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Friday July 28th 2006,
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Not many of us actually buy records anymore, since everyone with a music blog gets sent free CD’s or just downloads everything.1 OK, well some people still buy stuff, and if something really makes an impression on me2, then I might actually pick up the vinyl. But there was once a time when those wacky A&R’s used to pull stunts such as adding “Bonus Cassette-Only” songs, which explains why I copped G Rap’s Live & Let Die on tape after I bought the LP3, or just not releasing many copies of the vinyl (Return of the Funkyman and Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop in particular).

It would be years before I finally acquired a CD player, but once I did I was able to track-down all my old favourites for a few bucks each in second-hand spots. As a result, I have a random selection of albums in all three formats, including Threat‘s Sickinnahead, King Tee‘s Tha Triflin’ Album and Double XX Posse‘s Put Ya Boots On. Big fuckin’ deal, right? The reason I bring this is up is that it’s this weeks theme for our regular 33Third $20 record voucher give-away. Send photos of your multi-format obsessions before next Tuesday to and we’ll figure out a winner based on a variety of factors that I’m still figuring out, although I can tell you now that anyone who has original Mini-Disc issues of rap albums is in with a huge chance.

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  1. 1. Thanks, Rapidshare![back]
  2. 2. Meaning: I’m not bored of it after two weeks.[back]
  3. 3. Little did I know that the three bonus Trakmasterz cuts were to be eventually issued as b-sides.[back]

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If I think about it, I’m sure I can name more but Company Flow’s “Funcrusher Plus” had a song (Corners ’94) that was included on both the vinyl and the cassette, but was omitted from the CD release.

Comment by Daniel Beaulieu 07.28.06 @

Big Daddy Kane “It’s a Big Daddy Thing” only had “Lean on Me” on the CD version. Black Moon “Enta the Stage” only had “Slave” on the CD version (maybe tape too?)

I remember in the early 90s when a lot of LPs weren’t pressed on vinyl I would buy the cassette instead, even though I had a CD player early on. Why pay an extra $4-7 when I wanted it on vinyl in the first place? Plus I had this belief that eliminating vinyl was part of a grand conspiracy to kill Hip-Hop by eliminating DJ’ing (I was younger, the idea of cost of production relative to actual demand didn’t really sink in).

Besides, walkmans ate less power than discmans if I recall correctly — at least that was true in the beginning, and I was usually lugging around a walkman anyway to listen to mixtapes.

I remember having a moral dilemma when Common Sense’s “Resurrection” came out; I picked the tape off the rack and went to the counter to pay. The clerk knew me and my CD-hating pro-vinyl ways and told me, “I know it’s against your beliefs, but this is in the cut out bin on CD for $6.99.” I bought the CD.

Comment by bedouin 07.28.06 @

Yeah, “Slave” is on the tape as well. Plus the Kane CD had the live version of “Wrath of Kane”.

Comment by Robbie 07.28.06 @

NaS – It Was Written. Cassette version had the gem “Silent Murder”.

Comment by sieff 07.28.06 @

“act like u want it” is only on da CD version of enta da stage.

KRs’ selt titled lp didnt have HOLd or SElf wealth and self on da vinyls.. WACK!

Comment by dolo 07.28.06 @

“NaS – It Was Written. Cassette version had the gem “Silent Murder”.”

So did the French CD release.

Comment by Dave Mack 07.29.06 @

I still buy stuff. Well more then most people I know. Someone once told me that as much music as I have, that I should start collecting vinyl. I just might who knows? lol

And, Jeeze Louise. You seem like the biggest music “owner” I know. lol Anyone who buys 3 forms of an album is just the shit lol

33third? I’mma spread the word on this.

Comment by Dayrell 07.29.06 @

Wtf that many copies of ‘Vagina Dinner’ in one spot! I don’t even own one, this is really painful to look at.

Comment by Funk Jones 07.29.06 @

“Plus the Kane CD had the live version of “Wrath of Kane”. ”

Yo, that was the only time any version of that song was on CD, right? Because I remember the original was just the B-side of “I’ll Take You There”.

Comment by Kafka 07.29.06 @

i thought there was a remix of lean on me on the tape of its a big daddy thing

Comment by beatlover 07.29.06 @

I stayed buying tapes until “Only Built For Cuban Links” came out. I only bought the CD then because it had that extra “North Star” track on it. Before that it was straight wax and tapes.

