KRS-One – Hip-Hop Sucks Because of You!
Thursday August 31st 2006,
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Here’s the debut post from new contributor, Kool Kim of the UMC’s:

KRS-One is a FUCKING LIAR. Word is bond, I was there. Not only was I there, I was the person that INTRODUCED PM Dawn on stage. I was standing there at the back of the stage flirting with their dancers

WORD, this dude KRS-One is a fraud. He claims to be HIP HOP, but he’s just another bully. I never told this story – even when asked to by The Source right after it happened. I never spoke on it, because Haas asked me to stay out of it, he didn’t want us to be involved with the beef. So I kept my mouth shut. But today I just got a link to that radio interview, and when I look at the happenstance in retrospect and I consider the ramifications of what KRS did…I feel compelled to break my silence.

KRS-One audio:

Lemme tell you why:

I’m there like 20 deep, it’s at the Sound Factory on 28th Street near The Tunnel night club (just in case yall think i’m lying). It’s T-Money‘s birthday party and they got us and D-Nice hosting the event. I’m like bet to that. We get to intro dudes – shit was a good look. Plus for me, I used to dance to House music back when that was hot at the Sound Factory years before so it was a real homecoming.

It’s all good, we party up, and then…it’s time for PM Dawn to hit the stage. Now the trippy shit is that everyone was acting like these cats was wack and they wouldn’t get any love…and if i remember correct D-Nice ain’t want to intro them cause he was on some BS. In any event I decide to intro them ’cause we had met months before at a taping of Dance Party USA (that was a dance show that would come on back in the day). I met them and kinda gave them the cold shoulder cause I felt they were on some bullshit, until Prince B just shouted me out on some real brotherly love stuff – really humbled me yo…word. Gave my album and my crew mad love, and I felt bad. So I figure in my mind: “Lemme give these cats the very best intro i can”. So I go on stage and do my lil’ “one two” intro, and to my surprise the audience got hyped over the fact that it was PM Dawn coming to the stage…word…it bugged me out.

And they got on stage and ripped it! They did “Reality Used To Be A Friend of Mine” first, and then they were about to go into “Set Adrift”. So right before then he asks the crowd if they like what he was doing – dudes and broads was giving them MAD love – damn it is like it was yesterday, I’ll never forget this. They start pumping “Set Adrift…” and I step to rear stage left, and the dancers are dancing in a circle with their backs to one another. This light skin cutie was giving me the eye, and all I could think about was how nasty I was gonna screw this chick.

Now lemme back track – out the corner of my eye I am noting a mass of BIG GIANT MEN (now at the time I aint but like 5 foot 7 140, so if you ever been that size you know when you see them 6 foot 6 dudes that weigh in at 240 and shit, them cats make you feel like a lil’ boy) well he had a gang of them cats with him. When I say a GANG, I mean a true Hit squad – I’m talking about 20-30 dudes easy. Naaah hold up, real talk – I can honestly recall from my mental image – a good 15-20 dudes for sure. All in black hoodies or black shirts. So as this cat starts singing the song. He just about to say the part “Set Adrift of Memory Bli…” and they were on that dude like I don’t know what – and here my ass is standing on the stage, bugging. Now PM Dawn was Prince B and his brother Minute Mix and about 4 dancers, word, that’s it. No one else was on that stage except my ass – WORD TO LIFE.

This cat snatches the mic outta sons hands, and you can see PB tryna peace the dude on some “Easy going let’s talk it out stuff”. KRS 1 starts beating the poor dude upside his head with the mic! Boop! Bop! Boop! Boop! (the mic was on, lol) and then HE pushed the dude off stage, and then the crowd started taking shots at son. He throws the peace sign up and just leaves – like a man. For real I have to say I have mad respect for Prince B he held his like a man with conviction. At the same time KRS’ team just does away with the dancers and Minute Mix got shoved off the stage so hard that he just sort of shot off to the side sort of like when you go to some office and they have them balls on a string and if you pick one up and let it swing the kenitic force drives thru the other 6 balls and the seventh shoots up…it was trippy like that. I never really seen a human being get moved like that.

Then right after that, as if on cue (real fucking coincidence) the DJ scratched the PM Dawn record (and you could hear the SCCCCCCRRRREEEEEEEEEE) and next thing you know you hear that unforgettable intro to “The Bridge Is Over”. That came on and the crowd went bazerk!!!! It was pure pandamonium. He start hitting that “Bridge” chorus but he was hitting with “the Dawn is over the Dawn is over”. Honestly it was amazing, I can’t front. Right there at that moment he had orchestrated the most hardcore illest MC dream of snatching an MC off his set and ripping the crowd.

