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Monday July 17th 2006,
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After reading through the thousands hundreds handful of entries we received for the “Are You Hip-Hop’s Biggest Stan?” contest, a clear winner has been decided. While there were some great stories, including a drunken attempt to scoop Jean Grae, a D-Nice look-a-like and pretending to be a fan of Dice Raw, the $20 record voucher from 33Third has been awarded to Bozack Nation, who provided this amusing account of a Mos Def encounter gone wrong:

This was a few years back at a Black Star reunion show at SOB’s in New York. Up until that time I was a huge Mos fan and thought he was gonna save hip hop. I was getting a bit frustrated by the delay of his new album (pre-New Danger), the Black Jack Johnson thing, and the slim prospect of a new Black Star album.
Anyways, Mos starts in with his usual BS politics about whitey up at the label,and then goes onto to liken himself to Fifty Cent.”We are one in the same” or some shit along those lines.

Thats when I lost it. I start yelling..”Boo, Boo! Puppet! You’re a fucking Puppet!” My brother is trying to shut me up to no avail when Talib finally can’t ignore it and is like, “Wait? What, Yo? You wanna come up here? You got something to say?”


I was like “You Fucking Puppets..I’ll leave!”
Of course I get nothing but shit from the crowd and security on my way out..


I then waited outside like Mark David Chapman at the Dakota. I was kinda peering in thru those wooden shutters at SOB’s. I was so fired up at that point that I set it on some kid from Fader’s street team and almost got into it with him.

My brother was still in the venue and had gotten in with the Okayplayer crew as “security”. Thankfully, he was right there to seperate me and Mos after the show.
As Mos hailed a cab on Varick, we got into it again!
He kept yelling at me “You dont feed my kids, You dont feed my kids”.
I said “buying records and going to shows, I actually do feed your kids.” He got into his cab and took off.
I almost went to his next show to stage a mock food drive for his kids. Don Cheadle ass motherfucker.

Everytime I see stories in the NY Post about him not paying child support, I chuckle to myself.

The saddest part is I have a collection of all these “Stan quality” photos I took over the years when I was a fan.

Mos Def – Universal Magnetic (live) [Dave Chapelle’s Block Party OST, Geffen, 2006]

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>He kept yelling at me “You dont feed my kids, You dont feed my kids”.


Comment by Bol 07.17.06 @

Where are the photos? That would make this story even better.

Comment by bedouin 07.17.06 @

LOL, I was at that show. That was some of the saddest shit I ever saw in my life. I was so embarrassed for you homie. I’m honestly glad you didn’t just kill yourself after that. Kind of.

Comment by Kwis 07.18.06 @

Nah man, I actually think my life is going better than Mos’ these days..

Comment by BK 07.19.06 @

Just added a photo from the night of the story.

Comment by Robbie 07.19.06 @

haha, good story

Comment by BR 07.19.06 @

props to BK for almost thumping out one of those FADER fags.

Comment by Billy Sunday 07.22.06 @

Yo- I am the “brother” mentioned in that story. That was some funny shit. The best part was how I stayed by myself and enjoyed the rest of the show… it was an ill one. But then after I actually met Mos and Kweli and even bullshitted with Kweli for a while, only to go outside and seperate my brother and Mos…great night

Comment by Big Spice 07.24.06 @

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