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Wednesday February 22nd 2006,
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Truth be told, Vibe magazine pretty much sucked from Issue 0 (yes, they actually put that out). It wasn’t just the numerous pictures of half-naked dudes that made me think that something wasn’t quite right about this Quincy Jones project, most of the reviews and articles were horrible as well. There were some exceptions though, and thanks to regular columns from Bonz Malone, Bobbito and the Rap Bandit (guess The Source didn’t need him anymore once Star and Buck jumped on board), the mag was at least worth a five minute read at the newsagents.

The Blindfold Test was a nice, straight-forward concept: Bob would hang out with a musician he respected and try to stump them with his selection of tunes on his box, which often produced some candid and funny remarks. Here we find him sitting with the artist once known as Paul Juice, and Bobbito slyly drops the new Main Source single, featuring his replacement Mikey D. It’s been so long since I picked up a copy of Vibe that I have no idea if this column still exists….hopefully it does. I’m also unsure of what caused that stain on the paper – chances are it was either a curry or some Guinness stout.

Next up: More original Flavor Unit action….

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a yo! nice. yeah bobbito still does his thing in there. it’s too bad it’s always like 4-5 joints. that could be an entire afternoon’s transcript.. does anybody have scans of those old Bonz Malone pieces? I would rip them out and keep them, but they got lost anyhow. oh, anybody still have bobbito’s articles from Rap Pages? .. big up Kwest tha madd lad!

Comment by dickery 02.22.06 @

I’ve got a bunch of Bonz and Bobbito’s “The Barber” column. I’ll try and scan some of them soon.

Comment by Robbie 02.22.06 @

Fuck this Big Scientist guy, it’s all about Patrick Ewing’s Top Ten Artists box including Toni Braxton and Shabba Ranks !!!!!!!!!

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 02.22.06 @

I remember a nice Barber Column about “mc skills according to Bobbito” . I’m like 98% sure it’s the one with Krs on the cover, from the Sheena Lester era. Altough everyone has an opinion on what kind of skills they look for in an mc, the Barber did a very good job in listing a required few. ps: lost the paper a while ago. Do you have it?

Comment by DeeMo 02.22.06 @

“it’s all about Patrick Ewing’s Top Ten Artists box”
^ Well spotted. Your prize is in the mail.

I’ll have a look for that “MC Skills” article. I’ve got boxes of that shit, so it might take a minute to find.

Comment by Robbie 02.22.06 @

I got a question, what track did Large Pro produce for LL Cool J? (good post by the way)

Comment by GregO 02.23.06 @

Just to clarify, I don’t think it’s called “Blindfold Test” anymore. I guess the title is “Bobbito plays the tracks, xxxx states the facts.” He just plays a few joints and the artist gives their thoughts on them, rather than trying to guess who it is. The end result looks much the same as the posted column however. I look at an issue a couple/few times a year I guess…it seems like lately Bobbito purposely picks less obscure songs they’ll certainly know, rather than trying to surprise them with something fresh.

Comment by nesta 02.23.06 @

it’s the only section of Vibe mag I read at the newstand.
He still does the column monthly. Some interesting guests. I have the one with Diamond D.

Is there more to this page because it cuts off with Bob asking Large Pro a question?

Comment by qwimby 02.27.06 @

Nah it just ends like that.

Comment by Robbie 03.02.06 @

Dude…thanks for the props and love..but ust to clarify i left “The Source’ voluntarily when that whole shit with Benzino went down. I fell off for awhile but now I’m doing stand-up comedy. things are hitting pretty good and i will be back in the mix one day so keep on the look out. peace Danny Ozark aka “The Rap Bandit”

Comment by danny ozark 07.07.06 @

Oh yo, if anybody wants to hit me up do it at :

Comment by danny ozark 07.07.06 @

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