When the song finished, the dude dropped the mic and rushed the front of the stage with his team – mowed thru the crowd and security – and out the rear doors, which I NEVER saw opened until that moment. The crowd was insane – fights broke out and security was wylin out on folks – and just then DJ Clark Kent tosses on “They Want EFX” from Das for the first time. People never heard this song till then.
I grab the mic and start yelling “Jump! Jump! Jump!” to get the crowd focused somewhere else. Crazy…

But let me tell you, before the punk ass non-thinkers jump online and jump on his dick, that was some foul ass shit, ’cause at the same time if I am correct – and I am pretty sure I am – KRS had REAL beef with King Sun. When he disrespected the 5% Nation and them brothers was gonna FUCK HIM UP, that dude got real philisophical and when he had beef with them PRT Jerzee dudes that dude ain’t have SHIT to say to them. He ain’t throw a muffugga off the stage with them cats. But OHHHHH Prince B – he gonna roll mob heavy on them guys, and they soft – and that’s not a disrespect to them – they’re soft, Prince B is a pacifist. He ain’t gonna be a fight for KRS! So now where was the debate at? Where was “the teacher”? That nigga aint a teacher. In fact, he the reason why HIP HOP is fucked up now, ’cause right after that niggas went CRAZY tryna replicate that crap. Mad fights and people getting jumped, it changed the face of the music ’cause dudes were tryna toughen up to show that they weren’t soft either. 14 years later – look what we got:

A bunch of savages.

And that was the lesson that “the Teacher” really taught us.

KRS-ONE – Hip Hop SUCKS because YOU!


Kool Kim’s MySpace Page


UPDATE: KRS-One’s interview with The Source where he talks about the incident.

Part 2: UMC’s – Hip-Hop Sucks Because of You!

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Comment by neil nice 08.31.06 @

no shit thats an interesting peice.
I thought that same thing that it seemed like KRS would only go after weaker cats ie: Nelly for making that song “#1” but whatever the case KRS is still a dope lyricist.

Comment by c.s 08.31.06 @

“KRS-ONE – Hip Hop SUCKS because YOU!”

Duh, he is Hip Hop after all.

Great post.

What’s the source of the drawing?

Comment by rafi 09.01.06 @

“I feel compelled to break my silence”

Man, you are a hater and straight up one-hit wonder!

Comment by Ronnie Franco 09.01.06 @

i doubt anybody was gonna fuck krs up because ya boy got mad hood love all over the country. gang niggas even give him love in compton. Ive seen him outside walking around by himself like nothing. They might have had beef but im sure they talked it out. Plus i never even heard of no shit like that. i did hear that krs had some issues with x-clan but they peaced it up. i dont care if you a school teacher or a mailman sometimes you gotta let a nigga know you aint to be fucked with. plus people dont realize that krs was a straight thug before he even started rappin’. he has always been aggresive since criminal minded and 9mm. he is from the street so what do you expect. everybody is entitled to their opinion but krs still deserves ut most respect…peace

Comment by Flo 09.01.06 @

“What’s the source of the drawing?”

The source is The Source (?), from the “Year In Hip-Hop ’92” issue. It was drawn by “The Last Word” regular Andre Leroy Davis and titled “Feel The Vibe”.

Comment by Robbie 09.01.06 @

What’s the big deal? Didn’t Dr. Dre fuck up lil’ Dee Barnes before this? THAT’s something totally uncalled for (plus she REALLY got fucked up).

Maybe PM Dawns comments were a weak reason to beat the crap out of the guy, but nobody got killed. In 1992, hop hop had strict rules…KRS ONE enforced.

But it seems like KRS is backtracking from his rougher early ’90s image to present himself as a philospher. Which we all know he isn’t because he’s totally full of shit.

Comment by Finally 09.01.06 @

Perhaps the beatdown then wasn’t justified…

…but PM Dawn has become such a sample nazi in recent years that, if there’s such a thing as a beatdown justified in retrospect, this is the case. The latest Murs/9th Wonder record almost didn’t drop because of him.

Does any footage exist of this moment? Also, does anyone have the issue of, I believe it was “Rap Pages” where PM Dawn made the alleged claims KRS said he did?

Comment by pileofshit69 09.01.06 @

Details magazine, excuse me.

Comment by pileofshit69 09.01.06 @

Got details on the Murs PM Dawn thing? What’s he doing–ratting on samplers?

Comment by Finally 09.01.06 @

Are you serious? Isn’t this dude (Kool Kim, no homo), from the same borough as a few Wu-Tang members? Why ain’t he say nothin’ about this YEARS ago? Maybe he’s as soft as he says, and everybody already knew, P.M Dawn was. Kris is obviously leaving elements of the actual story OUT. Maybe for legal reasons. Who knows? But, to come out of seclusion after so many years with this non-issue of a story is ludicrous. Man, please. Robbie, is this a late April Fool’s gag, or something? And to think, I purchased them two dudes’ TWO LPs back in the day. Talk about contradictory.

Comment by fosterakahunter 09.01.06 @

I gotta say, I don’t agree with what KRS did at all, but I know kid made some dope music, as did PM Dawn, straight up, kids had some dope shit “Plastic” was sick they had other shit too, peep their catalogue!! I’d like to think Kool Kim, I finde shit like thisinteresting because you get a little more of the story, which is always good. Good look on the story KK.

