“Club Music Is Cute, But Rap Is My Vocation” – Chill Rob G
Wednesday August 09th 2006,
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In terms of vocab, concepts, flow and style, Chill Rob G was the top dog in the Flavor Unit wolf pack. His first record remains as one of the finest selections in the impressive Wild Pitch catalog, as all three songs hit equally hard. “Chillin” didn’t end up making the album, but provides a perfect example of Rob’s technique, as he informs us that “it’s hard to find a rapper with my dedication/intelect, sense of humor – plus imagination” while “jumping from one subject to the next” in a superb display of lyrical prowess that manages to combine a stream-of-consciousness feel while still keeping it in the pocket over a rolling break.

Five things I learnt about Chill Rob G from “Chillin”:

1. He has no time for scabs, crabs or crustations.
2. Back in the days Pumas used to be in, nowdays they throw ’em together like they really don’t give a shit.
3. Television sucks! (too many commericals)
4. He enjoys summer (girls wear less), but is also rather partial to winter (his gear is fresh).
5. A wise man once told him that if he ever bites or bit, may he drop dead.

The follow-up platter was no less potent, as “Court Is Now In Session”1 and “Let The Words Flow” delivered another Chilltown smash, and Rob and DJ Mark proceeded to drop one of the stongest arguments for the “one DJ one MC” theory ever with the Ride The Rhythm LP. With both of them at the top of their game, they delivered a well-balanced, state-of-the-art collection of unused breaks and sophisticated verses that caught the attention of street-level rap fanatics everywhere. Chill Rob brought a commanding tone to the booth without giving you a headache, fine-tuning his bars with Swiss precision and a healthy dose of nonchalance.

But it wasn’t long before Rob was getting far more attention than the Wild Pitch marketng department could have ever dreamed of, as explained in this news item from an old Vapours2 magazine:

Although this whole situation resulted in nation-wide exposure for the Chill one, his third single (Prince Paul and Pasemaster Mase’s cartoon-crazy remix of “Let Me Show You”) was to be his last for a long time, as retired from the rap game a few years later before landing a spot as a council member in his hometown of New Jersey. By 1992, fellow NJ residents Double XX Posse made comment that Rob hadn’t really represented Jersey to the fullest, and suggested that he had given up on the rap game too easily. It wasn’t until 1996 that he would return with a single called “Let Me Know Something”/”Know Ya Place”, which was musically bland without any input from the 45 King but was not without it’s moments vocally. He’s also popped-up on the Put The Funk Out There bootleg and the King’s Cat Jams in recent times, sounding a little raspy but still bringing it regardless.

Chill Rob G – Chillin [Wild Pitch, 1988]

Chill Rob G – Let The Words Flow [Wild Pitch, 1989]

Chill Rob G – DJ Red Alert Intro [DJ Red Alert’s We Can Do This, Next Plateau, 1988]


“Court Is Now In Session”:

“Let Me Show You (Remix)”:

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  1. 1. There was a also a promo-only remix for this song by Cutfather & Soulshock.[back]
  2. 2. The original one from Sydney, Australia.[back]

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I remember that going down, but was always a little foggy on the specific details. Thanks for clearing it up as much as it can be. Chill Rob G still has one of the best all-time voices.

Comment by glavet 08.09.06 @

People know what’s up with that whole dilemma, VH1 Soul recently played the video for the dope Chill Rob G’s “Let the Words Flow”, then they played Snap’s stolen version “I Got The Power” back to back, what happend to Chill Rob G was grand larceny point blank…He was a dope MC who got jerked like so many…Hopefully Kool G. Rap got paid for his vocals used on BBD’s “Poison”…

Comment by MAAD 08.09.06 @

Hopefully Kool G. Rap got paid for his vocals used on BBD’s “Poison”

^ Nah, all he got outta that was a “blink and you’d miss it” cameo in the video:

Bell Biv Devoe – Poison

Comment by Robbie 08.09.06 @


Be careful what you wish for. Do you really think a DJ or producer should have to pay thousands in royalties just to use a vocal snippet or scratch? I shudder to think what Primo’s entire library would sound like if dickheads sued him for every scratch used. There’s a fine line between respectful use and biting; I think BBD was doing it in the former manner (put that Hootie Mack shit aside, Poison is a dope song and so were a few other songs on that debut LP — admit it).

