Doo Wop – Best DJ On the Mic?
Wednesday June 14th 2006,
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Apparently there are at least four remixes of Busta Rhyme‘s “New York Shit”, but this version is better than any of them. Kid Capri enlisted the Bouncemaster Doo Wop to remake the song from the mixtape angle, in the same way that Wop did his “10 Tape Commandments”. This works because despite being known primarily as a mixtape DJ, Doo Wop is one hell of a rapper, as tracks like “G’z Up” with Tony Touch have demonstrated (not to mention his old songs like “Hit ‘Em In The Head”). I would prefer to hear Kid Capri, Tony Toca and Doo Wop on the mic than Busta and his pals anyday of the week. I just hope Jazzy Jay is a getting cheque1 out of all this, since he’s the one that gave the record to Diamond D to use for “I Went For Mine” in the first place.

Kid Capri feat. Doo Wop – Mixtape Shit

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  1. 1. Obviously, he isn’t.[back]

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I fucking love those footnotes, dude! Keep it up.

Comment by Horsechoker 06.14.06 @

“I just hope Jazzy Jay is getting a cheque”

Shouldn’t the SOS Band get a check first, since they’re the ones who actually composed and recorded “Faded Lady,” which has been used (without clearance) on Diamond’s, Busta’s, and now Kid Capri’s songs?

Comment by Scott 06.15.06 @

“Shouldn’t the SOS Band get a check first”

^ Not really. If Jay hadn’t dug that LP up it would still be residing in dollar bin hell.

Comment by Robbie 06.15.06 @

Record finders should be receiving royalties? It would be nice, but that’s just ridiculous.

Comment by Scott 06.19.06 @

not to be a record nerd, but the band is called S.S.O…and Doo Wop is nice with his on the m-i-c, there was a promo of a few of his Bounce Squad tracks for his album for Noo Trybe floating around circa ’94/95, all heat..

Comment by Boston George 07.06.06 @

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