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Monday March 27th 2006,
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For those of us who can’t wait for the official Blaq Poet/DJ Premier album, “The Grand P.O.” has dropped a little something to hold us over. I was lucky enough to speak with this QB veteran recently, and here’s what had to say about this new shit:

So I see that you’ve got a new record called “Deja Screw” coming out. Is that a collection of all your mixtape stuff?

That’s just a lot of lyrics, like my verses from Y2K, my verses from Loyalty - verses from both those albums that I felt people didn’t really hear. So I was like “Yo, I’mma do those shits over again”, over some hot beats and let niggas hear it again, ’cause I felt people didn’t hear that shit the way I wanted them to hear it.

Is the Year Round project with Premo still on track?

Yeah, the Year Round project is poppin’. I’m just waitin’ for Premier, whenever he’s finished doin’ what he’s doin’ – a lotta things right now. As soon as he’s finished we’re gonna start to wrap-up my album. Blaq Poet – The Best That Never Did It.

You can catch the rest of my interview with Poet (and my debut appearence in print) in the latest issue of Modern Fix, which should be hitting the shelves sometime this week.

Eighteen tracks deep, Rewind < < Deja Screw features a nice selection of Poet’s recent material, with production duties split evenly between heavy hitters like Preme, Alchemist and E Z Moe B and French producer 45 Scientific, with a few self-produced joints thrown in as well. While the established New Yorkers kill it as usual, Blaq Poet & Sincere deliver one of the albums’ highlights with the addictive “Rhyme Crime Boss”.

45 Scientific handles most of the songs that use older verses, with a string-heavy, cinematic production style that hits the pocket about half of the time, while Poet brings his signature “I don’t give a fuck” style to the table in fine form, letting us know to “make way for the bruiser, I ain’t tryin’ to be number two, ’cause that’s the first loser!”. The only let-down is the unecassary “Still Flippin’” (the three mixes that came out in ’91 were all better) and a couple of beats that don’t quite hit the mark, but with gutter shit like “Bloody Mess”, “You Fucked Up” and “Bang This”, this is essential listening for all Screwball fans and anyone who enjoys a bit of anti-social Queensbridge gun talk (and if you don’t, you might as well kill yourself right now, or at least stop listening to rap). Hu-Haa!

Rating: 3.5 Becks

Blaq Poet - You Fucked Up [Rewind < < Deja Screw, Screwball, 2006]

Review copy supplied courtesy of Shogun Distribution.

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Got this on Friday and my vinyl is terrible, jumping and skipping all over the place!!! Fair review though and great if you missed out on his Year Round 12″ etc

Comment by cro 03.27.06 @

yo that mixtape is hot he’s one of the only rappers in qb that ain’t sellin out unlike mobb deep just keepin it thoro and mobb deep never put him on thats fucked up but keep up the good work poet.

Comment by qnzgrimiest 03.30.06 @

Hooooooohhh Haaaaaahhhh…I have always loved that rowdy mother fucker…De Ja Screw is dope and enough to tie us over for the real banger.

Comment by Jaz 04.05.06 @

yo is there a link to that Blaq Poet interview, I can’t find anything on the Modern Fix website yo.

Comment by Jaz 04.05.06 @

The site hasn’t been updated yet.

Comment by Robbie 04.05.06 @

Blaq Poet is still reppin’ QB/Skrew-B, HARD… Y’all cop that Rewind

Comment by Mreman 04.08.06 @

[...] I always loved this son of a bitch. (Read album reviews at Hip Hop News and Unkut. And make sure to check out «Bang Dis», «A Message From Poet» and «The Cash, Part II».) [...]

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[...] Blaq Poet – Rewind [...]

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Just one comment on this review: 45 scientific ain’t no producer, it’s a French label. The guy who made the tracks for 45 Scientific is called Geraldo. And he’s pretty awesome.

Comment by Nicobbl 05.21.06 @

This album is bullshit, crap not rap… a waste of time and money…do yourself a favor buy drugs instead…it does not have thesame power and flavor that he had with ROCKWELL NOEL…..The stuff he did with Hotday that was all garbage to…I am no hater love poet when he was doing his thing with ROCKWELL NOEL especially Massacre…

Comment by Phife Dawg 05.24.06 @

[...] Despite having maintained his position as one of hip-hop’s most enduring tough guys for the last twenty years, Blaq Poet refuses to be stuck in the past. As he proclaims on “Bang This” (the opening track on his latest album): “My mindstate is ‘88. but my style is ‘09…I’m an OG, but I’m gettin’ that new money!”. Having survived through the Bridge wars, a stint on Tuff City in the early nineties as part of PHD and two albums as a member of Screwball, Poet is sounding hungrier than ever and taking even less shit than usual. Having spent the last couple of years building a heavy street buzz thanks to a strong selection of DJ Premier assisted mixtape bangers and a couple of dope singles, he’s just released Rewind: Deju Screw [Screwball] to hold us over until his official solo album drops. [...]

Pingback by WhoisBah?.com » Bah is back…and better than ever! 05.24.06 @

Yeah, enduring the CRAP that POET has put out and got no play in Da Clubs or any real radio station… Although-suffice to say the title of poet’s new album represents rewind which is clearly references to that past and a mind state of 88 you may want to have him call ROCKWELL NOEL who help bring Poet aka Blaq Poet to the for-front of rap and was the driving force behind poet before poet took the concrete dive into the east River with his poor decision to do tuffcity-hotday bullshit. To help bring him ahead to the 09 of the 21st century not the 09 of the 20th century I just saw an ad for ROCKWELL NOEL at schedule to release sometime 2006 ‘’Taking You Out’’ the epic battle joint to KRS1… This is the track that help Marley Marl out in his defeat during the bridge wars…. I can’t wait to buy “”Taking You Out”” by ROCKWELL NOEL & THE POET A timeless masterpiece which cannot be measured by time… A Must COP…

Comment by Phife Dawg 05.28.06 @

WORD UP! Who played Poet’s tracks on any real radio station during prime time? I can only remember the aging Marley Marl when he was in desperate need of real representation during the bridge wars against KRS1 on WBLS MR MAGIC RAP ATTACK SHOW…other than that POET HAS BEEN GHOST. Somehow the magic that Poet Had With Rockwell Noel for unknown reasons just seized and as a result Poet lost all his street credits…(YEAH LET’S DO A ROCKWELL NOEL INTERVIEW) Factually ROCKWELL NOEL Played a Deeper Part in that whole bridge-wars thing which has been blemished by POET’S ignorance and complete stupidity according to sources closed to Rockwell Noel,
EVERYTHING POET AKA BLAQ POET has done that did not include ROCKWELL NOEL was and is straight Bullshit…
It’s almost like Poet had been suffering a severe identity crisis or CRACK USE.
According to the streets of QB Crack use was running rampant in Poet’s daily life, which would explain the lifeless, corny, Crappie music he made for the last 20 years especially anything he did on Tuff-City Records minus BEAT YOU DOWN>>>>> YO NOEL WHERE THE FU***K ARE YOU????????

Comment by THE BLASTER 07.08.06 @

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