Turbo B was wack, but you have to put the whole genre in perspective too: dance records notoriously bite off of each other, use actors to sing in the videos, and reuse the same tired themes over and over usually for some dub plate that gets tossed out a few weeks later. Some turn into hits. You have to wonder if those involved in making the Snap record even realized what they were doing was insulting to Hip-Hop heads.

Comment by bedouin 08.09.06 @

You’re missing the fact that Chill Rob had a follow-up album in 2000 or 2001 or so called “BLACK GOLD”. I’ve got a copy of it. It has a his mid ’90s singles, plus some new stuff. It’s mostly really bad–but I think if it maybe had a remix job some of the tracks would be decent. I liked the “Let Me Know” single when it dropped in the mid ’90s–and it’s good to have it on CD.

Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Where’s I’m From
2. The Avenue
3. No Matter What
4. Niggaz Draw Heat
5. Whateva
6. Play It
7. Let Me Know
8. Keep On Making Me High
9. Look Out Below
10. Player’s Play
11. Believe
12. Know Your Place
13. Y’All Ain’t Ready
14. La-La
15. Let Me Know (45 King Remix)

Comment by Finally 08.09.06 @

“Let Me Know Something”, musically bland? You’re having a laugh! That’s a funking dope track.

On a side note the Wild Pitch 12″ of ‘Let Me Show You’ has the most terrible Hip-House remix of ‘Make It’ on the B side.

Comment by End Level Boss 08.10.06 @

I am from Jersey City, and word is from many that know him is that for a LONG time he was very discouraged with the music industry because he got shitted on so hard. Its not like he ate off of the Snap version – no royalty or loyalty at all. He could be seen regularly as a security guard at Newport Mall in Jersey City for almost 10 years. He tried a comeback. My man produced it. By then his flow was hurt and he wasn’t hearing anyone try to give him some criticism. So he becomes yet another Jersey City Woulda Coulda Shoulda. Appache should be resurfacing from the abyss any minute now….

(p.s. Joe Budden is type wack too)

Comment by Jon Deus 08.10.06 @

“Let Me Know Something”, musically bland? You’re having a laugh! That’s a funking dope track.

I’ll have to take your word for it, I can’t find my copy right now but I don’t remember it being anything too great.

Wasn’t Apache married to Nikki D?

Comment by Robbie 08.10.06 @

wow, a chill rob g. post! i bought his tape as a kid and wondered what happened to him. i wish he knew he had a lot of loyal fans still. Michael “Mixxin'” Moor championed his records all the time, specially court is now in session, that was his favorite Hip Hop joint. Anyways, he should try performing that snap shit live, and just make it his. I Got the Power was the fuckin’ jam. crowds would go wild on that today…

Comment by jose g.r. 08.11.06 @

The 45 King remix of “Let Me Know Something” off the “Black Gold” album is crazy.

Comment by Scott 08.11.06 @

fanx for this one.
chill rob s first album is the wickedest.
black gold has it moments.
never heard chillin before.

Comment by swordfish 08.13.06 @

I Got the Power was the fuckin’ jam. crowds would go wild on that today…

I Got the Power was good, but I dunno if I wanna be at the (fratparty) place where the ‘crowds would go wild’ for it.

still, like you, i bought the tape as a kid cause i think it had a sticker on it that said includes “The Power”. But I was blown away again and again at how good the rest of the tracks were (save for the awful Hip-House cuts).
Thanks for the feature on Chill Rob G

Comment by mordecai 08.15.06 @

Damn I didn’t know ya’ll cared… John Deus is right I was hurt big time, but not just cause… in fact I wasn’t really sweating any Beef with anybody. Too arogant to think anyone could ever beat me EVER.

