UP As far as digging goes, I agree….get off of Ebay and get in the streets. That’s a message from the KING OF BEATS! P BROTHERS are coming up.

2. Craig G Gets Pissed

After DJ Haze, who seems to make a habit of annoying folks, made a comment about how sad it was that both MC Shan and Craig are “broke as hell now” in response to this article, The Kingpin stopped by to let this fly:

dj haze you have no idea about my financial status duke so watch ya fuckin mouthbefore i close it for good!

1. Joe Fatal Outs Pudgee

As a result of a quote from Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard in an old Source interview,which was brought up here, Joe Fatal let us know what Wendy Williams and The Rap Bandit had kept under wraps for all these years:

pudgee can kiss my ass, plus did he ever confess in the source that he was the gay rapper?

Although I was unable to confirm the authenticity of this swipe, it’s not the sort of thing you’d just make up. Replying to this post about TJ Swan, someone by the name of Nicole Grant, who claimed to be Swan’s eldest daughter, dropped this bomb:

tj swan is my father…i mean sperm doner..he fell off and is gonna stay off..he doesnt take care of his daughter’s (he has 3) i am his 1st daughter n i want evryone to know he’s a liar and a loser and I don’t respect him.

My Five Most Popular Posts (judged by the number of comments):

5. Words From The Super Kid (28)

4. Jay-Z Interview & Freestyle (31)

3. T La Rock (37)

2. Lost Ultra Tracks (45)

1. Biggie & Jeru – Friend Or Foe? (62)

First Post That Anybody Actually Read:

Revenge of the (Rap Record) Nerds
– What can I say…controversy sells.

Shouts to all the kids who sent me applications for Pimp My Ride UK just because I reviewed it.

As a little extra somethin-somethin, here’s one of the best songs ever, from the original Kings of Pressure. The earlier incarnation of the Bomb Squad bring the raw track for this Red Alert exclusive, while Cracker J, DJ Johnny Juice, and the other dude go for gusto. Shout Rap reigns supreme once again.

Kings of Pressure – Armed & Dangerous [Red Alert Goes Bazerk, Let’s Go!, 1987]

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congrats robbie, 100 posts and still standin strong. love ur site, its the place where ageing bboys and interessted hiphop kidz can come together and inhale some knowledge. keep up the good work. much respect!

Comment by renski 01.25.06 @

Keep up the good work Robbie, congratulations. More Juice Crew posts this year please.

Comment by Tobes 01.25.06 @

Top three sites for sure! Keep doin’ your thing for sure.

Comment by glavet 01.25.06 @

Here’s to the next 100! Keep up the good work.

Comment by Nordy 01.25.06 @

Quality over quantity. It’s worth the wait.

Comment by i'm the skwidawd 01.25.06 @

Hey I am a student at Portland State University and I am looking for information on The 45 King. Do you have any contact info? Record label? Anything will help thanks, Minta

Comment by Minta 01.25.06 @

Nice work. With this milestone you’re now a lock for the Hall of Fame.

Comment by Rafi 01.25.06 @

thanks for that kop track…pumpin material to have on cd.

my copy of that album is beat to shit.

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 01.26.06 @

congrats Robbie !
You have the best hip-hop blog on the interweb.

keep bringing the heat!

The only downside to all this is every rumour or myth about obscure hip hop is going to have been covered soon and then I won’t have an excuse to
do no work and surf!
Some of the gems I have discovered over the last year in internet land I have been hunting for years.

Comment by rade259 01.26.06 @

Yo, Robbie good lookin’ and keep it comin. Now what’s up with the Knucklehedz feature? Holla fo’ a…

Comment by fosterakahunter 01.26.06 @

nice one Robbie, as essential read

Comment by Drew Huge 01.27.06 @

Congratulations! Quality site ! Yeah Kings Of pressure “you Know how to reach us” Proper shout rap , even the chorus has MCA,s shout of “yeah!” being cut up! Someone told me that Johnny “juice” Rosado did all the scratching on all the classic Public Enemy records that you always thought was the big geezer who only ever spoke through the medium of handsignals! Good Luck Robbie !

Comment by DrOp OnE 01.28.06 @

good but full of shit

Comment by gino 01.28.06 @

“Came from the streets, not a mansion or yacht. And I know that I earned what I got”! I loved both versions of KOP, but the orginal version should have done a whole album. I slept on this song when I originally bought the Red Alert album, but when it hit me, it hit HARD!

Comment by Elphonics 01.28.06 @


Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 01.30.06 @

Keep up the good work. This is one of my favourite sites on the web. You have a lot of knowledge and put your points across very articulately, which I enjoy.

Comment by End Level Boss 01.30.06 @

Hey Robbie, you gotta drink while you post biatch! Maximize your time.

Comment by Billy Sunday 01.31.06 @

It goes without saying that I’ve got an ice-cold Beck’s and a Jamiesons chaser on hand whenever I get near the keyboard, but it’s not the same as consuming heroic amounts of booze at some sleezy speakeasy.

Comment by Robbie 01.31.06 @

This is kinda weird, every time I try to enter the steady bootlegging posts I get a blank page, am I the only on with this problem…? Anyway, congratulations.

Comment by chris.e 02.01.06 @

I used to listen to Johnny Juice on an Adelphi University radio station. He was an incredible DJ. Personal Favorite Bomb Squad Album…. Yo, Bum Rush The Show!
Keep taking me back !!!

Comment by alternate9 02.02.06 @

Johnny Juice is getting some long overdue shine recently. He’s on the PE DVD for the “New Whirl Odor” album. He’s been behind the scenes with them for a minute. I also saw him in some advertisement for some studio program or equipment.

Comment by Elphonics 02.03.06 @

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