Forgotten Beefs Part 6 – MF Doom vs Parker Lewis
Tuesday April 11th 2006,
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Sorry to confuse any UK rap fans, but the Parker Lewis I’m referring to isn’t in fact the British MC/producer who provided the beat for the first song on Fishscale (Lewis Parker), but the name of the lead character from that TV show that tried to recreate the whole Ferris Buellers Day Off vibe. In what must have been a slow news month at The Source, Matty C reported that the star of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose shocked the crowd at Ed Lover‘s birthday party with some “impressive” mic skills. All I’ve got to say is that Corky Nemic has to one of the whitest names ever.

Why am I bringing this pointless bit of trivia up years later? Well it seems that MF “got ebay goin’ nuts” Doom was in attendance, as he explains on the awesome “Black Bastards!”:

It was Ed Lover’s birthday party, a block from the spot
On stage I heard some off-beat “Lick shot! Lick shot!”
Well goddamn, guess who, looking bitchy as hell
Parker Lewis, well well, I brings an L
I gave him a “Beef Beef” look, he acted like he couldn’t tell
I guess that was the sucker in him, ready set to swell
But Jorge said it was insane, advice to maintain
but damn it has to be hard, the way they master how to act black
Fall off the funky track to rock the house in vein
As we sat with Kuriosity and sipped champagne

Not really much of a beef, but funny shit regardless.

KMD – Black Bastards! [Black Bastards, Readyrock, 2001]

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i never really caught that lyric, and i definitely never heard about this. ha

Comment by zk 04.12.06 @

anyone cop that ep he came out with Larry Kubiac…
shit was straight barbeque.

Comment by strucel 04.12.06 @

I remember hearing about this but never heard it actually. As far as the MF Bafoon I never knew that there was slight beef. Sounds like a little jealousy to me. Since MF wasn’t really poppin around that error like he is now. Wasn’t this before his dead bent single?

Comment by DF 04.12.06 @

It was recorded in 1994 when KMD was still signed to Elektra, so I doubt jealousy was involved. It seems like it was a case of Doom not being too keen on guys named “Corky” and “Skip” trying to be hardcore rappers and in the process trying to “act Black”.

Comment by Robbie 04.12.06 @

Best. Post. Ever.

Comment by Spliff Huxtable 04.12.06 @

yo – I know this will be ignorant, but I thought the KMD follow up EP never came out? how can I be down?

Comment by DJ Mad Wax 04.12.06 @

Black Bastards was an LP Mad Wax and it finally was given a commercial release 5 years ago or so. You need to track it down and get a late pass.

Great post… I knew Nemec had rapping aspirations (so did 2 other twerpy white tv actors of the 90s: david faustino and brian austin greene) but I didn’t know about the Ed Lover party… Line makes more sense now.

Comment by rafi 04.12.06 @

Let me join the chorus: great fucking post. That’s some hilarious shit.

Comment by Joey 04.12.06 @

Ms. Musso would’ve caught the dick. Treach and Party Arty have also mentioned my man Parker Lewis.

“Black bastards” is from ’93 not ’94.

That song the similar monikered fellow did is easily the best song on the Ghostface

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 04.12.06 @

Hah–I always thought he was using “Parker Lewis” as a general slang term for us white-folk. (Kind of like Goodie Mob’s use of the name ‘Clampett’)

Anyway–Parker Lewis actually rapped on some Ed Lover stage show at MTV Spring Break around 1992 or so. I thought it was a joke when Ed Lover was like, “Hey Cory I heard you can rap.” But then Cory grabbed the mic and was dead serious when kicking some fairly awful rhymes live on stage in Florida somewhere as I recall.

Comment by Finally 04.12.06 @

…another gas face victim!

Comment by Mike C 04.13.06 @

I remember him sounding somewhat decent, at least compared to what you’d expect..

Also Parker Lewis was dope, they need to put that out on DVD.

Comment by Jay Smooth 04.13.06 @

i only wish i coulda heard this idiots lyrics, i bet they was wackest, too bad mf didn’t rock the mask back then or else he coulda hit him in the jaw with it and sent him back to t.v. land where corky could bite ferris’ style again.

Comment by gstatty 04.13.06 @

I ciggedy can’t lose like Parker Lewis-Das EFX

ha ha

I forget about that Zev rhyme…

“I gave him a “Beef Beef” look, he acted like he couldn’t tell
I guess that was the sucker in him, ready set to swell”

Classic Post
Classic Shit

Thanks Robbie, I think i still have that Source mag and article somewhere.

Comment by Jaz 04.14.06 @

great insight robbie

in mf doom related news check out
this dangerdoom video i made

Comment by charlie bucket 04.15.06 @

Parker Lewis Can’t Lose was slightly bootlegg Ferris Bueller but I used to watch it.

Comment by Billy Sunday 04.16.06 @

Parker Lewis is just a kid who likes hiphop and gets a “Beef Beef look” because he is white !!!
Shit is ridiculous,mad ignorant for people to react this way. MF Doom should’ve questioned
MC Serch for being too black, DUH !!!!
i guess not.

Comment by D'amazin 04.17.06 @

Yo, son changed his name to Corin I believe

Your blog is my ultimate joint

Comment by El Huero Loco 04.26.06 @

I am respectfully requesting the issue and page number of this article… I lost my ish years ago and I’m writing a wiki article.


Comment by HipHopRelic 09.05.07 @

Dont u idiots realise that nemic actually put out a cd with paul mooneys kid? Faustino used to rap witb michael rappaport.fuck u guys r stupid.

Comment by jesus 07.28.14 @

LL vs. PMD on ‘rampage’. Who’s verse is the best?

Comment by P_Gotsachill 07.29.14 @

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