When Hate Is Great
Friday April 14th 2006,
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Without a shadow of a doubt, the most disturbing development in the rap world in
recent times is the whole concept of “haters”. It’s one thing to stick up for shit that you like, but the whole thing has gotten twisted to absurd proportions. According to some misinformed folks, you should NEVER EVER criticize any rap artist for the following reasons:

1. Don’t get mad that another man is getting paid.

Why not get pissed when some jerky is stacking cheese because music fans have been fooled into spending their hard-earned on some trash CD?

2. Where’s your hit record?

According to this logic, only signed recording artists should write for magazines and websites. That ought to make for some fair, balanced opinions, considering that everyone in the industry either hate each other or want to work on a record together.

3. Anything that’s sold that many albums must be good!

Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em and To The Extreme both sold over ten milion copies…..

4. Fuck a critic etc.

Actually, I agree with this point.

Good reading:

White Weed Carriers 2 – The Washout

Seven Days of Diamond

Diamond & Busta – Credit Is Due

Here To Stay Like Stairway

Like B.I.G. Watching Me


Selling a couple of white labels on my wife’s ebay account.

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“2. Where’s your hit record?”

haha thats a good ‘un

Comment by Average 04.14.06 @

Don’t forget that “you don’t know anything” about such and such or so and so if you don’t follow the party line. For instance, I don’t know anything about hip-hop since I don’t love Big Pun and don’t understand why we need to pretend like losing him was like losing Gandhi. Obviously.

Comment by Joey 04.14.06 @

I think all your points are good. When did rap become this unasailable art? Like why was Larenzo Gotti money laundering trial an attack on Hip-Hop? Lorenzo doesn’t represent me and if he wants to form a group of artists called the murderers them niggas should have to go to trial for murder. Fuck if they killed anyone. Shit, they killed the five minutes of my time that I gave to their wack single.

Too much rap music is so built for pop music life expectancy. There is a real reason why we pine for older records, not because we are stuck in a timewarp but because music has become as unsatisfying as fast food.

Oh and yeah, fuck a critic.

Comment by Billy Sunday 04.16.06 @

Don’t hate on ‘Nilla and Ham.

Comment by CinisterCee 04.16.06 @

dude you’re a hater and shouldnt be blogging 😉

Comment by DJ Mad Wax 04.17.06 @

hate hate hate

Comment by Alex 05.09.06 @

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