Dee El Sends

Comment by Dee El 09.01.06 @

This is wack… Hip Hop sucks because of the record industry and all the money side of things, not KRS One… Gay alert!!!

Comment by DJ Just1 09.01.06 @

“This light skin cutie was giving me the eye, and all I could think about was how nasty I was gonna screw this chick.”

The real tragedy here is how KRS’ actions cock-blocked Kim from banging this broad.

Comment by Robbie 09.01.06 @

robbie u speak the truth.
i would be mad at krs if he cock bloked me too..

Comment by sean e b 09.01.06 @

Stop The Violence! Word, you told ’em Kris. What was that Chuck D said, “I never tried to pretend I had an accent that I never had.”

Comment by T 09.01.06 @

I think KRS has been getting smarter and wiser as the years go by. Confused? Maybe. Full of shit? No way. No single individual has a full grip on the entire human consciousness, buty I’ve heard some serious clues in his music through the years. How many pieces of the puzzle are YOU missing?

Comment by Name 09.01.06 @

Oh yeah, that was another thing… Does this fool REALLY believe that Hip-Hop sucks because of KRS-ONE? Get this ni@@a a Luden! That, to borrow from my man Byron, is reedonkulous! Seriously, I am thinking about finding my UMCs cassettes and tossing ’em; This dude is really crack’d. Robbie get rid of this clown before he gets a second column.

Comment by fosterakahunter 09.01.06 @

First… LOL..
let it be know that if i post an article in here.. that i’ll be damned if i am gonna just let crabs diss my shit.. LOL

second.. I aint even angry.. so don’t read me wrong

But real talk.. let’s put shit into perspective here.
I been rocking to Hip Hop for a good 27 years now.. long befor KRS came out.. and I NEVER heard of any HIP HOP code or implicit statement that allowed for an ass whuppin on stage, when u called someones shit out.
Now here this dude on here fosterakahunter try to disrespect my words.. aiight bet that.. Now I’ma Network admin by trade.. I can easily trace route his IP address and find where this dude live.. Now imagine.. LOL.. imagine how stupid this shit would sound if i hauled off and drove or flew where son lives to confront him over a message board statement.. OVER SOME SHIT THAT I PUT OUT THERE!!
that shit is stupid.
and then.. if i fucked around and did that.. while dude was at WORK.. LOL.. while he at work making his living.. i run up on him at mcdonalds and beat him with the fry thing he uses when he on fries!!..

Right is right and wrong is wrong.. fuck I got LOVE for KRS .. this dude used to be my MUSICAL idol.. but what he did as a man is fucked up.
Think about what that must be like .. to live with that shit on your head..
that’s worse than getting your ass kicked on youtube..
for what.. cause he called this dude KRS out on some shit that KRS One was rapping about .. He the one that call himself the teacher.. now most times in my life when i disagreed with a teacher.. the absolute worse thing that would have happened.. was getting a bad grade or getting sent out the class.. Not my ass whopped.

Yo.. for dude fosterakahunter and anyone else that has issue with this article.. that’s peace… do u.. but really man.. don’t be on ANYONES DICK so hard that u forget your own sense of right and wrong.

and to those that wonder why after X amount of years i decided to write about it.. cause dumb ass.. i was asked to write something.. and i just so happened to come upon this audio and i wrote something.. I figured it would be Intresting..

and it won’t be the last time I write a column called Hip Hop Sucks because YOU.

shit it sucks because ME too.. and i’ll get into that soon enough.

grow the fuck up.. and if u plan on tossing my tapes.. do me a favor and send them my way.. i hear they fetch a good pennei on Ebay.

stop taking yaself so serious nigga I don’t.

Comment by Kool Kim 09.01.06 @

I guess people ain’t allowed to change

Comment by wes 09.01.06 @

and NO .. i cannot spell worth a damn.

Comment by Kool Kim 09.01.06 @

The best rap story. Ever.

Comment by Infamous_J 09.01.06 @

“In fact, he the reason why HIP HOP is fucked up now, ’cause right after that niggas went CRAZY tryna replicate that crap. Mad fights and people getting jumped, it changed the face of the music ’cause dudes were tryna toughen up to show that they weren’t soft either. 14 years later – look what we got: A bunch of savages”

THAT’S BULLSHIT…..there was always violence at HipHop events and jams prior to that PM Dawn incident, isn’t he forgetting about the AMOUNT OF HEAT KRS TOOK COS TO THAT INCIDENT which he still pays for till this day…..there was an infamous violent incident at the New Music Seminar with Above The Law & Ice Cube and his crew, which lead to King Sun having Ice Cube’s back (before they wound up having beef)….and in fact I can name you other incidents….And yeah Flo, regarding the BDP/X-Clan thing apparently that was mad intense that if Bam hadn’t stepped in, it could’ve gotton violent especially as Freddie Foxx was ready to jump in, in fact at a Press Conference Kris even warned X-Clan by stating “X-Clan better stay outta my way”…..

