Friday June 23rd 2006,
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Remember this post about Freddie Foxxx and Ultramagnetic? I finally dug-up the Source article about the First1 Annual Rappers Boxing Match.

As it turned out, the reason Foxxx made that track against Ultra was due to Kool Keith‘s line “How can you put a fox against an alligator” on the The Four Horsemen. Freddie responded with “Crazy Like A Foxxx”, but the whole thing got squashed when they met each other on a plane and talked things out before shit got violent.

Here are two classic tracks debating the pro’s and con’s of “shooting a fair one” vs. “shooting you”:

Willie Dee – Put The Fuckin’ Gun Away [Controversy, Rap-A-Lot, 1989]

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Go For Your Guns [Live & Let Die, Cold Chillin’, 1992]

Who wins the gun control debate?

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  1. 1. Sadly, it was also the last.[back]

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Voting seems broken.

Comment by bedouin 06.23.06 @

^ Fixed.

Comment by Robbie 06.23.06 @

where can i get a copy of the tape?

Comment by cunt spell 06.23.06 @

The boxing matchs? No idea. I’d pay to watch it myself.

Comment by Robbie 06.24.06 @

Well, Willie D lasted in my iTunes for 2.34 minutes, so I reckon that means Kool G Rap wins!

Comment by End Level Boss 06.24.06 @

The rap boxing match is a mad dope idea, although i can see why there was only one. It wouldn’t take long before some bad loser went G Rap on the whole event.

But I still voted for fisticuffs in the poll.

Comment by Headlock 06.25.06 @

how did Melle Mel go down from a headbutt if he had the helmet on?? thats cool that Freddie Foxxx won. wish i had been on that plane!

Comment by mordecai 06.26.06 @

g rap also said, “so leave all that Rocky shit home, Sylvester Stallone aint shit against Al Capone”, so he gets my vote…

Comment by Double R 06.27.06 @

Kool G Rap Vs Willie D
” Go For Your Gunz ” Vs ” Put The Fuckin’ Gun Away”

Willie D has always been known for having serious hand game….but as Kool G Rap said on ” Go For Your Gunz ”

“Sylvester Stallone ain’t $hyt against Al Capone!”

Gangster vs Thug
Gangster uses violence as business tool , thug uses it as a social tool. ( Images in music )

Foxx vs Kool Kieth
In a rap battle , or boxing match , for that matter…Freddy Foz wins.

Comment by EDOGZ818 02.14.12 @

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