MF Grimm – American Hunger Appetizers
Tuesday April 18th 2006,
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I just copped the American Hunger sampler, which contains 30 snippets from the new 60 track triple album from MF Grimm. One of the standouts was a cut he did with Large Professor, with DJ Crucial on production (who you might remember from the “Gingerbread Man” 12″), while the other song deals with why Grimm hasn’t exploited being shot in order to sell records. Considering that you’re lucky if a third of an album is decent these days, as long as there are at least twenty quality songs on …Hunger I’ll be happy.

MF Grimm & Large Professor – Untitled Snippet [American Hunger sampler, Day By Day Ent, 2006]

MF Grimm – 50 (not the actual name of the song) [American Hunger sampler, Day By Day Ent, 2006]

Courtesy of Day By Day Entertainment.

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Very cool MF Grimm is sick. Didn’t know he had a TRIPLE record coming out. Thanks for the heads up Robbie. Killer blog too by the way.


Comment by K 04.18.06 @

60 tracks! jesus.

Comment by Headlock 04.18.06 @

*dead* at 60 tracks. And *super dead* @ triple album.

Is it really THAT stressful Grimm.

Comment by reninatronix 04.18.06 @

60 tracks!!!!! Uh no thanks I’ll pass. Come on man, who the fuck wants to listen for that long.

Comment by DF 04.20.06 @

^ Not kids with G Unit t shirts.

Comment by listener 04.20.06 @


Comment by abstract light 04.21.06 @

Grimm is on some dope informative shit, even though he made a suprising diss track to one of my favorite emcees, but that’s neither here nor there – can’t wait for the new joint yo

Comment by exzact 04.21.06 @

Man those songs sound hot. That’s 5 ill songs off this album already.

Comment by Cnote 04.21.06 @

Amazing. When does this drop? This beat is money in the bank…thanks for the preview

Comment by DJ Fatty 04.21.06 @

Dope shit as always Grimm.

Comment by Cause FX 04.21.06 @

MF Grimm and M.I.C is taking over the game this year. That’s a real MC right there. Those who hate, can suck a big fat dick. Day by Day forever!!! Peace

Comment by mamamelo 04.21.06 @

my heroz killed cowboyz!!! all of M.I.C is wild out keep pump’n the crack “i mean real hiphop you know how you all do PEACE ONELOVE Tha Mighty YoUSiCk 1

Comment by YoUsIcK WON 04.21.06 @

yo Grimm is Da Illest cat in the game right now
along with nas, doom, jeezy and the game

Comment by Da GRZA 04.21.06 @

Grimm is a Monsta. A force to be reckoned with. Album is gonna be a banger. holler

Comment by AutomaticDamageGadget 04.21.06 @

Jet Jag has the right to kill you!

Comment by BPP 04.21.06 @

Grimm is a man of will.
And Will is all. Will is behind the word, and since the God has both, his message is prevelant and divine. Plus He likes Bobbi Humphrey! And I need to call him, I was supposed to call like 4 months ago.

Comment by DEEP 04.21.06 @

MF Grimm and everyone involved with passin’ the word, much respect, the joint is amazin’… thank you for American Hunger. peace. –lee

Comment by repshowhost 04.22.06 @

Man..MF Grimm the just TOO DOPE. American Hunger Indeed ….the people are like FIENDS waiting for this album. Spread the word in your town…

Comment by AhavaYah 04.22.06 @

60 tracks of MF Grimm rapping is inhumane. There is no way this will have 20 quality tracks on it. Maybe 1/5 will be good, so that’d be 12.

Comment by Kevin 04.22.06 @

‘Grimm hasn’t exploited being shot in order to sell records’ That one statement blows on 50 cent’s career! 60 tracks going to show Grimm is a force to be reckoned with in the game can’t wait to hear the whole thing it’ll be ill

Comment by SloanRanger 04.22.06 @


If that was really you with the shout out on the blog good lookin.

And wassup with bloggy-style interview. I can ‘hone my law and order skills *smile*.

I understand if it is *that stressful*. Sometimes n*ggas be having shit to get off they chest.

for hip hop,
*m dot*

Comment by reninatronix 04.22.06 @

crazy yo im so hyped for this album

Comment by chibahawk 04.22.06 @

great post.

thanks for the heads up. i’m feelin the large pro song.

keep up the good work.

Comment by Vik 04.22.06 @

New MIC on the horizon perhaps?


Comment by finally 04.22.06 @

GM aka. Jet Jaguar became a Monsta

60 Tracks??? That’s gonna bust everything!!!
I’cant wait to hear more of those!
The Track featuring Extra P is awesome!!!

I’m Hungry for American Hunger!!!!!

Comment by iwess 04.23.06 @

Been followin MF/GM Grimm for a minute, hopin to see this in-stores.

Comment by Sm0ke 04.23.06 @

mf grimm is a grandmaster.listen to the downfall of tears..also special herbs e spices..this is the undergroundclever shit we wanna island is the place where u clean ya ears…big respect..can’t wait for american hunger..mmm..and wut about “the book of daniel”song..?is it recent?it’s crazy..u and metz kill everybody..but the stuff on doom it’s true?if it is i think is a shame..gunn do the right thing when he punches him…so u got all us support from itsly!!!!please continue do ya thing..and if u can,come to show in europe!!!monster island rules n.y. peace and a lot of respect.if u wanna and have the time,please reply me at: and visit our myspace page!!!thanxx.efferrei-spns-nivgang.reggioemilia.italy.

Comment by efferrei 04.27.06 @

this tracks are the sickness!
can’t wait for the album!

Comment by q35 04.29.06 @

Some emcees and producers, regardless of location, age, era, under or above ground, represent the the true nature of hip hop. They present the culture in it’s purest forms: originality, intelligence, creativity, and integrity. Don’t ever stop, brothers and NEVER lose Faith. Our culture has conquered!

Comment by Samaritanjack 05.12.06 @

ur whack!

Comment by pimp2097 05.20.06 @

You can hear some cuts from American Hunger right here:

Comment by ralphie 07.21.06 @

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