No Homo – The Song!
Thursday July 20th 2006,
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At long last, someone has run with Killa Kam‘s trademark disclaimer and turned it into a full length track. I’m amazed it’s actually taken this long. With lines like “I can’t hug no homo thug, have him laying in my crib or playin’ round with my son” and “on the screen rappers look all buff, but before the shoot they let a dude oil ’em up!” this song is assured it’s place in the “gulliest rap songs of all-time” top ten.

Lakey The Kid – No Homo [Lake’s Home mixtape, Death Row East, 2006]

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I can’t hear it from work but please tell me he rhymes it with Nostromo.

Comment by rafi 07.20.06 @

Not unless he gets El-P on the remix.

Comment by Robbie 07.20.06 @

Someone tell Lake that Death Row got PWNED by the State of California.

Comment by P-Matik 07.20.06 @

Thats the REAL!

“These cats actin like thugs stay fakin
Thats mad funny, these fags are as gully as Clay Aiken”


Comment by Big Articulate 07.20.06 @

Real talk! Finally, an anthem I can get behind. This guy is up there with Lil’ Wayne as far as I’m concerned.

Can we please take a moment to acknowledge that this was, of course, broken by Kay Slay? I can’t think of a more ignorant asshole for whom this is more appropriate.

Comment by Joey 07.24.06 @

that’s about the gayest photos i’ve ever seen.

Comment by jack 07.27.06 @

JAck – beat me to it. Dude looks gayer than Mellee Mel. I wonder if he saw the AK-47 and candles look on changing rooms?

Comment by farns 08.03.06 @

yall had me phukked up for a moment..
i’m looking at dukes pictuer like.. damn.. homie look mad gay.. LOL..
AK or not.. a gun on a topless dude in a room full of candles..
is exactly that..
a gun on a topless dude in a room full of candles.. LOL..
with his pants Sagging..

LOL.. and the funny thing is .. that right there is a true gay style.. the pants off the ass thing.. that mean (if u every should get locked up in the USA) that u are cruising for a lover..


cats are crazy these days… that song should be called Pro Homo

Comment by Kool Kim 08.05.06 @

Who is the fag in the picture???

Comment by The Kid 08.07.06 @

lake is the shit. He aint no homo, if you guys dont even know who he is then how are you even speaking on him?

Comment by chris 08.08.06 @

Man this kids clownin lake is talkin cuz they dont know no better. they think lake is a lil wayne or a camron or a 50 cent.

Lake is a real stick up kid, son came out doin a 7 year bid on serious shyt, got into a shootout with the NYPD went back in for a lil while ended up beatin the case even tho 6 cops testified n is still doin his thang.

Whats more homo is grown men analyzin how another man look in a picture. yall need to tuck in ya skirts, they hangin out.

Lake is a problem.

Comment by ZionSouljah 08.08.06 @


Comment by Mr.T616 08.08.06 @

Lakey needs more bass-ey

If Malachi the nutcracker has is alive and has access to a computer he should check this joint

Comment by Skylar 08.12.06 @

Yeah thats a real dude. His right hand man Supa Ed was given kingpin drug charges in QueensBridge last year. DO you know what a kingpin charge is? That means he cornered th drug trade in the biggest project in the world. His business associates Delson and Jesus are real kingpins from Queens, put it to you like this he is prolly the realest nigga in the rap game, not that it matters but ya wouldnt tell him he look homo to his face, trust me.

Comment by E 09.16.06 @

That’s something to be real proud of. In jail for 7 years? No wonder he’s denying his true feelings. OH AND PEOPLE THAT SCREAM IN ALL CAPS ABOUT HOMOS DYING USUALLY WANT TO SUCK A FAT DICK!

Comment by Christina the Snowball 10.21.06 @

Yo Lake got skill. If you listen to his verses reconsider passing comments you telling on yourselves.

Comment by L_dolon 11.22.08 @

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