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Sunday February 19th 2006,
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This one takes me back. Buckwild was destroying shit in 1995 – just take a look at his resume in the intro – he was messing with the cream of the crop at the time. A few of his finest moments fell victim to induckstry bullshit, relegating masterful compositions such as “Life’s A Bitch (Remix 2)”, “Bring It On (The Lost Remix)” and “You Know Now (Remix)” to promo-only / bootleg status. Not to mention his Rakim sessions or the Tony Bones stuff that never saw the light of day (which reminds me – whatever happened to that kid? He was apparently a graphic designer who worked on stuff like Brand Nubian‘s Foundation album, as well as appearing on the three songs with Mr. Live, but despite all the hype behind this pale-faced Pom, nothing else ever hit the shelves).

A few years later he attained some commercial acclaim over at Bad Boy with hits like “Whoa” and “I’ve Got A Story To Tell”, but he’s never abandoned that gutter sound, as he’s continued to drop underground winners with Reservoir Dogs, Ruthless Bastards and the Kurrup Money team (who might be the same guys as one of the aforementioned groups).

“The Difference” is a South Bronx sleeper that creeps up and sticks you for your sheepskin/Jordans/iPod (pick your decade), thanks to Buck’s hypnotic, cinematic headcracker of a track. The Dogs’ bring the required tough talk to erase any doubts that this is the official shit right here. I could seriously listen to that beat all day long – it’s depressing and empowering at the same time, which explains why Buck and Finesse clicked so well. Only a chosen few are able to bring that much raw emotion to a beat.

Reservoir Dogs – The Difference (12″, Still Diggin’, 1997)

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Yea buckwild was the shyt in 95 .. He did “rock on” remix for funkdoobie, “I like it ” by puba remix featuring sadat x, “fast life” by g rap and nas, “caught up” by bushwackass,
“Masta ic” by mic g, of course “times up”, “stress” .. ” ya know now” was my shyt.. That dude killed it in 95 . I have some ol dj buckwild tapes too . They were fresh

Keep up the good work

Comment by dolo 02.19.06 @

Great stuff as usual Robbie.

Comment by Sean 02.19.06 @

Don’t forget about his “Mad Iszm” Remix by Channel Live and also his legendary work on the classic but overlooked, Organized Konfusion “Stress: The Extinction Agenda and O.C. “Word…life” albums. OC is DITC’s finest if you ask me…

Comment by neil nice 02.19.06 @

I meant to say Buckwild is DITC’s finest beatsmith but on the MC tip, i’ll stand by that OC comment too! “Word…life” is one of my favorite albums ever!!!

Comment by neil nice 02.19.06 @

perfect read for a boring day at the office.
yeh, that intro is pretty inspirational.
more interviews with legends in their prime please.
long live unkut.

Comment by mordecai 02.20.06 @

I always loved Buckwild, still have the mag with this article and that Reservoir Dogs – The Difference 12″ illness.

Comment by Jaz 02.21.06 @

thanks for the shout Robbie.
Buckwild keeps lacing dudes til this day. Reservoir Doggs have some of the same members as Kurrup Money, Mello from Kurrup Money tells me. The Difference 12″ is amazing. That instrumental can be played 24/7 and not get boring. I got 2 copies of that shit for like $10 US.
Kurrup Money / Reservoir Doggs have a mixtape dropping soon, as well as an album. Mello’s doin a solo thing as well, working with Joe Sexxx and Buckwild right now.
Should be heat. Just that ole, Bronx gutter shit.

Comment by AFFEX 02.21.06 @

..and he’s still doing dope shit now, as witnessed by his recent beats for AZ, Game and Black Rob.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 02.22.06 @

dope! that ‘difference’ cut is such a bad ass track. Just for the way buck flipped Greenslade alone… Do you have any of the Tony Bones / Rakim collaborations? I read about those in Represent magazine back in the day and have still yet to find ’em. Regardless, thanks for providing such a true format – this site keeps the fire burning.

