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Friday May 05th 2006,
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Yesterday I got a message reminding me that my hosting bill was due, and while I was happy to fund it myself a year ago when I first got it hooked up, I thought “Hey, instead of cutting into my booze budget, maybe I should get a few bucks from some of the good folk and/or deadbeats that read this site and get free shit all the time.”

Now that I’m leaving songs up for months at a time, we’re chewing through a fair bit of bandwidth, and as you might have noticed the limit was exceeded last month (thanks in part to effective Day By Day promotions department that saw the MF Grimm snippets downloaded by around three thousand Percy Carey fans) which meant that the site was unavailable for about a day and half. To avoid this happening again, I’ll need to upgrade our hosting.

The first ten of you generous to donate a few bucks will get exclusive download access to an out-of-print album of 12″ of your choice (I’ll send an email with the selections once you’ve contributed), unless I think of something better over the next couple of days. The buttons at the bottom of this post.

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Oh no, not another blog beggin for money. Whats th f* is up! If I wanted to pay for these tracks, i would prefer the cash went to ceed-gee, kool keith and the other artists mentioned on this sites. I really enjoy this blog … for free

Comment by Anon 05.06.06 @

yo i can appreciate all the hard work you put in so ive sent you a couple of dollars through paypal to show you that realness is always appreicated peace im out shahid

Comment by shahid iqbal 05.06.06 @

theres always someone whos a cheapskate a couple of dollars aint going to send you into bankrupcy you tight ass and saying you rather have the money go to the artist dosent wash it. cos the artist are getting free publicity on this and other blogs for people to check and then decide if there going to buy it when and if it comes out.if your so bothered go on start your own blog and see how long youll last.no wonder you kept yor comment anonymous you can get the duck sick

Comment by shahid iqbal 05.06.06 @

I’m more than happy to send a few $$$ Robbie, just make sure you keep bringing the goods mate.

Comment by coxy 05.07.06 @

I just changed jobs and ain’t going to see any money for a minute. Take solice in knowing that if I won the Florida lottery last night, I would definitly hit you up for doing such a good job. I didn’t win the Florida lotto last night.

Comment by DF 05.07.06 @

How much we talking? Like, literally a few bucks?

Why not just take the links down sooner? I know I get the occasionaly “can you reup” once the tracks been down, but life just sucks like that sometimes. (I use free hosting via sendspace, so I know it’s different.)

Comment by fletch 05.07.06 @

yo dude.

http://www.canaca.ca for all your hosting problems man. I pay roughly 12 bucks a month and have 500 GIGs of transfer a month, 20,000 MB storage.

I push about 400 GIGs of DJ mixes a month, site is never slow.

go check it out.

Comment by DJ Mad Wax 05.08.06 @

Yeah, dunny, I gotchu.

Comment by Joey 05.08.06 @

Paypal us $3 and we will send back $2.50.

Comment by Rakim & Just-Ice 05.08.06 @

$15 comin at ya from OZ…WOW! Hopefully that cover the Morning Booze. Keep up the good work mate, this is a rare place you’ve created. I love this shit. Bane Out

Comment by Bane the Carny 05.08.06 @

just dropped $5 for you today robbie..

Comment by beatlover 05.09.06 @

As the Trag would say: “Love Is Love”. The support is much appreciated.

Thanks for the tip Mad Wax. I renewed the account before I saw your comment, but I’ll keep those guys in mind for next year.

Comment by Robbie 05.10.06 @

don’t say we never did nothin for ya…


Comment by Rakim & Just-Ice 05.10.06 @

Hoy Kinzie ya flamin’ Galaa, is there a PayPal equivalent of paying you with a comically cumbersome bag of pennies rather than a note?

Comment by Daddy Bones 05.15.06 @


Comment by cunt spell 05.22.06 @

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