Vintage Kane, Dinco gets pissed and the end of the Addicts
Monday March 27th 2006,
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BDK’s pioneering work with see-through outfits has yet to be properly acknowledged.

Another steal from XXL. This might be the only other decent track ever to feature in the Bangers section, given the glut of Southern trash on there. A little Big Daddy Kane unleased shit, taped off of Westwood‘s show, from around the Prince of Darkness era, judging by the sing-songy sections of his lyrics that became an annoying part of his repertoire later in his career. The beat could be some Easy Moe Bee work, but that’s a rough guess.

Big Daddy Kane – Sing My Song [unreleased]

In the “pointless diss record” department we find “Fuck It (Busta Rhymes Diss)” from Dinco, who’s decided to get at his old Leaders of the New School pal some thirteen years after their last album together. As “the other guy” from L.O.N.S., Dinco faces an uphill battle catching anyone’s ear in 2006, but I guess he figured that this was the best way to get a little attention for himself. Considering that the only worthwhile thing Busta has done in recent times is banging one or more of those Pussycat Dolls chicks, I could care less about a diss song towards him, but I’m hoping that the D loses the drum machine and follows up with some quality tracks like “The Treacherous Three”, a slept-on cut he did with Chris Lowe and Sadat X a couple of years back. I’m not holding my breath though.

Dinco – Fuck It (Busta Rhymes Diss)

In blog news, the Vinyl Addicts have closed-up shop, after having brought us some great material (the video posts in particular) for the last year or so. Even when they posted records I already had, it was still quicker to grab them off there than rip them onto my hard drive off the vinyl, so thanks for all the hard work fellas! You’ve got until the end of April before all the old files get removed, so get in while the going is good.

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lmao at that caption…

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 03.27.06 @

how did I ever miss that Kane track on xxl?

Comment by eskay 03.27.06 @

Kane track is down???

Comment by mad wax 03.28.06 @

also, Dinco puts the majority of “current” hot MCs to shame man… he rips this track or am I the only one who thinks this???

Comment by mad wax 03.28.06 @

Fixed the Kane. Yeah Dinco sounds pretty good, but the music let’s the track down.

Comment by Robbie 03.28.06 @

you dont see the irony in Dinco dissing busta over busta’s current “hot in rotation” record?

Comment by mad wax 03.28.06 @

I had no idea that was a Busta track. That would explain the shitty beat then.

Comment by Robbie 03.28.06 @

That dinco joint is pure trash. Son needs to find a new style of rappin.

Comment by freedy 2 fingers 03.29.06 @

Freedy 2 Fingers….you’re an idiot! that’s the problem with people like you (consumers). you have no concept of what is pure skill anymore…..if it’s too much for your brain to grasp you call it trash because you don’t know even a little bit about what the fuck he’s talking about. People like you upset me because you are one of the reasons hip-hop/rap is so wack and dumbed down right NOW. It’s time for people to start thinking again!

Comment by EroCentrique 03.29.06 @

Yeah, that beat is by Swizz “Casio Man” Beats

Comment by Jay 03.29.06 @

That BDK track was recorded for “looks like a job for..” apparently. I first heard it on the Rare Dave mixtape Spine Mag reviewed years back which also featured some unreleased Tragedy.

There was a Showbiz 12″ from s year or two ago called “terror era” which used the same sample.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 03.29.06 @

Sing My Song sounds like a Moe Bee to me. Dope.

Comment by Cinister Cee 03.31.06 @

Never heard this one. Always nice to hear some Kane.

Comment by Dark Gable 04.01.06 @

i cant really hear the punches(disses) in this one
yeh the beat is mad corny.

Comment by sean b 04.02.06 @

Fuck the track. Am I the only one appalled by this Negro’s attire? Speedos? smh

Comment by babycakes 04.04.06 @

That Kane track is sick.. Dinco needs to off himself, or come correct on his diss records next time…

Comment by Mreman 04.08.06 @

that Kane track is alrite but its not his best…u can see why Busta blew up n dinco didn’t…nuff said

Comment by MAB 05.02.06 @

Man,judging by some of the comments posted,either I’m way too lenient on rappers or way too stringent.The first joint sounded like some early Kane,and I thought the Dinco joint was hot.It sounded like he remade the ‘Touch it’ beat.He ain’t exactly ether Buss but he brought a lotta energy.He did drop a couple zingers.Whew,tough crowd….

Comment by gioforeal 07.12.06 @

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