The truth is my personal life was all twisted out of shape… 1 of my brothers died of aids then my closest cousin, same thing… then one of my old homies O.D.ed I mean this dude was family you know, ah man… a lot of stuff happened in a 2 year span it was crazy, I ain’t one to cry in public though… my music was always positive and I just didn’t know how to put all this crap on wax, so I found myself not wanting any part of any public life, It was really crazy to be me for a few years cause I was pretty well known… but my career was the furthest thing from my mind. anyhow now that nobody cares any more I’m ready for my close-up…
P.S. 10 years as a secuity guard is a little exagerated man it was more like a year and a half maybe two, between 94 and 96…
If you gonna tell it tell it right.

Comment by chill rob g 08.21.06 @

I always thought dude was uncredited for really runnin’ wild with the multi-syllable flows YEARS before anyone else did it.

And who else gonna do something you wouldn’t expect, like do a semi backflip and land on your neck? Aight the gavel is banged and court is now OUT of session.

Thanks for all the great music… i was too young to remember but i 1st heard “Court” on a mixtape and now i got mostly all the joints (cept Black Gold) on vinyl, singles and all.
And Chill Rob G. if ya think your forgotten go to popsike.com and see how much some of your records go for…that ougtta give u an idea real heads know you were real as fuck

Comment by DJ dub F 08.22.06 @

Court is Now in Session is as strong a rap lyric as any. And I mostly just lissen to the beats.

Comment by eeax2 08.22.06 @

Chill Rob? a legend out here in the uk. Bought Ride The Rhythm on the day that it came out. Got home didnt stop playin that shit for weeks after school. Title track pre-dates Lord Finesse’s Strictly for The Ladies and is just as good if not better use of the break, lyrically def as well. Let The Words flow was just sum nex level shit! Wild Pitch(KDAY remix) was dope! God what an amazing album..people give Motivation and Dope Rhymes another spin, they deserve it so does Chill Rob.

Comment by Palm Sterling 08.24.06 @

So is Chill Rob G returning to the hip hop game?
id give him beats for free!

Comment by suspect 08.29.06 @

Chill Rob in the flesh!!! (I hope!!!)

Anyway, I know I’d like to hear some new Chill Rob. Ride the Rhythm is definitely a forgotten classic in my book. Solid all the way through.

I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Finally 08.30.06 @

Good to see a story on Bobby G.
Aroogant? A smidge. Talented? Definitely
This dude was always nice, probably ahead of his time. I’d say that him and DOC would have been the changing of the guard if not for Doc’s accident and Rob’s displeasure with the whole Wild Pitch situation. If you’re talking about Jersey,you gotta
acknowledge Chill Divine, another dope dude with ridiculous flows and tight beats.

Comment by Big Family 09.06.06 @

Chill Rob G is a fuckin legend along with all of the members of the orignal “Flavor Unit”. And he’s my dude! We used to spit venom for hours and hours. Mark the 45 King blessed us with beats, eats, studio time, trees, and mad love! What part you don’t understand?

Comment by Lord Ali Ba-Ski 09.14.06 @

I’m from D.C. I used to go to Jersey all the time.
I first heard “Ride the Rythem”. Blew me away. Shit, I still play that shit now, because of the shortage of quality lyrics out today. Hell, I just broke my 12″ “Let me know something” out this morning. Chill is mad lyrical! Man I need that Black Gold joint. holla “Flying off at every angle, can you mix or handle? you don’t hold a candle” come back chill!

Comment by elmoe jenkins 09.15.06 @

curse the day someone said Joe Budden was wack… listen any further beyond the singles and you’d see that was definitely NOT true.

But on the topic of Chill Rob, seein’ as how he’s told his side of what happened- its completely understandable. As much as alot of us would like to detach the two- real life is always gonna affect an artist and their music.

Comment by DanjaMania 09.15.06 @

Yo its Mr low Kash a.k.a the Blakdon and Chill Rob G was and still is the truth…how do i know because just like Alibaski i”ve also done a joiont with this Chilltown legend!

