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Saturday August 19th 2006,
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Cormega is one of those MC’s who really feeds off the beat he’s riding – if the tracks sub-par then his performance often suffers – but when the beat bumps he really comes off and projects a lot of character amongst a sea of faceless multi-syllable clones. NYG’z made some noise after they relaunched themselves from the Ill Kid era (back when they were Operation Raminfication) over the jaw-dropping chop of “7 Minutes of Funk”. More recently they dropped “It’s On” for the Holiday Hell mixtape, and continue to rep a solid tough-guy style – plus one of ’em has a voice similiar to G Rap, which always helps.

The AZ joint is verging on some 80’s shit but the “One Love” xylophone brings it back, plus any excuse to hear Sosa kill a verse or two suits me just fine. Dude is one of the few who still puts in work while everyone turns in some ten minute material. The LOX piece is pretty much the only good beat on Jadakiss‘ shitty debut, and scores just for the intro alone. Not sure about the whole “know you work out – chest and your back all nice” line though…

Cormega – Dirty Game [Lake & Cormega My Brother’s Keeper, KOCH, 2006]

AZ – The Format [The Source Fat Tape, KOCH, 2006]

NYG’z – Giantz Ta This [twelve inch single, Year Round, 2004]

NYG’z – It’s On [DJ Premier’s Holiday Hell mixtape, Year Round, 2005]

Jadakiss featuring Styles P and Sheek LouchNone of Y’All Better [Kiss The Game Goodbye, Interscope, 2001]

For some more Premier action, here’s the clip for Term’s “Watch How It Go Down”:

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jaw-dropping chop of “7 Minutes of Funk”.

You mean eyes-rolling chop? That’s one struggling beat.

I like the beats he did for Cormega and Termanology though.

Comment by Lotuz 08.19.06 @

It’s on link is broke.

Comment by bedouin 08.19.06 @

^ Fixed.

Comment by Robbie 08.19.06 @


‘HIP HOP IS DEAD’?..’HIP HOP SUCKS’? possibly a slight ressurection of faith(check Term’s T-Shirt)..This kid done brought that whole proper hip hop vibe back to the streets for this joint..love the video. The Premo intro got me glued, mouth wide open!! shit gave me goose-bumps.I remember when rap videos were all like this!..Strikly snappin’ put me in a neck brace allday!! Gotta b a Premo CLASSIC right there. Ima cop the wax tomorrow!! lol

Comment by Palm Sterling 08.20.06 @

That cat Term be SPITTIN”!

Comment by fosterakahunter 08.20.06 @

jesus christ what a terrible video, I couldn’t even watch it.

Comment by BR 08.20.06 @

Hold the fuck up, man. Did anyone else catch AZ name-dropping fucking ADAM CLAYTON from U2, about 1:54 into “The Format.” Which is the fucking shit, by the way, thanks for posting it. The keys sampled sound like some miami vice shit. Jan Hammer!

Comment by Chris Jay 08.20.06 @

It’s nice to see some local love in there (Take the 110 to Lawrence and Lowell!) But that is a by the numbers phoned in premo beat. Kid’s ok on the mic though.

Comment by Finally 08.21.06 @

What it dew!..Bitch Rookie BR luh’d the video.Sheesh!

Comment by Palm Sterling 08.21.06 @

Kinda sounds like nas circa ’94.

Comment by k 08.21.06 @

^hah I mean ’96. DEFINITELY not on some illmatic shit. but you get the point.

Comment by k 08.21.06 @

Robbie, nice post. Feeling Term’.
I have a dope mix CD for you, hit me with your postal details and I’ll hit you off. I’m sure I owe you a fat lace t-shirt as well!

Comment by Drewhuge 08.21.06 @

That Jada/D Block joint is from 2001 not 2004. Don’t front on “we gon’ make it” and “show discipline from that cd.

That Term joint has a dope beat but the guy is too earnest sounding for me and doesn’t have too style.

The AZ joint has a so-so beat with those same annoying drums Primo uses and a generic scratch chorus but Anthony kilt it.

If we could put the AZ vocals over the Terminology beat it’s be a track i’d fall in love with.

Really liked “giantz ta this” but the best NYGz tracks i’ve heard are “strength” and “get 2 tha point”.

A couple of my friends flipped over “dirty game” like everyone seems to be flipping over “the format” but i just don’t hear it. It’s alright but nothin’ more than that.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 08.21.06 @

^ Ahem..excuse all the typos and bad grammar in that post..i’m hungover sumthin’ terrible.

Comment by Brian Beck From Wisconsin 08.21.06 @

The format is probably the best of this group–because it doesn’t sound like your typical cut up sample / scratched chorus premo phone-in. I think premo saved up all his effort for the Aguilera album (which from what I heard isn’t so bad!)

Comment by Finally 08.21.06 @

AZ is probably name checkin Adam Clayton, the harlem politician, not some wack band bitch

Comment by illpo 08.21.06 @

What’s the name of the Jae Hood/Premo collabo that dropped within the past month or two? Thats a pretty hot beat right there.

Comment by Elliot 08.21.06 @

Recognize = another dope Premo/LOX collabo. From We Are the Streets.

Comment by Elliot 08.21.06 @

Don’t know the Jae Hood song.

“We Gon’ Make It” = a great beat, hand claps and all.

Comment by Robbie 08.22.06 @

Preeeeemo! Bow Down, Still the G.O.A.T. for all producers.
Even his throwaway beats blow away 99% of the bullshit that now passes for Hip-Hop. He did the Aguilera joint for paper and im not mad at that, but he needs Some Nas/Jay-Z/Ghostface/Game collabo’s to stay relevant in the mainstream’s eyes.

Comment by Big Articulate 08.22.06 @

Found it –
Jae Hood – New York Rap (produced by Premo)

Comment by Elliot 08.29.06 @

Thanks for explaining the Adam Clayton thing, and for calling me a bitch. I’m into that kinky shit. Pull my hair!

Comment by Chris Jay 09.01.06 @

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