Comment by A.O. 02.22.06 @

great post as usual. I think it’s good to remember a producer’s greatness before he passes away (r.i.p. Jay Dee). I’d like to hear these Rakim tracks, the only buck’s production for Rakim is his remix of “Guess who’s back”, I hope there will be some more in the future…

Comment by GregO 02.23.06 @

Uncle Buck aka Bucky Dent produced one of the best hip hop songs of the mid 90s, “C’mon wit Da Git Down” by the Artifacts. The drums were amazing on this track! “Blowin up in the World” by G Rap was also amazing. I think Buck produced two or three songs on the “4,5,6,” album by G Rap.

Comment by The Kid 02.23.06 @

G Rap’s last great performance.

I just wanna shout out Tony Bones too. I only heard half a handful of shit by him (maybe that’s all there is), but he was really dope. “Deep in Your Bones” is a personal classic.

Comment by nesta 02.23.06 @

Unless Im mistaken Tony Bones is the writer Solak and also a designer for clothing companies like Mecca. Him and Mr. Live had a track together as recently as 2004 on Mr. Live elusive ‘Big Bang Theory’ lp. I figure this is as good a place as any to ask : does anyone actually has this Mr. Live lp?

Comment by Lair 02.24.06 @

Nice site. Tony Bones was a fly lyricist, but not particularly “pale-faced”. My Buck pick: the “Bring It On” remix is disgusting.

Comment by mwon 02.24.06 @

Wasn’t Big Bang Theory the name of Akbar’s album?


No, that was Big Bang Boogie. Still, Mr. Live seems to step on too many toes when he names things.

Comment by nesta 02.26.06 @

Did you just buy a scanner or something?

Comment by ian 03.12.06 @

No, but it had been in storage for a minute.

Comment by Robbie 03.12.06 @

YO….word up if anyone has mr. live’s LP ‘big bang theory’ please post..email..something. Im not even sure if that LP was ever released.

I do have plenty of mr. live/tony bones freestyles from underground radio shows in NY..if you interested…EMAIL me. ed.ntiri@gmail.com/ed@waxpoetics.com


Comment by bena 04.05.06 @

1,2 Reservoir D’s coming thru bad man tune Back to Berth was the better track i thought
All Buckwild shit from 1995 – 2000 on the underground tip was tuff even –
Buckwild presents Rockin’ It (Brand Nubian) / Spend It (D.I.T.C) Kurrup Money Entertainment 2000
Buckwild presents Mali Get Hype / Long Verse Kurrup Money Inc
Buckwild presents Reservoir Dogs Stand Up/ Cold World Kurrup Money Inc/ Fat Beats 2000

Should do an album like how Showbiz has done

Comment by Gold167 04.22.06 @

This is me, TONY BONES. Mr LIVE is still my best friend and we play FIFA on PS2, often ending in defeat for Jay. Your words are all appreciated. Well, one, I am not White. And two, I AM a graphic designer and while I was working with BUCKWILD I was an art director for Arista Records working on early Bad Boy art. I have been in Fashion for the last 7 years or so doing art direction, advertising and apparel design for Mecca, Alphanumeric, SJ (yuk) and most recently AKADEMIKS & PRPS where I won 2 ad awards last year. I’m doing my own brand now so big tings. More of a music FAN these days..
Hit me tonyb1s@yahoo.com

Comment by Anthony 'TONY BONES' Harrison 04.27.06 @

I just did a small post about the sadly under rated Buckwild at my blog…


Comment by Jaz 03.26.07 @

wow another old post.But Buckwild over Show and Diamond? I dont think u can say anyone who came after the DITC originators is better than those two.wow some weird opinions on this site.

Comment by MERCILESZ 03.26.07 @

What’s good everyone… This is BigVes, producer of Mr. Live and creator of the “Placebo” track featuring Tony Bones!!! I want to thank you for all the luv and respect We have some things about to drop, so feel free to check out my myspace page at:

You’ll also find Mr. Live, EBlaize, BigTrap and more of the team on my friends list… Also, info on the “THE NEW” and first ever Mr. Live EP “The Bang Theory”…

One Luv


Comment by BigVes 05.03.07 @

hi, I know it’s been a while but could you reup the Reservoir doggs track link? or more simply send it to me :)

Comment by mat 06.13.07 @

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