Comment by Mr.Low Kash 09.29.06 @

OK Chill Rob fans, here’s a few more tracks to collect from 2002 that weren’t mentioned yet. Go to UGHH.com and do a search for a CD called ‘In The Red’ by DSP. It features 2 tracks by Chill Rob. Also, UGHH will be selling some Chill Rob T-shirts in November, man what a nice surprise! Hey Chill Rob, did you have anything to do with these Tees??? Peace, BC

Comment by BC 10.08.06 @

Hey Robbie… we want you to do an interview with Chill Rob! Sounds like he’s got a lot to say and I wouldn’t mind getting an in depth perspective of his Wild Pitch days, dealing with Stu Fine and all that mess. The Kool Kim interview you posted really sparked that topic, and I’m sure Chill Rob has additional insight to bring to the table. Many of us folks out here feel really bad for Chill Rob, Large Pro, and all the deserving individuals who got jerked around in the biz. I think it’s important for them to know how much their music meant to those of us who grew up with hip-hop. I would personally like to thank these artists, especially Chill Rob, for the inspiration and contribution to our lives. And Robbie, thanks for the great posts on your site – BC

Comment by BC 10.14.06 @

BC, I interviewed Chill Rob a couple of weeks ago, I just haven’t had a chance to type it up yet.

Comment by Robbie 10.14.06 @

I stand corrected. If C.RobG. only worked at Newport for as long as he said, then thats what it is. I lived by the mall and it seemed longer than that. I apologize for the creative liberty…


Comment by Jon Deus 10.18.06 @

yo if anyone would like to share Chill Rob G – Ride The Rhythm please hit me up I need that please!!!

Comment by dRama 10.23.06 @

that red alert promo was the jump!!!!!!!

Comment by C.Hall 10.29.06 @

Shit man, Chill Rob is my favourite MC of all times!! If you read this, hit us up on http://www.myspace.com/bankrupteuropeans

We do some shit with AG/Phill Most and a few other MCs, and been trying to get hold of you for years!! Most of my free time I’m just remixing your 12s LOL!!

Have yall heard the radio cypher with Chill Rob Jbeez and Latifah???Without 45 king’s EQing/reverb he sounds even doper!!! Shits crazy…Sad to hear about those stories man, hope you’re at a good place now..

Comment by Snafu 10.30.06 @

Yo Snafu, what’s your e-mail address? I clicked on your myspace link, but since I’m not a member I can’t send you a message…


Comment by BC 11.02.06 @

Its bankrupteuropeans@hotmail.com

Wow that interview is finally up!

Comment by Snafu 01.02.07 @

Man I used to scratch the hell out of that record(pictured above)! Big respects to my favourite producer of all time The 45 King and the whole Flavor Unit! I read somewhere back in the day someone say Lakim Shabbazz was the only person who could rap to Mark’s hardest beats and live(!) but I think Chill Rob G would have been co-holder of that title. I think the only producer today who is doing anything close to what The 45 King was doing back then is Just Blaze. Someone’s gotta get on the horn to Mark and the crew and tell him point blank “We miss the dope noize!!!!!!!!”


Comment by ForceofNature 02.03.07 @

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Rob G defined my senior year of High School! I thought he was a gem only a few of us appreciated. “Ride the Rhythm” is the kinda joint you play on your iPod, in public, and tune the rest of the world out. It’s also ‘healing’ and quite therapeutic for anyone who has accidentally been exposed to so-called “hip-hop” on TV or Radio. Rob, if you’re reading this; again, thank you for creating such a classic and good luck with whatever your future plans may be.

Comment by Kahlil 12.21.07 @

Your Videos Not Active.

Comment by Wendy Allen-Bell 08.18.08 @

Yeah, Chill Rob through his first album gave me wise words to grow on as a youngster. Nowadays I rap and make beats. I would gladly give free tracks to the Chill One on principle.

Comment by Cos Seven 09.08.08 @

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