Decent Albums With Awful R&B Style Back Covers – Three Time Dope
Tuesday January 03rd 2006,
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Talk about “punk smoove shit”. Whoever convinced 3xD to abandon the sound that made Original Stylin’ so great and start making songs with ex-Slave vocalist Steve Arrington needs to be slapped silly, Yaggfu Front style. While the front cover was OK, the pastel suits that these three Philly fellas are rocking on the back set off all sorts of alarm bells as to the content of this album.

Ignoring my own instincts, I still picked this up back in the day, convinced that while EST may have ditched his Jordan 3‘s, he was still a hardcore b-boy at heart. When I got the album home, I was greeted with a mixed bag of R&B flavoured crossover, live instruments, a lot of songs about girls and a handful of straight-up brag rap joints. Thanks to Chuck Nice‘s superior boardwork though, songs like “No Words” still delivered the goods, even if their sound had “matured” a little more than I would have liked.

Even the radio-aimed cuts like “Weak At The Knees”, “Mellow But Smooth” and “Peace Ya Self” are slicker than the average sell-out rap track of the era, but I couldn’t help but be dissapointed to hear what had become of the “Greatest Man Alive” since splitting with the Hilltop Hustlers , following some funny money shit that went down with their former manager, in a scenario remarkably similar to the Ice Cube/Jerry Heller situation. There were several reported brawls (such as one at the local b-ball court) with the now rival crews over the next couple of years, and it wasn’t until later that Steady B and Cool C figured out that 3D were right all along and ditched Lawrence Goodman for good. We all know what happened after that….

The good news is that EST (“the unusual fellow”) was still an outstanding vocalist, capable of tearing any track he was put on, and when given the right beat he still killed it, as he does with little buddy Larry Larr on “Make Ya $”. The title track is pretty good as well.

It wasn’t until 1994 that we’d hear from them again, when they returned with the self-released Da Sequal, which saw them re-inventing themselves as with bald heads, jazz loops and freestyles, which was all the rage at the time. But more about that next time….

Three Times Dope – Make Ya $ (Live From Acknickulous Land, Arista, 1990)

Three Times Dope – Live From Acknickulous Land (Live From Acknickulous Land, Arista, 1990)

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number one pon di look good charts.
stop rappin and start robbin banks like steady b.
those were the days my friend.

Comment by droge 01.03.06 @

Whoever convinced 3xD to abandon the sound that made Original Stylin’ so great needs to be slapped silly

You’ve said it all with that line, Robbie.

Comment by Lotuz 01.03.06 @

This album is weak. Nothing compared to the 1st. “No Words” is the best track, but this deserved its 99 cent bin status. Too many R&B/New Jack/Desperate Radio attempts on this one.

Comment by finally 01.03.06 @

this post had me amped – I played my 3xDope original stylin record so many times, grooves are worn out. This post made me decide to go find a clean CD copy – anyway I disagree with y’all about this LP – I hammered the shit out of back in the day.. didnt give a fuck about r&b or whatever – est had the sick flow.

Comment by mad wax 01.03.06 @

Keep in mind that because of the contract and money dispute I think hurt the overall potential of what this album could have been, I recall 3xD performing “Funky Divedends” from their first album on Arsenio they replace the part that the chic states said “remember I was with Steady B” with Kool Moe And LG overseeing the project if I am not mistaken made them take diss direct at Steady B by name off tracks to which they use the term MC Marshmellow

Comment by khalli-vegas 01.04.06 @

So MC Marshmellow = Steady B?


Comment by Robbie 01.05.06 @

this album is not as bad as some believe. EST was a very slept on vocalist. theres maturity to this album, the beats are more layered and EST rhymes are top-notch. yes, it isnt as raw or tough as the first joint and you can throw away some of the R&B joints, but “In Effect,” “No Words,” “Peace Ya Self,” “Make Ya $” and other joints are gems yo.

Comment by VerBaTim 01.06.06 @

Cut out the bullshit and it would be a relatively fat EP.

Comment by finally 01.06.06 @


Comment by Cinister Cee 01.09.06 @

I remember the remix for the “No Words” video being my fave version. I always liked these cats, new jack swing and all. It was just the era for that, I suppose…

Comment by Foster. 01.10.06 @

I always thought they were kinda overlooked.
If I had to choose favourite tracks I’d go for ‘Greatest Man Alive@ & ‘Mr Sandman’.
Good post.

Comment by Mr Jackson 01.11.06 @

their first album was great,this album had one or two cool songs,and their third album which came out in the late nineties was pretty good….

Comment by T.S. 01.11.06 @

they had some pretty cool haircuts….
and the cover artwork is dope! i think this lp introduced us to larry of the highlights from this lp!!!!

Comment by sean 01.13.06 @


Just when I feel old you drop a post to remind me of a day when I had the world in the palm of my hands.

good shiite brother

Comment by Billy Sunday 01.18.06 @

Mr Sandman was dope don’t front… 😛

Comment by Jaz 03.10.06 @

Those were the days, I remember it like yesterday on the set of “NO Words” It was a cold winter day in Philly. I directed this video. Working with these guys was great. Wonder what they are up to.

I aint got “NO WORDS”

Comment by scot Jay 06.25.06 @


Comment by scot Jay 06.25.06 @


Comment by scot jay 11.17.06 @

“You bought another dress, thats the third dress this week!”
BTW that Cool C glamorous life “oooh-oh” call was the thing for a minute, kinda like the Shaolin “Suuuuu”

Comment by BK 11.17.06 @

yo…the “no words” single sampled the record that diamond d later lifted for “best kept secret”

Comment by getthesenets 11.20.09 @

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