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Friday March 10th 2006,
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All of you production equipment nerds are gonna have a field day on this one, as the RZA drops science about analog vs. digital, samplers he’s messed with, mixing techniques and the whole nine. It’s incredible how influential his sound has been to today’s producers – don’t forget that only a couple of people were speeding-up soul vocals back then.

Wu-Related Extra Reading: While record reviews are a dime-a-dozen these days, live show reviews are usually good value. Joey from Straight Bangin’ has been on a winning streak with his show recaps, and these two maintain his high standard:

Wu Tang: Getting The Band Back Together

What The Fuck Is A Papoose?

Bol also delivered when he recounted a rare St. Louis appearence from Tony Starks.

And for those of you who can’t get enough Ghostface news, eskay threw up the official Fishscale tracklisting.

Also, you can catch the new J-Love‘s Ghostface: Hidden Darts Pt. 3, which features more of J’s dope remixes and exclusives, over at The Smoking Section.

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Equipment discussions are a little boring/over my head.

Patrick Ewing’s Top 10 Artists from the Large Pro one > RZA yapping about compressing samples and which mpc he uses.

Some great links on this one, though. Props.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 03.13.06 @

Most pointless debate ever = MPC vs. software.
Second most pointless = 12 bit vs. 16 bit vs. who gives a crap.

The only people that care are the herbs that populate “production” forums.

Comment by Robbie 03.13.06 @

I think the point is simply that hip hop should have some grit and dirt in it. Whoever thinks 36 Chambers should/couuld have had “better sound” (read: be cleaner) is missing the point.

Even if you have great compositions, if you use only the highest quality digital equipment, it’s going to be harder to get that gritty, dirty sound. It’s like… do you wanna go to a chemistry lab and synthesize LSD, or do you wanna go out to the cow patties and just grab some boomers?

Comment by skwidawd 03.13.06 @

Thanks for the kind words, dunny

Comment by Joey 03.13.06 @

As usual, Brian Beck = worst opinions ever.

Comment by Kevin 03.13.06 @



Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 03.14.06 @

I gotta agree with Brian here. Zzz

Joey is killin it though.

Comment by mordecai 03.14.06 @

gotta go with brian here..

Comment by beatlover 03.20.06 @

Nah, it ain’t even that. It’s a two page interview and he just has one little part talking about what he’s used. I read your comment before I read the article and was thinking he was only going to be talking about equipment. Instead, I come to find that you got the attention span and mental stamina of a housefly.

Comment by Kevin 03.21.06 @

Really good! Inspiring

Comment by Bryan 04.01.06 @

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