Comment by P-Matik 07.29.06 @

I remember when I was in 7th grade and that Black Moon album first came out, I had the cassette and played it to the point that I needed a new cassette.. so I went out and bought another copy of the cassette. Fast forward five years when my friend Shane bought the album on CD, and we were chilling at his house. ACK LIKE U WANT IT came on and I was like “What the fuck is this?”… Although Black Moon was close to my favorite group at the time, I never owned the CD and was completely unaware that the song existed..

For the record, the Enta Da Stage CD has all of the songs including “Ack Like U Want It”. The tape has every song except “Ack Like U Want It”, and the LP has every song except “Ack Like U Want It” and “Slave”.

Comment by Daniel Beaulieu 07.30.06 @

The Above the Rim soundtrack had a cassette-only 2Pac track, Pain. The only other time I can remember buying a second format of a full album was the vinyl version of Jay-Z’s Blueprint which had 3 bonus tracks on the second record — the record itself was pretty dope, they made it out of blue plastic.

Comment by 33jones 07.30.06 @

wu tang stayed including bonuses on da CD…. ODb’s cd had that dirty dancin’ joint wit meth.. i think Gza cd (i didnt buy cd’s back then or much ever) had the BIBLE joint, and of course North star on cuban linx

Comment by dolo 07.30.06 @

everyone with a blog gets sent cds?! i guess thats the price i pay for ‘bootlegging’… however i do buy alot of cds and occassionally vinyl…

Comment by BiffReagle 07.30.06 @

can’t find ATLiens cd and i never owned east points on tape. the embarassing thing is i have no excuse for having all this shit other than pure compulsion. no bonus tracks or anything. and don’t even make me break out my project blowed and rap-a-lot ocd.

and biff – i almost exclusively get shittty white boy rap cds in the mail, stick to rapid share.

Comment by noz 07.31.06 @

I have Nas “I Am” on minidisc, anyone wanna buy it for $19.99 just to win this contest?

And for some reason I have Jay-Z “Blueprint 2” on double cassette. Are they still doing cassette releases over there?

Comment by Jayzon 08.01.06 @

Yo I almost never get anything for free. sup wit that?! I buy 99.9% of my records.

Comment by Planet 08.01.06 @

De La Soul is Dead the CD was epic whereas the tape seemed incomplete… ditto Stunts, Blunts…

A lot of good info shared above, it’s appreciated.

Vagina Dinner needs an instrumental copy to be released. Did the CD have more than the vinyl?

Comment by ARM 18 08.01.06 @

“KRs’ selt titled lp didnt have HOLd or SElf wealth and self on da vinyls.. WACK!”

Both those joints were on the European wax (which didn’t have the older BDP joints on it that the US pressings did).

Comment by Polarity 08.02.06 @

“Vagina Dinner needs an instrumental copy to be released. Did the CD have more than the vinyl?”

Yes and no. I actually got the tape first, then the record and finally the CD years later. No extras though.

Comment by Robbie 08.02.06 @

You still lucky as fuck man, at least sell me the vinyl for a decent price!

Comment by Funk Jones 08.02.06 @

Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop had THREE cassette only cuts, though they reappeared recently on a 12

Comment by Daddy Bones 08.03.06 @

murder was the case soundtrack “Hot One” only on cassette gotta have both “Hot one” is a must have

Comment by heist 09.19.06 @

Hey Heist who sings that song “Hot One” E-mail me.

Comment by Ramiro 02.05.07 @


Comment by Ramiro 02.05.07 @

Hey Ramiro,
“Hot One” is by O.F.T.B.
– another Death Row era release that had a cassette only track was on the Daz album RETALIATION,REVENGE AND GET BACK -> the song was “Pimp City”
– my favorite cassette only tracks were on Digital Underground’s SEX PACKETS -> there were 3 cassette only songs: “Hip Hop Doll”, “Sound of the Underground”, & “A Tribute to the Early Days”. Also worth noting is that “Gutfest 89” was the full 8 and a half minute version while the CD version was an edit.
– and besides “Dirty Dancin” the other CD only bonus track on ODB’s Return To The 36 Chambers was “Harlem World”

Comment by mudfoot 02.18.07 @

“Mecca and the Soul Brother” had an edited version (subtract 2 minutes of Pete Rock’s scratches) of Mecca and the Soul Brother and the remix of The Creator on the cassette.

Comment by oskamadison 11.01.12 @

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