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Wednesday April 19th 2006,
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It’s only appropriate now that we’re halfway through the Flavor Unit Special that I mention this new 45 King album (released last year) that features return performances from none other than Lakim Shabazz and Chill Rob G! Lakim and Chill Rob have still got the goods after all these years out of the limelight, as they show and prove on The Cat Jams‘ opening tracks. While only the first six selections feature vocals, the King’s trademark instrumentals tracks dominate the rest of this project.

While DJ Mark used to pride himself on looping unknown breaks, this LP finds him flipping some old rap breakbeats like “Spoonin’ Jam” and “Catch The Beat” for the MCs to ride, giving this set the feel of something that was thrown together during a weekend of blunts, broads and booze in the King’s basement. It’s almost as if he just sampled whatever records he picked up off the floor first! This is by no means a criticism – the album has a raw, stripped-back feel which is a much needed relief to the over-produced beats that we’re bombarded with these days.

As much as I enjoyed hearing Double J, Big Pooh and Lady Champain again, The Cat Jams isn’t without it’s flaws. The songs with rhymes are all pretty short, and the names of the beat tracks are painful plays on the whole cat theme, with titles like “Panther Pounce” and “Cougar Creep” (wasn’t that one of Ron Burgandy’s aftershaves in Anchorman?). Still, it sure beats listening to the new Alkaholiks album!

The 45 King & Lakim Shabazz – Flow Motion [The Cat Jams, Tuff City, 2005]

The 45 King & Chill Rob G – Go Off Rob [The Cat Jams, Tuff City, 2005]

Review copy supplied courtesy of Tuff City Records.

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Dope Review, Mark the 45 King is one of my favorite Producer, by the way, have you ever watched that video(on the 45 king Web) where they rap the same lines over even doper beats?

Comment by The Shogun Asssassin 04.19.06 @

Chill Rob G has lost the power. Maybe Turbo B took it?

Comment by Lotuz 04.19.06 @

Where the fuck has Lakim been?

Comment by Jaz 04.19.06 @

oh yeah…please up the Lakim joint Robbie, I would really appreciate this.


Comment by Jaz 04.19.06 @

I’ve already put up one of the Lakim tracks Jaz.

Comment by Robbie 04.19.06 @

Hey the end of that Chill Rob track is cut off.

Comment by finally 04.19.06 @

True. Just fixed it.

Comment by Robbie 04.19.06 @

Streets are patrolled by hos and g men/like it isn’t hard enough to control my demons/i pray for protection from these godless heathens/like books with no pages it’s easy to read them

This dude is shook everytime he sees me/’cause he thinks i’m thugged out, mobbed up and sleazy/i know a couple of people who got a couple of friends who got some connections that’s where it ends

Kid above who thinks Chill Rob G didn’t teh “love rap” beat needs to get his ears syringed.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 04.20.06 @

Chill Rob is still dope–but, he’s sounding a little rough. Get him back in training, put out a new full length–let’s go!

Comment by finally 04.20.06 @

He needs to get his vocal strength back. That’s what I meant. Just kiddin’ about the Turbo B/Snap thing.

Comment by Lotuz 04.20.06 @

I’m a huge fan of the 45 King’s beats. Check out my blog. There’s a new Lakim Shabazz 12″ up there. http://vinylathletes.blogspot.com

Comment by DJ Planet 04.20.06 @

lol Turbo B

Comment by Cinister Cee 05.13.06 @

I hope Lakim keeps it going the streets needs his knowledge.I’m hoping to bump into the god he’s been missing for a minute.Last time I’ve seen him was 7 years ago.

Comment by POETICDRINK2U 05.22.06 @

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