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Tuesday June 13th 2006,
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Not content with making some dope t-shirts, the Oh Word crew managed to get one to O’Shea while he was in the Rotten Apple to promote his (ninth?) solo release. No mention on whether he plans on rocking it in Are We There Yet, Again?. Speaking of Cube, I was reading an old interview in the August 1990 edition of Hip Hop Connection from just after he released Amerikkka’s Most Wanted, and it ended with this jewel:

I ain’t gonna try and rap forever. If I do another album that’ll probably be it. I respect the kids and I respect the industry and they need to see new people. All the other bullshit is starting to get too commercial and I ain’t with that. I think motherfuckers appreciate you more when you’re not always in their face.

Imagine if the “Bitch Killa” had hung up his mic after Death Certificate? That would’ve been real gangsta. Guess that was before the mortage.

As eskay pointed out, Killa Kam has got his new magazine available for download on his site. Other than the barrage of Dipset ads and the obligitory Cam’ron interview, there’s an interesting piece from Wendy Williams Day which breaks down what people earn off of legal downloads versus CD sales. The thing I can’t figure out is whether or not this mag is available in stores? And if it is, why give the entire PDF away for free?

This cover is wrong for so many reasons…

I also read this article which mentions Dipset being banned from BET for “a pillowfight”(?!) in a hotel room. Thank god it wasn’t a “sword fight” (no Heavy D).

New P Brothers vinyl with Boss Money is in stores. Look for a full review soon but in the meantime you can check the speaking destroying “Blam Blam For Nottingham” at their MySpace page.

Tragedy has “new” stuff out, with his Blood Ballads double CD for the European market and a slightly altered “official” version of Thug Matrix 2 out in the US. I still need to see that documentary…at least noz managed to get it.

Granddaddy I.U. has a new EP over at iTunes.

Video of the Day: “H.O.S.T.Y.L.E” by Screwball. For all the “face mushers” out there:

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PLEASE!!!!! No Homo was stupid enough, then Nullus was even stupider…but No Heavy D!?!?! That’s just the stupidest. Seriously, you make a great blog, you don’t need to make things up to make friends.

Comment by Stanky Panky 06.13.06 @

Did you have a sense of humour transplant?

That Boss Money Gangsters tune is outrageous, best 12″ of the year.
There is a good new Minnesotta 12″ with them as well. Cocksuckers b/w GUAP (ft Weedcarriers Juniour Mafia) .

Comment by bobd 06.14.06 @

haha – I just copped that t-shirt, thats ill as hell

Comment by DJ Mad Wax 06.14.06 @

Yo Ice Cube was brilliant when he was anti “The Man” in his NWA/Amerikkka’s Most days. His lyrics were smart and pushed all the right buttons. Hiphop needs someone like that today. Bad too! Oh how the mighty have fallen. Now who’s the mack? Peace.

Comment by Planet 06.20.06 @

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