Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang CD-ROM action
Thursday June 15th 2006,
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There was a brief period where Loud records wasted a bunch of cash putting out Enhanced CD’s back in 1996, when the internets was still really shitty and Quicktime and Flash had recently come out. Xzibit‘s first album, Mobb Deep‘s Hell On Earth and the Wu-Tang Forever double album all got “special treatment”, but the first two just consisted of basic things you could click your mouse on and here snippets of shit or 30 second clips of their videos, which is pretty gay by today’s standards, and wasn’t exactly mind-blowing ten years ago either. X’s was the worst, while at least the Mobb CD had stupid stuff liuke the project phone where you could get verbaly abused by the Hav and Prodigy, as well as finding a hidden track if you went to some website and got the code.1 The track in question actually turned out to be a highly amusing attack on Keith Murray, covering when Murray snuffed P “in front of police”.

Mobb Deep – In The Long Run [hidden track, Hell On Earth, Loud, 1996]

The Wu CD was much more interesting, as it actually had a little game where you had to explore the various chambers of the Wu-Tang HQ and meet all the crew in order to unlock the RZA‘s desk and a bunch of clips. I actually cut and pasted them all together into one clip and uploaded it to YouTube for some bizarre reason.2 Check out how fucked-up Ol’ Dirty is in his section – proving once and for all that he was the greatest rock star of our time.

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  1. 1. As it turns out, when you open the folder on your desktop you can just look through the “source” folder to find all the clips and songs anyway![back]
  2. 2. The truth us I find it difficult to tear myself away from that place as it is, so I thought I might give back after having taken/downloaded so, so much.[back]

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Word kid. I remember both, back then I didn’t have a computer like today so as a shortie I took the joints to the computer room at school. I remember the Hell On Earth snippets in low-res and shit. This was back when you couldn’t buy hip hop shit at marshalls like now, I always wanted to cop a Mobb shirt out the back of they liner notes. Mobb was tight back then.

Comment by Skylar 06.16.06 @

i’ve had hell on earth since 97 and i could never get to the bonus stuff cheers! and for the wu shit.

Comment by cunt spell 06.16.06 @

I think in the second Xzibit cd if you complete a crossword puzzle you get to hear the Remix to “Sroomz” which I believe was a rock remix.

Comment by Angel 06.16.06 @

Someone should maintain the list of hip-hop ECD goodies.

KRS ONE’s I Got Next has some amusing video clips of him waxing philosophical, as well as a hidden track you can unlock by typing in a password or something. (Which naturally is probably just a file on the disc)

Oh and what about those ill fated 20-bit HDCDs? The only one I know of is that “Militia” group (wiht lovely Miss Toi) which was a 20-bitter. I think that’s it.

Comment by Finally 06.17.06 @

what the fuck is dirty on?

Comment by Bumpy Johnson 06.19.06 @

that wu tang enhanced ish was classic. i was always in the computer rooom on that, but then the period would be over and i would have to go. nice one on the youtube.

Comment by khal 06.28.06 @

Dope, I never got almost any of these to ever work on my dad’s old computer. And I tried it on my computer a couple months ago and it kept just quitting.

Comment by David 07.01.06 @

Damn I remember that Wu-Tang game like it was yesterday, ran like shit on my parents old 486 but it was still the illest shit ever.

P.S. I skipped summer school that year thanks to the double LP from Wu-Tang.

Comment by doctah roofiez 07.21.06 @

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