New Premier Heat / Nas Speaks The Truth
Thursday June 15th 2006,
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A new single due to hit the shelves next month demonstrates an impressive verbal display from Termanology, who basically destroys1 this solid (if hardly unusual) violin-laced DJ Premier track. An M.O.P scratch on the hook always helps as well.2

Termanology – Watch How It Go Down [St./Showoff/Brick, 2006]3

“I’m old fashioned, I believe diamonds don’t belong in the ears of guys”Nas, 2006.

Hold ya head Fab.

Nas – 2006 Freestyle

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  1. 1. Although it seems like every “Latin” dude these days is obligated to compare themselves to Big Pun.[back]
  2. 2. Which could use louder drums…[back]
  3. 3. I ripped this at 64kps since it’s not even out yet.[back]

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Dude, you are dropping Digiwaxx bomb after Digiwaxx bomb…keep it up.

Comment by Stanky Panky 06.15.06 @

^ That’s a quality service right there.

Comment by Robbie 06.15.06 @

How can Primo keep the same formula for like 10 years but it never gets old? What is it about it that just works 9 out of 10 times?

Comment by bedouin 06.16.06 @

I like that Term/Primo song, it’s not that special or original, but good regardless

Comment by Double R 06.16.06 @

holy shit

that premier track is amazing

Comment by hugo in montreal 06.16.06 @

You can download a copy of the Termanology track at a higher bitrare from iTunes already:

Comment by bedouin 06.17.06 @

wack…delivery, style, content. Pun is cursing this dude!

Comment by blackimp 06.24.06 @

Ill Joint! Finally a new rapper who can actually spit! Premier is the all time greatest hands down, and if you dispute that why has every producer of note blatantly ripped off his style? Now if only him and Nas can link for a whole album…

Comment by Big Articulate 06.24.06 @

Freddie Foxx with the twin milis!!

I aint even heard the beat but rest assured its a premo head nod. Nothing can compare to his addictive thump and ear for the sweetest samples.
Remember ‘fools’ its just the tempo which stays the same with premo. Tempo=drum beat. Its the sounds looped, stretched whatever that keep us all coming back dribbling at the mouth for more and the crazy scratches and relentless. He is the smoothest scratcher because its not too repetitive as its short and switches from voice to voice and its techincally on point.

I just wish he would do it live a bit more!!

Remember no one comes close. The tempo is his trade mark. he is in a way his own genre of music. Like you have techno, garage, drum & bass, grunge, punk etc you too have Premier!

Friend or Foe?

Fool I’m a friend!

Comment by Militia1981 07.07.06 @

For the Nas track, is that a Dirty Harry joint? I have it on that Warriors mixtape he made, but on his tracklisting he calls it NasDeq or something like that-I have old timers’ memory loss!

Comment by G147 07.09.06 @

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