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Friday July 14th 2006,
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Back when the internet was an “exciting new media platform”, there was an online radio show called, which had live webcasts that let you watch what was happeneing in the studio and all of that. One possible problem with this whole concept was the fact that back then most people were on dial-up, so the idea of sitting around your computer trying to watch some choppy video stream that would “buffer” every 30 seconds wasn’t exactly going to take the world by storm. After six years off the air, they’re now back in action, as explained here. Given the fact that everyone is on cable now, this could be a good time to get back into the game (assuming they can tear us away from YouTube and the various copycats that are springing up).

The reason I bring this up is because a couple of years ago a white label called Classic Freestyles Volume 1 was released, and I’m pretty sure all the recordings are from that station. Although some of the segments are a little short, the appearence of a few of the Money Boss Players and the Large Professor is a welcome addition. Lord Finesse also drops a quick couple of verses, although his reference to Sega Saturn lets you know how old this is.

Money Boss Players & Large Professor – 88HipHop Freestyle

Lord Finesse – 88HipHop Freestyle

Top-of-the-dome fanatics please note: Some of these verses will be familiar. Kicking random raps on radio is still considered freestyling!

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LOL @ the Top-Of-The-Dome Fanatics note.

Comment by Coxy 07.15.06 @

LP does freestyle from time to time, but 99% of the time he just kicks random album verses. Still one of the the best producers on the mic if you ask me. 1

Comment by Funk Jones 07.15.06 @

Yo! Lord Finesse was always mad nice with the punchlines, where did he dissapear to?

Comment by Big Articulate 07.15.06 @

And what happened to his site ?

Comment by Lotuz 07.16.06 @

Last thing I heard Finesse was supposed to record an album with Kon & Amir.

Comment by Funk Jones 07.17.06 @

And hey, whatever happened to that Funky Technician Remix album???

Comment by nehk 07.19.06 @

Word, I totally forgot about that. Large Pro and Premo would be doin’ the bulk of the production on that album.

Comment by Funk Jones 07.19.06 @

Totally agree with the ‘Top-of-the-dome’ comment but it’s still feggin’ irritating to hear the same verse from KRS-ONE every time he does a radio freestyle (see Funk Master Flex, Wake Up Show, etc.)

Comment by Mystik Journeyman 07.20.06 @

Thanks for the light! Let us know what you think about our new show PSA.


Comment by RandyOB1 07.24.06 @

88 hiphop wow
i used to always check for that but it was mad slow
it was ill

Comment by illest 07.25.06 @

I remember there was an hiphop producer special featuring Evil Dee and other producers. damn all I really remember is someone saying: Ok, I ain´t gonna lie… I sample!” or somethig like that… and i was on a dial up… I´d love to see those. 88hiphop! PLEASE put some of the best old archive material back up to your new site!!!

Comment by ProducerMan 10.26.06 @

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