Diddy Didn’t Invent The Remix
Wednesday July 12th 2006,
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One of the best things about hip-hop is the tradition of white label remixes. Whether it’s a sample clearance issue or an unauthorised remake, many tracks that wasted quality lyrics over so-so beats have their chance at redemption.

Buckwild went through a period where everything he touched was given a moody, late night lah-session type of feel. His second re-intereptation1 of Nas‘ “Life A Bitch” replaces the smoothed-out L.E.S. track with a skillful chop of Johnny Pate‘s “Look of Love” vibes (that he also utilized on the promo-only remix to Show & AG‘s “You Know Now”) over a crisp snare and some atmospheric sound effects.

For the semi-official S. Carter The Re-Mix vinyl, Just Blaze replaces his original track2 with another searing church-organ based piece, using a familiar break that I can’t quite place right now but you’ll no doubt recognise from somewhere. Good shit all round.

Nas & AZ – Life’s A Bitch (Buckwild Remix #2)

Jay-Z – PSA (Just Blaze Remix)

Last day for the Stan contest as well, so get your entry in if you haven’t already.

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  1. 1. The first remix uses the Mr. Magic break.[back]
  2. 2. You might remember that Black Moon were pissed when he used the same loop they used on “Stay Real” single for the LP version.[back]

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“using a familiar break that I can’t quite place right now but you’ll no doubt recognise from somewhere.”

Public Enemy – By The Time I Get To Arizona

Comment by Lotuz 07.12.06 @

Isn’t that “Walk on By”?

Comment by Joey 07.12.06 @

^ That sounds right.

Comment by Robbie 07.12.06 @

Never heard that Buckwild remix, Very nice!

“Using a familiar break….”
Non-Phixion used that break for the track “Cult Leader” off “The Future is Now” LP.

Black Moon must have been fuming about the timing of Just Blaze’s original verion, but didn’t Smif’N’Wessun use it first?

Comment by Big Articulate 07.12.06 @

The OG mix used break that was first used as an interlude skit on OC’s first album.

Comment by Robbie 07.12.06 @

It’s a cover of Walk on by by none other than the Jackson 5, off their “welcome back to Indiana tv special” lp. Non phixion also used this break after Public Enemy

Comment by GregO 07.13.06 @

finally a quality post..that Jay-Z remix is nice

Comment by BR 07.13.06 @

the beat for the “life’s a bitch” remix is great but it doesn’t really fit AZ’s verse as well as the original does, in my opinion… It worked the opposite way for Nas though!

Comment by Double R 07.13.06 @

Both tracks I haven’t heard before, both nice..but yeah, hard to beat the orginal version of “Life’s A Bitch”

Comment by glavet 07.14.06 @


Love the drum+snare mix on the Blaze track.

Comment by Dayrell 07.14.06 @

The Just Blaze remix uses the same sample as Non Phixion – Cult Leader. Not sure who jacked who?

And excuse the stupid link


Comment by Garri Krishna 07.17.06 @

the only cat i heard play that buckwild remix was stretch armstrong in 95 when buckwild was rulin the remixes
good lookin

Comment by illest 07.25.06 @

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