Ultramagnetic MCs – Reunited!
Thursday April 27th 2006,
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Although rumors of a reunion have been floating around for the past couple of years, I can now confirm that it’s official – after a ten year hiatus, Ced Gee, Kool Keith, TR Love and DJ Moe Love are back together doing shows and working on a new album called It’s The Best Kept Secret, with a working release date of July on Olio Records. First up they have a new white label 12″ called “Is It Them” b/w “Super Spell Bound”. I’d be interested to hear what everyone thinks about the A-side (the flip is closer to Keith’s solo stuff production-wise, on some “cosmic slop” funk tip).

Ultramagnetic MC’s – Is It Them (snippet)

Advance supplied courtesy of Black Pegasus Music.

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not bad.

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 04.28.06 @

Nice appetizer, but I hope the main course is a bit spicier.

Comment by Lotuz 04.28.06 @

Good stuff. Hopping out of flying saucers with furs on? I wonder if Keith will do this when he plays at the Jazz Cafe later this month. I was nervous waiting for Ced’s verse, worried he was going to come off with the same style he did on The Four Horsemen. But now he just sounds a bit like Jay Z.

Comment by End Level Boss 04.28.06 @

eh. i think my excitement is making me want to like this track. seems like ced stills got the fire. keith has gotta come a bit stronger and lose his black-elvis-space schtick.

thanks for the post.

Comment by Vik 04.28.06 @

Drums to soft for my ceed-gee taste and whats up with the violins ? anyway – outta of pure respect for critical beatdown im going buy anything these guys make ..

Comment by mo 04.28.06 @

Does anyone here feel like doing a little remix? Just slice and quantize this breakbeat and put it over the ‘Is It Them’ snippet.


Brings those drums more to life if you ask me.

Comment by Lotuz 04.28.06 @

its ok..

Comment by gizmo 04.28.06 @

Where’s the energy?

I’m sad.

Comment by finally 04.28.06 @

I asked Keef after one of his gigs wether the reunion was on and he said it was def happening! This was the back end of last year.

Comment by Average 04.29.06 @

Yeah I really like this new UM stuff…the beat sounds good…theres not too much playing around with it…its just simple…N is that a piano in the background? I duno but it works well

Comment by MAB 04.30.06 @

Ced’s flow isn’t very spectacular. Beat is okay. Keith is Keith.

I wouldn’t pay money for it, but wouldn’t turn it off if it came on a mixtape or radio.

Comment by bedouin 05.02.06 @

I still got the XXL mag when Ced, Keith and Moe were talking about a new project w/o TR Love. Never happened. Ced Gee solo album on 123 Records…Never happened. I’m just hoping this reunion at least gets one more album.

Comment by Elphonics 05.02.06 @

I’ve got the 2 singles from the album on 3-2-1. They were pretty bad. So I’m kind of glad the Ced Gee solo never came out.

Comment by finally 05.03.06 @

like all things you have save some of the best until last but still hit them with a burst all the same. this track is a grower. by the time i hear this 3 or 4 more times i wanna learn that wierd chorus! the best is yet to come!!
i did a remix for CED GEE last year and I heard a little about what they (ultra) were going to embark on.
he felt my remix (phew!) and we remain good contacts to this very day – make it happen baby!!

Comment by philipjame$ 05.03.06 @

Much better than I had anticipated.

Ultras re-emerge & so does DJ Detonator Too Tuff on MySpace. What’s happening? My youth is coming back…

Sounds good PJ.. will we ever hear it one day?

Comment by idiotproof 05.05.06 @

who knows man. i don´t think so at present i´m too busy with my album. but it´s a kind of track that will stand the test of time sitting on file waiting to get released on my second album project. But it´s great to know that the remix was booming out of CED GEE´S ride cruising in the boogie down bronx man!

Comment by philipjame$ 05.12.06 @

Ayo.. Big ups to UltraMag.. Y’all can peep their new track on The SaveHipHopDotOrg Mixtape VOl. 1 mixed by DJ Shame of The Vinyl Reanimators… Buy it here


Comment by Bobo 05.19.06 @

yo ultra…
i’am from the north atlantic side
and i would like to know for wa nobody big up ice dog from tuff crew back in a days phan jam with ced gee kool keith & krown rulers ye i never see a porto ricain like ice dog he have the same level of kool keith try to found him cause tuff crew reunited again to like ultra’s man don(t be shy olschool pro the reunion iz the unique force to grow & grow againts the wrong stupid gangsta shit..feel it see ya the street graduate from france paris …..

Comment by street graduate 11.21.06 @

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