Ohh by the way Robbie, in 1992 HHC had an interview with KRS….and in this interview you can tell Kris was heated, cos in this interview he was going off on X-Clan, Ice Cube, NWA and PM Dawn….and in this interview, he even said this “What happened to PM Dawn, could’ve happened to Ice Cube & Lench Mob and X-Clan or anybody else that had taken shots at me over the years…After PM Dawn’s comments I just got fed up with it”… well as this “When you step to me, be sure you have the critical crew, otherwise what happened to Prince Be will happen to you…..As a matter of fact, I read the article before I went to the club and that’s what really set it off. Now had I read Ice Cube the day before I’d seen him, the same thing would’ve happened, If I’d read X-Clan the day before the same thing”…..

“and when he had beef with them PRT Jerzee dudes that dude ain’t have SHIT to say to them.”

In that same article, KRS even said this “I came into the industry as the teacher of rap music…Not a Poor Righteous Teacher or any of these bullshit people who come out”….And there was another incident in Boston on a talk show where he apparently gave his views on PRT by saying “I THINK THEY’RE POOR AND THEY’RE RIGHTEOUS”……

Alot people forget about the beef he had with Ice Cube

But that’s all for now

Comment by Kevin 09.01.06 @

good point..
something to consider..

Comment by Kool Kim 09.01.06 @

ROBBIE, good looks on this post. I can’t believe that I missed this event. I must have been O.T. on the Interstate this weekend. This reminded me of a KRS-1 show that was at the old Octagon nightclub. Tragedy and Lord Finesse were the opening acts and both were booed off stage. Tragedy and his crew were pelted with ice. When they came downstairs to beef with cats everybody was like “What?!?” Lord Finesse didn’t fair much better because he was rhyming over a pre-recorded track that already had his vocals laid down on it as well. The crowd was growing restless and pushing and fighting was breaking out inside the club. Guess who comes on stage and does a routine that calms everybody down? Doug E. Fresh came out and did a quick routine and ‘La-Di-Da-Di’ with thew crowd chanting Slick Rick’s verses. Doug E. is Hip-Hop to his bone marrow. The crowd simmered down and KRS-1 came out and ripped shit.

Oh yeah, peace to Kool Kim, my homie BLU CHEEZ says what up.

Comment by DALLAS 09.01.06 @

Ohh one more thing regarding the PRT/KRS after an infamous incident at one of KRS’ college lectures, Kris & Wise Intelligent had a spontaneous long debate but it was said that Wise Intelligent outdebated him…and it lead to the beef getting squashed and KRS/PRT doing that record ‘Conscious Style’

Comment by Kevin 09.01.06 @

KK tellin like it is..more than one side to every story. KRS has always been a walking contradcition, but still once of the best/most important MCs.
I want to know more about PrinceBe being a sample Nazi..I knew dude was deep in the record game, now he’s gone Benedict Arnold?!

Comment by bk 09.01.06 @


Comment by Max Watt 09.01.06 @

This is probably my all-time favorite hip hop moment, that I can say I was around during the time (from 86′ on). That being said, I do agree that it was like he was trying to pick on the weakest kid in the class kind of thing. It was kind of uncalled for, but I think he did it for show and knew it would be one of those moments people would talk about for a long time (we are talking about now 14 years later). I thought there was some sort of confortation w/ KRS & Wise of PRT back in the day. Also wasn’t “Build & Destroy” off of “Sex & Violence” about X-Clan (“You got blabbering fucking fools”)

As far as how the story went, that’s the exact way I remember it being reported, nothing new. I haven’t listened to the Audio yet (no speakers at work), so I’m not sure what KRS is trying to say what happened. I think it’s a classic moment in Hip-Hop, although it is kind of wrong how it went down.

With that said, I get what Kim is trying to say, but I wouldn’t say that event really affected anything beyond that night. It wasn’t like we had a wave of MC’s tossing other MC’s off the stage or shit like that.

Anyway, I welcome to hear an insiders stories such as Kim in future posts, welcome.

Comment by Travis 09.01.06 @

Murs mentions PM Dawn and the sample-issue in this interview, allthough he doesnt name Prince B personally

Props on the story and Krs should stick to preaching instead of philosophy, cause philosophy deals with uncertain things and complex stuff.

Comment by Fritz 09.01.06 @

Travis there was like I said earlier….And yep, Build & Destroy was a response to X-Clan’s critisism….and like I said earlier, apparently that was mad intense that if Bam hadn’t stepped in, it could’ve gotton violent and taken to the streets especially as Freddie Foxx was ready to jump in, in fact at a Press Conference Kris even warned X-Clan by stating “X-Clan better stay outta my way”…..

