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Wednesday April 05th 2006,
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Not the issue I wrote for, but you get the idea.

Thanks to the wonders of blogging, it seems that Modern Fix, a primarily rock-based magazine from San Diego, decided to scout-out some quality hip-hop scribes, but the best they could come up with were me and noz (who also landed a “job” over at XXL ). My first piece is a two-page interview with the legendary Blaq Poet (Hoo-Ha!) in the latest edition. I might even post the bits I edited out of the finished article at some stage. Anyway, you can pick up issue #51 in Cali, New York, Arizona, Washington and a few other places. Who knows, they may even print some more of my ramblings in the future.

The other day I read a great article about graff in Vice Magazine. I used to do a bit of that shit when I was a kid, but I couldn’t help but appreciate quotes like this:

“What the fuck is it anyway? You make up a nickname and you write it in bubble letters all over other people’s property? Sometimes they even take the time to color it in. That’s what little girls do on their schoolbooks, only instead of ‘TSK 132′ they write ‘unicorn’ or ‘I love Bobby.’ Your sister used to do that. It’s for little girls. A bunch of little queers running around the city writing their nicknames everywhere. It’s pathetic.”

Bol offered his views on the subject in his latest XXL column. All I can say is that any move to get rid of that awful “four elements theory” gets my full support. What with clubbers breakdancing to techno, “turntablists” making all sorts of noise with little regard for rhythm and the fact that half of all writers listen to Coldplay or Pink Floyd, the whole concept had never really held water beyond some kind of revisionist marketing campaign.

It seems that a couple of well-known rappers have posted comments on the XXL blogs (LB‘s Pronte Phonte and UGK‘s Bun B), which is all well and good but I would have though these guys have better stuff to do than get mad at dudes on the internets. I know it’s a sign of the times but can you imagine Rakim or Just-Ice getting into a message board war with their critics? Me neither.

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a rappers comment is 100 times more valid than what a critic thinks, besides anyone can be a critic. bloggers simply have more freetime on their hands than a regular working person. us commenters checkup on you guys to see you ain’t fucking up the truth.

Comment by peel 04.05.06 @

Anyone can be a rapper as well.

Comment by Robbie 04.05.06 @

1.LB’s Phonte

2. “Eff a rap critic / He talk about it while I live it.” Not saying I have loyalty either way, just that line was running through my head.

Comment by fletch 04.05.06 @

We agree with you 100%. Keep up the good work.

Comment by Rakim & Just-Ice 04.05.06 @

ya know what though? these rap dudes is people too, and they surf the innernets like all the rest of us. why shouldn’t they respond when they browse a blog and read something about them, seriously? any of us probably would. I don’t really hold “celebs” in a higher regard on matters such as these. plus, a lot of blog kats write these things assuming the artist will either never see it or never respond…which is kind of weak if you think about it.

Comment by huny 04.05.06 @

I don’t take any rapper seriously on the interweb unless they post in all caps.

Comment by Lord Thunder Nuts From Utah 04.05.06 @

On the other thread by byron about bun b bitchin, someone named bun b posted a comment in which he said “u really thought I was the real bun b ? u must be retarded”.
Well that doesn’t prove much, but it makes the previous bun b comment 50% real.

Comment by DJeff 04.05.06 @

Mr. Lord Thunders Nuts From Utah nailed it right on the head.

Comment by Coxy 04.05.06 @

LOL @ anyone thinking Bun B actually typed that.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 04.06.06 @

it`s a dream come true…according to phonte we`re all rappers.

we just do it on our lunch breaks etc..

Comment by beatlover 04.09.06 @

Never been particularly in love with graf either, but anything you read in Vice needs to be digested and then puked out again. Next issue they’ll be tellin you how GREAT bubble letters are. Cuuuunts

Comment by Daddy Bones 04.11.06 @

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