CL Smooth – Not Rapping About Broads!
Thursday May 25th 2006,
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As the result of booze-impared judgement, I signed-up for an MP3 “record pool” last week, and sure enough started seeing my inbox filling-up with shitty R&B “club bangers”. When a new CL Smooth joint arrived yesterday, I damn-near spilled my Beck’s from the shock of actually being sent something worth hearing! While The Mecca Don’s recent outbursts against his former DJ (which included calling him a “a faggot” a bunch of times) indicate that Pete Rock will never work with him again, I could care less really. They did their thing already and left us wih a bunch of classics, so why sweat a reunion?

While “American Me” has nothing to do with “sticking a knife up your ass” (thanks Fat Joe!), it’s a solid effort over a bluesy guitar riff, and Corey Love is sounding as self-assured as ever as he builds on the conceptual tip. I’m just happy that it’s not another one of his “ladies jams“. Far less exciting is the return of Busta’s original weed carrier (I can’t believe I forgot about this guy in the nominations) – Rampage The Last Boyscout. Also using a fuzz-laden guitar loop (seems to be the flavor of the moment, doesn’t it?), on “Out of Buisness” Ramp sounds pretty unenthusiastic on the mic, which hardly makes for essential listening, does it? Plus the chorus is pretty annoying.

CL Smooth – American Me (clean)

Rampage feat. Busta Rhymes – Out of Business (clean)

Courtesy of Grand Imperial Entertainment

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that CL smooth song sucks

Comment by BR 05.25.06 @

thanks for the post! glad to hear cl’s new song sounding strong.

why’d pete and cl break up? what’s the reason for their hatred??

Comment by space 05.26.06 @

Yeah, I’ve got to agree with BR, that CL joint is garbage.

Comment by q 05.26.06 @

cl without pete is like guru without premier.
its sound stupid and common sense but everyone knows thats true.
how can you make classic albums with someone and then all of sudden try to make something without that person that people will like and respect?

Comment by illest 05.26.06 @

hate to break it you “illest” but: I interviewed DJ Premier in December. I asked him if “Counter Punch” on Big Shug’s album would be the last time Hip-Hop fans heard Guru over a Premier beat. He said, that Gang Starr was merely on hiatus because of Virgin Records’ promotion of The Ownerz. Your comments?

Guru: I don’t agree with that. I don’t see us working together. The way I see it now, I don’t see that happening…for a few reasons. That song, “Counter Punch,” it was real old. That song was so old that they shouldn’t have put it on that album. But I guess they wanted something with me on it. I guess he was putting a good spin on it, but I don’t agree at all.

Gang Starr had reached its peak with me. I moved on. I wanted a whole new musical vision. When we were recording The Ownerz, that whole situation was frustrating. During the recording of that album, I was already looking for a way out. That was the last album under our contract. Yeah, I would say the label screwed up certain things. But I’d also say that a lot of things were already screwed up.


Comment by The Average Man 05.26.06 @

He wants a whole new musical vision–which is why he does Step in the Arena 2. Yep–what a clean break.

Comment by Finally 05.27.06 @

That CL track fucking sucks. The beat is the same Jay Z “Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City” sample Jay-Z used; the tom on it sounds like some gay Casio Rapman shit.

Busta . . . who cares. Rampage . . . who cares.

Comment by bedouin 05.27.06 @

Hmm, the sample is actually “I Ain’t Gonna Be the First to Cry” — by Bobby “Blue” Bland. Same artist Jay-Z sampled, different song. My mistake.

Comment by bedouin 05.27.06 @

Every rapper in this post is a washed up has-been. NO MORE MUSIC BY THE SUCKAS.

Comment by Skylar 05.28.06 @

what i mean is guru needs premier and cl needs pete. i dont like guru without premier and cant listen to cl without pete

Comment by illest 05.29.06 @

Other than the shitty drums and the crappy chorus, I didn’t mind that CL track. Not something I’d actually buy but worth a couple of listens.

Comment by Robbie 05.30.06 @

Im gonna have to say that the CL track is abit pants, a shame considering how good he sounded on Blackheart Entertainment’s c.l. smooth – man on fire (the freestyle sessions).