Comment by Kevin 09.01.06 @

Ay Kool Kim,

Damn, what’s up with you? You need to listen to what people trying to tell you. You may not like the language but the points is valid. I come to this site off of an XXL link talking about you (who I have never heard of and didn’t know you were an artist yourself) were explaining how KRS-One ruined hip-hop. Of course I’m expecting something else. But this…
You could have just said you were going to tell the real story of what happened. I had never heard it thoroughly so that was good. I heard an interview with KRS on Davey D’s (the greatest hip-hop journalist/historian in history in my opinion) and he said some shit that straight made me think of him different. I thought you were going to go that way. But him doing this had no effect on hip-hop…
I’m from the Midwest… you have to think, for everybody else outside the East Coast, this shit was a fringe story – an urban legend – nobody knew enough about this to imitate it besides maybe a few East Coast MCs – that’s the most ridiculous statement, that this somehow turned niggas in hip-hop into savages. Nobody outside that circle knew who the fuck PM Dawn was. I promise. The only thing they were semi-known for (outside of that circle) was that song on Boomerang soundtrack. So, I thought they were singers back then. I didn’t know they rap.
You went real far with that shit though talking about what if you traced dude’s IP address and showed up at his house? What? What if you showed up at his house and he popped the trunk on you like Snoop in that new Vato video and pulled out the pistol grip pump.

Like you told dude, don’t take yourself too serious. Interesting narrative though.

P.S. Dude didn’t “hold his like a man with conviction”. He wisely decided he didn’t want his ass whooped by those 6’6” dudes you was talking about. That was an easy choice for him.

Comment by Enlightened 09.01.06 @

lmao @ this whole read.

Comment by king fuckery 09.01.06 @

Check this..
I want to say a few things.. and please don’t misconstrue it as back peddeling..

I LOVE KRS ONE.. i remember when I first got Criminal Minded.. aww man .. I loved that album.. My philosophy… .. come on man..

THis series I am writing called HIP HOP sucks because YOU.. is meant to be about a rack of shit that I have seen and heard and blah blah.. and at the end of the day.. it’s MY OPINION based on the things i have been privvy to. I have a unique perspective.. one which 99% of you WILL NEVER EVER KNOW.
So enjoy the joints for what they are worth.. they are insider stories..

If someone debunk something I said.. or disprove something i wrote.. or even show grounds for a change of heart.. I’ll JUMP RIGHT UP ON HERE and recognize…

I aint Star and Buckwild or Mrs Jones and shit.. I’m me..

with that being said.. enjoy these lil tid bits i toss out.. but know that whatever i write is just the shit i write.. of course some of these stories are gonna be dated.. when was the last time i came out with a record??.. lol..

And to all my KRS Groupies.. don’t worry.. He’s still your teacher.. he’s still the philosipher.. this lil article aint gonna change shit that happend or is happening.. KRS 1 is still that cat.. so don’t get your feathers in a ruffle

NEXT WEEK… … “I showed you your First Tech on tour with Large Professor..”… hmmm Wasn’t I on that tour???

Comment by Kool Kim 09.01.06 @

good story, but saying that this incident altered hip hop in any way is INSANE, homie.

Now, I believe that KRS used to be the truth, but his choosing to beef with a hippie rap group while uttering the “stop the violence” mantra is totally hypocritical.

And, his explaination was silly. I mean, with all the jew music moguls that insult and degrade hip hop DAILY, his beef with PM Dawn should have been miniscule.

It hurts me to say it, but: Fuck him…

Comment by brotha bloc 09.01.06 @

“You went real far with that shit though talking about what if you traced dude’s IP address and showed up at his house? What? What if you showed up at his house and he popped the trunk on you like Snoop in that new Vato video and pulled out the pistol grip pump. ”

right.. grow up.

listen to what u are saying..
if i am “taking it far..” by suggesting how STUPID THAT WOULD BE IF I WERE TO DO THAT..
then where are we with KRS having read an article and did that to son.

u wanna build .. let’s step away from the drama of it and get real deep

From the temple of HIP HOP.. directly cut and copied
Second Principle

Hiphop Kulture respects the dignity and sanctity of life without discrimination or prejudice. Hiphoppas shall thoroughly consider the protection and the development of life, over and before the individual decision to destroy or seek to alter its natural development.

here’s another

Fourth Principle

Hiphop is a term that describes our independent collective consciousness. As a conscious way of life, we acknowledge our influence on society, especially on children; and we shall forever keep the rights and welfare of both in mind. Hiphop Kulture encourages womanhood, manhood, sisterhood, brotherhood, childhood and family. We are conscious not to bring any intentional disrespect that jeopardizes the dignity and reputation of our children, elders and ancestors.

and one more..

Thirteenth Principle

Hiphop Kulture rejects the immature impulse for unwarranted acts of violence and always seeks diplomatic, non-violent strategies in the settlement of all disputes. Hiphoppas are encouraged to consider forgiveness and understanding before any act of retaliation. War is reserved as a final solution when there is evidence that all other means of diplomatic negotiation have failed repeatedly.

