Rae And Ghost United
Sunday February 26th 2006,
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Last Friday, a new Fishscale bootleg/advance hit the “streets” of the internets, but at fourteen tracks deep, I’m 99% sure that it’s nowhere near the offical version (for starters, “Charlie Brown” and “Big Girl” from the sampler aren’t on it). Nevertheless, at least some of these songs will turn up on the real album, so I thought I’d throw you a couple of the stronger cuts.

“RAGU” was actually going to be the title of an album (Rae And Ghost United) but I guess they deaded that idea. It also uses the same drums from Biggie‘s “Gimme The Loot”, which is not a bad thing by any means, and is a superior Rae and Starks combo. “Whipped With A Strap” is classic Ironman material, as he takes it back to the days of getting his ass beat by mom dukes like only he can, this time using a soulful beat from the late Jay Dee.

The two Raekwon pieces are from J-Love‘s superior Only Built For The Street 2 mixtape (thanks to eskay from Nah Right for hooking that up). “Heavyweights” is another hardcore J-Love produced winner, while “Starks & Chef” is some “Bring The Noise” shit with a killer distorted guitar. If at least half of Linx 2 is up to this standard, then count me in.

Ghostface featuring Raekwon – R.A.G.U.
Raekwon featuring Ghostface – Starks & Chef
Ghostface – Whipped With A Strap
Raekwon – Heavyweights

Following up on my earlier Ghost/Doom comments, there are three tracks on here using Doom beats, but all three of them are old Special Herbs joints! This must be some sort of record. Let’s take one example of how many times one beat has been released:

1. Fenugreek – MF Doom, Special Herbs Volume 1
2. 1,2 1,2 – Monsta Island Czars, Escape From Monsta Island
2. Ante Up [MF Doom Remix] – M.O.P., Special Blends Volume 1
4. Come Get Me [MF Doom Blend] – Nas, Nastadoomus Volume 1
5. 9 Milli Brothers – Ghostface, Fishscale

I guess if you hadn’t heard the other four albums this wouldn’t be a big deal, but for those of us who have….you get the picture. That said, Starks does sound pretty awesome over them.

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I wonder how much more I would’ve liked the Wu song if I didn’t have to think of “Come Get Me” every time I heard it.

Comment by Sean 02.27.06 @

when Ghost does the hard breathing / crying impression “with mad welts”, i think the album’s getting purchased for those 3 seconds alone.

Comment by Fletch 02.27.06 @

I keep hearing that this album is one of the best of this decade, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Nice look on the tracks though, I haven’t been able to get my hands on any material.

Comment by Ben 02.27.06 @

Doom always reuses beats. Like half of Mm Food was Special Herbs and old 12″s.

Comment by Big Walt 02.28.06 @

I don’t have a problem with the re-using of Herbs. For many people who buy Fishscale it will be the first time they’ve heard any of the beats, besides, I don’t think you can really count the Special Blends or the Nastradoomus track(DOOM didn’t even mix that one. Olny the hardcore DOOM fans are gonna have a problem with it. (And you can only find those fans on the internet!!)

Comment by Jay 03.02.06 @

straight up on the real tizzy..i cant wait for this album..i heard underwater was supposed to be crazy

Comment by syllable structure 03.06.06 @

These are all ill man I hope Starks & Chef makes the LP that is so dirty and raw…love it and I also love Whipped With A Strap it gives me chills down my spine.

Comment by Jaz 03.10.06 @

The “Starks & Chef” loop is Jeff Beck. One of his 70s albums, can’t think what it’s called right now. The cover’s got him playing guitar on the cover.

Which is unusual for a trombonist, you know.

Comment by Daddy Bones 03.31.06 @

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