Comment by Lair 05.31.06 @

my hommie and I have dubbed C.L., the “Lotion Man” due to his numerous references to lotion in his older material. I haven’t listened to the new stuff, but I’m not upset if Pete Rock doesn’t work with him again… Pete needs a GOOD, dedicated MC.
I’d like to see a new InI album personally.

Comment by mordecai 06.01.06 @

The lotion man! You could also tell CL has quite a foot fetish–especially on the second album as he’s constantly rapping about ladies footwear in detail and “If you’ve got pretty feet, I won’t cheat!”

Comment by Finally 06.03.06 @

Maan, CL and Guru are so fucking wack. Corniest rappers ever working hogging all the best beats from two of the greatest producers. May they rest in obscurity.

Comment by bse 06.18.06 @


Comment by foulgod 06.24.06 @ also has an interview with CL about he and Pete Rock’s breakup.He raked Pete over the coals but good.Hey,when EPMD broke up,I was torn,see ,I didn’t know whose album to buy.Kinda like that Bud men of the square table commercial where the bandit goes,”when you break up with your friend you break up with his girlfriend too-forever”…

Comment by gioforeal 07.11.06 @

for the first couple of comments listen up homeboys! this hip hop is serious it is not a game. people have to be open minded. first of anytime anybody say some shit that ignorant dick heads need to listen to they diss it, now hold up i am not finished. so maany of you talk this talk, what talk i mean, this diss talk, this flagrant talk it is a shame. cl smooth and guru are hip hop furthermore these dudes are ill. ill style ill lyrics they actually think about what they are saying. in no way am i attempting to diss any of you and it is not because i couldn’t it is enough of that shit going around already but homies and homegirls think about what you write before you right that shit and if a nigga talking about american me doesn’t mean anything to you it might mean something youre sister or your cousin getting shot at in iraq. please come off the bullshit before someone (and i am really not referring specifically to me) have to tighten your asses up with some lumps and oh don’t let me forget a lot you niggas scared to death of a physical confrontation unless you got ya little 22 pistol with ya. bottom line, cause i know whoever wrote the dissing comments about cl and guru is this… lyrically who is better than cl not on the same level cause it is a lot of cats who can rhyme but who’s better than, you fucking can’t say anybody and as for guru who has put out more true street anthems with the likes mop, bumpy knuckles or just straight by himself. like busta rhymes said “every bitch nigga in the world should be arrested.” you type niggas.

Comment by mr lucas 10.10.06 @

I wrote that I don’t like CL and Guru. Thats a fact. I don’t like them. Fact. I like a HELL of a lot of tracks they rap on. I even love some of their rhymes “Go With The Flow” and “Check The Technique” for instance.
I passed no judgement on American Me cos I haven’t heard it. I can tell you one thing though, I don’t have a pistol.
Show me some of those next level CL Smooth lyrics by the way. I fucking love Pete Rock beats but CL has been flow only since the first EP. His lyrics may take him a long time to think up but sound contrived and corny to me. Guru is more complicated. There’s some dope thuggish Guru shit, street shit like you say. It’s when he tries to get all “intelligent” that I think he falls down. He might be a smart as hell dude but when he tries to sound it in raps he comes out with shit like “I’m ready to lose my mind but instead I use my mind” but never tells us exactly HOW he uses his mind.
Whatever dude. We all love this Hiphop shit. You love Guru and CL and I don’t. I love Kool G Rap and Devin but maybe you don’t. Either way, it’s all good, it’s all music, we just got our own tastes.

Comment by bse 10.10.06 @

to my man bse… i respect that. mr lucas

Comment by mr lucas 10.11.06 @

LOL @ “the lotion man”

I’ma keep it 100… CL and Guru are lucky as fuck. Not that they’re without talent, but they happened to be linked to two of the greatest producers of their time, as well as all time.

You coulda replaced them with ANY talented MC and it woulda went down all the same. It coulda been Lord Finesse & DJ Premier. Pete Rock coulda joined Heavy D & The Boyz and made some monumental albums. CL and Guru were fortunate to have partnered up w/ these guys instead. Guru would’ve likely been one of those dope rappers from the late ’80s that faded into obscurity by the mid-90s, and CL with less stellar production could’ve easily just been “who?”

Not dissin’ them, but it’s the truth. And ironically, association alone is ALSO why Rampage was brought up in this column as well, lol.

Comment by DanjaMania 10.11.06 @

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