Talk to me people… I aint write this.. i quoted it..
talk to me..
and give me a sound argument.. fuck what record i came out with .. LOL.. and how many hits i had.. nigga u aint had none.. so that’s a non-issue. let’s keep it rational.. Like i said if i am wrong.. then i am wrong.. this is an online discussion.. i am going to respond.. and u can say what u feel.. just come with something of substance

for all yall cats on other board reading this or getting ya lil second hand post .. pull your panties out ya ass and speak ya mind.
otherwise u aint sayin nothin..

and NO i am not sitting in front of my computer pissed off or none o that sorta shit. It’s a blog made for discussion..
so discuss.

Comment by Kool Kim 09.01.06 @

hahahaha, shit went crazy on here in a just a few hours. Chill people.

I was feeling your verse on the Good People EP Kool Kim, i just got it in the post today. Best indie rap record I have heard in a long while.
We going to here more from the UMC’s?

I’m drunk and going home to listen to Criminal Minded. haha peace from Scotland.

Comment by BobD 09.01.06 @

Just for the record, fosterakahunter is a long-time supporter of this site and Kool Kim doesn’t have access to his IP address or anything like that – although he was just using that as a hypothetical scenario to prove his point.

Whether or not you agree with what Kim’s saying, he was there so he has every right to tell his story.

Comment by Robbie 09.01.06 @

Aight… some KRS fans are gettin’ carried away with their groupie-ism. I love all the classic BDP shit to this day, and this article is not changin’ my mind about that.

BUT let’s be honest- KRS’ ego at that time was about as bad as the shit most of the ‘purists’ will complain about today when it’s comin’ from 50 Cent. His ego was out of control, and he had a LOT to say about lots of artists. But it never got serious or physical until the least threatening one of the pack- PM Dawn- said something about him.

Do y’all think that was irony? Fuck no. And all the same, KRS did the same shit 10 years later by NEVER callin’ out any of the people he felt were “ruinin’ hip-hop”, until Nelly.

At some point you gotta realize that regardless of his talent, legendary status, etc… KRS-One has a loooong history of egomania and selective bullying.

Comment by DanjaMania 09.01.06 @


and a great story at that!

keep coming with them insights kim!!

Comment by Dave Mack 09.01.06 @

great read, looking forward to the next one. i dont think people understand that this is just kool kims point of view on what he saw.Like it or not i enjoyed it, how often does someone in the industry tell a story like this on the net for us to read, NEVA.

Comment by scott 09.01.06 @

“UMC’s is the new way of being!”

Why don’t you speak on how you abandoned your original happy style of rapping on your first album for the more hardcore approach on your second album? I’m interested in hearing your story…


Comment by MAAD 09.01.06 @

U know what..

how bout i do JUST THAT.. I’d LOVE to do that..
LOL. original “happy style”.. yeah .. aight. that’s perfect..

i might even do that sooner than later..

u tried to type that like i was gonna be taken aback or something.

so i’ll do that for next week.

Comment by Kool Kim 09.01.06 @

Yo, much respect to KRS and all, but I gotta say, what’s with this “I am the physical embodiment of Hip-Hop stuff”, that’s he’s been saying for years now, huh? I mean, he’s entitled to his opinion and all, but, come on. That’s quite
BIG statement.

Comment by Kafka 09.01.06 @

Yeah, see on some real shit, I feel you on the part about KRS
when you call him a fraud – especially after your last post. I never saw no actual literature or rules from the temple of hip-hop before that, or what he was saying it was supposed to be.Like I said I heard him say some things in an interview with Davey D that had me like, what the hell is KRS on? I think you can say anything about him as a person and his character and we gotta pretty much feel you cause like you said, you know way more about that and him than any of us cause you was around in that circle but…

But really the part about whooping dude, it’s all in the game. You know that’s everyday life situations back when you young. I think you looking at it in that sympathetic way in the hood like, “they ain’t have to whoop dude, they know he can’t fight anyway.” That’s how I used to be a lot of the time. Like you said, you had just made a connection with dude. But KRS explained really in that clip that it was more cause dude was a nobody to them, which he was. Now picture like that’s regular life in the hood. If a young nigga that just now really comes outside the house – he usually always stay in playing Nintendo and can’t come outside – on the blocks says something to you crazy, you more likely to slap him in front of everybody and make an example. Not cause he weak, but just cause you look at it like, the audacity of this weak ass nigga, he don’t even got the right to open his mouth yet. I feel him on the asswhoopin part just cause I think everybody had niggas like that who ass you just wanted to whoop sometimes because they thought they got cool as hell of a sudden when they got attention and got a little name.
You probably know, I bet it’s plenty niggas in the industry that want to whoop Kanye West ass. Lookin at him like, this little square nigga get on my nerves, I’ll whoop his ass. Tell me I’m lying.

Blame KRS for some of the shit he say and do, but don’t blame him for whoopin dude upside his shit though.

