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Wednesday August 23rd 2006,
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Name the broad who used to roll with Lords of The Underground who K-Def produced a solo song for?

Sah-B, who released a one-off single on Pendulum called “Summa Day” / “Some ‘Ol Sah-B Shit”. A few people thought it was Nonchalant, which is understandable since K-Def did a record with her but also totally wrong.

Funniest answer:

that chick is Mr. Funke Man getting his Positive K on and rapping with himself at the end of that track.

Until I get my hands on the dental records, I’ll have to take your word for it. Last I heard, Sah was a stylist over at KOCH Records…

Congrats to Scott R., RenSki and Foster (who also provided the above photo with his answer) for being the first three through the gate and winning yourselves each a signed copy of the Willie Boo Boo vinyl.

For the rest of you, here’s some K-Def and Larry-O video action:

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Video missing.

Sorry I’m always the one to point out broken links :)

Comment by bedouin 08.23.06 @

It works for me…YouTube has been playing up today though.

Comment by Robbie 08.23.06 @

Yessir. Thank-you, thank-you. Props to Robbie, and all Unkut readers. Stay up.

Comment by fosterakahunter 08.24.06 @

Persistance is a virtue. Keep keep on.


Comment by Maven 08.24.06 @

Any audio of this Sah-B available? I honestly had never heard of her, being that I wasn’t the greatest L.O.T.UG. fan. And her 12″? Where the f@#k was I???

Comment by fosterakahunter 08.25.06 @

I got rid of record a while back, so I can’t help out with any audio.

Comment by Robbie 08.25.06 @

Booo! I thought I had this one in the bag. I’ve never heard of this broad.

Comment by End Level Boss 08.25.06 @

ebay,gemm.com or musicstack.com

lotta copies around.

Comment by mario 08.26.06 @

Man I been looking for that Sah-B record for a loooonnng time. I was watching the video for it the other day, which I recorded from Video Music Box. “Its just a summa day, come out and parley…”

Comment by cheo 08.30.06 @

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