Comment by Enlightened 09.02.06 @

Here’s something interesting I just saw posted by producer Tony D over at The Vinyl Exchange:

i must admit i believe that article 100% . . and to add some insight.

i was there at the car wash event when king sun was gonna flatten krs1
i mean it would have been a nice even match but noone really wanted that. i grabbed sun and kenny parker grabbed kris and we was like c,mon man work this beef out. squash it!. .

now the p.r.t. shit is alo true because krs didn’t want nothing to do the gods. . not p.r.t. nor the 5% nation heads were not havin it. .

and to top it off the whole king sun vs. ice cube beef started because of the flip side to sippin brandy ” in pursuit uptown ” which i produced. it had blvd. mosse’s rhazii singing this hook going ” the girl wicked ” .
i knew son gave the song to cube to try to get a deal but instead cube bit the hook for that song he had called ” wicked ” . . .
and sun wasn’t having it. . .
sun was the reel deal. dude went up into to profile records. and stuck a gun in a couple label heads grill. . . my man sun. . . that’s my dog right there. spoke to him a month ago. . . hope that sheds light on some things, peace tony d

Comment by Robbie 09.02.06 @

What’s with all the KRS dick riding in here? He made some classic LPs, but so what? Michael Jackson made Thriller, but he’s still a fucking nut case — just like KRS.

See URL below, and his entire existence for the past ten years as an example:

I can listen to By Any Means Necessary and enjoy it, just like I can enjoy Billie Jean. In either case, I wouldn’t want to hang out with either of the dudes unless I was being paid to.

Comment by bedouin 09.02.06 @


Murs went off on Pr.B. at the show at Knitting Facotry I was at a few months ago. Apparently, this is not the first time he has done that, and has caused countless problems for indie rappers, going as far as (allegedly) listening for indie and underground rap releases for samples of him and then threatening lawsuits.

Set Adrift on a Musical Bitch.

Comment by pileofshit69 09.02.06 @

LOL @ Maad… actually that’s what I thought Kim was gettin’ at when he said he was gonna do one on himself. And for the record, I did use to play the shit outta ‘Fruits Of Nature’. “Kraftwork” = still crazy.

Comment by DanjaMania 09.02.06 @

foster and kevin, what up?

damn, kool kim…wtf? you’re off base with the hip hop sucks shit but i’m glad you spoke your piece because i learned a couple things from the ensuing melee.

“I never really seen a human being get moved like that.”


“the dawn is over, the dawn is over.”

that feeling must have been incredible.

Comment by thesurgeongeneral 09.02.06 @

KRS is just a old confused man! Fuck it I always liked D-Nice better any fuckin’ way.. ya heard? And yo stop that bullshit fo’ real Gay´-RS is’nt hip hop FUCK THAT – Kool Herc is hip hop if you wanna give ONE person that mothafuckin’ title… Even though I thinks thats some cake shit! Hip hop does NOT have creative limitations – Nelly IS hip hop and EPMD is hip hop nad everything in between – and we should appreciate that yo PEEEEEEACE!

Comment by Una Bomba 09.02.06 @

people never really understood the shit pm dawn was kicking.. they pioneered singing and rapping..trip hop.. mixing rap with other genres.. they also released some classic albums

Comment by hero 09.02.06 @

Yo,Much respect to Kool Kim for the insight. UMC’s first album was a true classic in terms of beats, lyrics and conceptualization. (Ya need to release that album’s instrumentals, duke.)
As for KRS-1, hypocrisy has been his character from day one. He ripped MC Shan, but that song “The Bridge” never stated that rap started in Queens. He was just shouting out Queens legends…or, for you younger cats “Reppin his hood.”
KRS is a legend,..GREAT MC..ut he’s got his issues, like we all do. It’s the Duality of Man.
Kool Kim’s account to “E true hollywood stories” or behind the music. So bless us with some more, Kool Kim. It’s not dated to true Hip Hop fans.

Comment by Ronald Goines 09.02.06 @

I have two statements i would like to make.

i have been reading some other post in other boards… and I just read somewhere that KRS is on a spiritual journey. If this is the Case then i want to apologize to the brother for even posting this. Because my belife system tells me that when a person is trying to do good the devil makes himself apparent to distract that process. I was on a BS website when i came across this audio file and had later come to find that it was dated audio. But at first i was under the impression that this was a recent audio .. as many of you i heard the davey d interview and the other where KRS was threatening to punch dude in the face. So when i hear it I was sort of fed up as well.
But the thing is, if this is dated audio and such then that means that i was devilish in writing this post.. this might be that thing that could break the brother from his spiritual focus.. and that isn’t right.

Comment by Kool Kim 09.02.06 @

i read your post and i have to agree with the statements.. your analogy was deep. I can see how he could be moved to that sort of action based on that..

I think at the same token I just felt like he was and is wise enough to see the big picture. I know that violence started long before KRS.. come on .. but i also know FOR A FACT that this is a copycat society. I know that when someone does something and gets noteriety for it that everyone is going to follow suit.

Comment by Kool Kim 09.02.06 @

Kim, thanks for sharing an eye witness account and your own opinion, dunno why everybody’s hating… Talk about the balls it takes to get tought on a message board!

Anyway, I wanted to share a piece I wrote about a college lecture KRS one gave. It was entertaining, but clearly informative? Nah… Here it goes…

Q & A with KRS was, well, not one anyone expected. First up, the head of the Ethnic Student’s Association or whatever PC group makes up the American minorities on campus asks the hot question of the moment about Eminem. “Do you think’s it okay he called an African American woman a “black b*tch” in 1993 on a freestyle tape, blah blah blah?” Who cares? You have one of ten truly pioneering Hip Hop B-Boys at your college and this is what you ask?

Anyway, KRS answers his question at length, almost 15 minutes; it is a hint of what was to come next.

“Next question.” The next questioner speaks to KRS like you would a friend. “I’ve enjoyed your music- [sings] ‘so you’re a philospher’- thanks for all that you’ve done, etc. Will you listen to a question I’ve written out?”

Kris agrees, so my man asks him to explain the meaning behind the following poem from Kris’ 1997 “I Got Next.”

“Yeah, listen to the lyrics
We are the ones prophesized to return
My main concern is for all of you to learn…
…So in this age, of spiritual dignity
You’ll see a rise in femininity
and creativity, meshed with masculinity”
You got to get with me, this is your true herstory
Do you wanna go higher…

KRS is floored. “Wow, that one there is for the people paying attention, for people like you. One of my favorite topics. Okay, okay, let’s begin with the history of the Jews before Christ….” Uh, oh, I think.

From this point on Kris gives an anthropological interpretation of the Bible as in the above poem. The twelve disciples are the twelve signs of the zodiac, the four Gospels are the four seasons, the “sun” of god and so on. He then launches into how the Bible came to be, giving the a picture of the evolution of Christianity from the Torah to Christ to the Gospels to John and Paul, all the way to explaining how the King James Version was used to confirm the divine right of kings. This took no less than ONE HOUR. I kid you not. While Kris is obviously studied, but like many of us, he had difficulty explaining such a complicated theological theory in a clear, coherent fashion. Put it this way, the poem above is more effective than his answer.
People start leaving. It is WAY above their heads. At one point, when he is telling the story of Paul’s talking ass on the way to Damascus, I think I said, “Holy Shit,” pun intended. Kris is finally interrupted and everyone is asked to leave, that’s it, that’s the end. The Multi-cultural Affairs dean looks pissed, kids are disappointed and confused and the event comes to a schreeching halt.

As this example shows I can’t help to think in the new millelinum that KRS’ music is better than his lectures, but Chuck D’s lectures are better than his music.


ARM 18

Comment by ARM 18 09.02.06 @

“I think at the same token I just felt like he was and is wise enough to see the big picture. I know that violence started long before KRS.. come on .. but i also know FOR A FACT that this is a copycat society. I know that when someone does something and gets noteriety for it that everyone is going to follow suit. ”

But Kim, here’s the thing, when KRS acted violent, he took alot of heat to the point where it split his fanbase and more or less affected his career so I cannot see how it inspired people to do the same thing, I was speaking with old skool MC’s and they were schooling how Kris wasn’t the 1st person to shit like that, that shit used to happen daily in the park jams and I can name you some incidents…..I think the reason Kris fans were bugged out by the article, was because of the way it was written and your choice of words…you stated that you got love for guy, but it wasn’t evident in the article especially when it was filled with statement:

“KRS-One – Hip-Hop Sucks Because of You!


WORD, this dude KRS-One is a fraud”

So course readers would wonder DAMN DOES HE REALLY HATE THE DUDE THAT MUCH???

Comment by Kevin 09.02.06 @

ARM…I know what you mean, it’s like I was watch some old Kris interviews from back in the dayz, and was so down to earth, straight to the point with his answers…Nowdays he’s get so long winded with his answers…but the I thing is I actually can still understand like 90% of the stuff he’s saying which is why I wind up simplifying it to listeners…but it’s that not everybody has the patience to discet long winded comment which can easily be simplified…Sometimes me and my boyz thing, we just need to bumrush and kidnap Kris, and dump him back on the streets so he can be that down to earth cat we loved him as

Comment by Kevin 09.02.06 @

Yes, I believe that I was reacting more to the sentiment that Kris ruined Hip-Hop with this random act of violence, than to the full story itself. I am NOT a KRS-ONE groupie; I haven’t purchased one of his LPs since probably the last time I purchased a UMCs LP. Also, I live in Chicago. I’m worried about anyone finding me using an IP address. I MAY have spoke hastily when I said I’d toss my UMCs albums. I actually enjoy both of them to this day, but, I am interested in how much they would fetch on eBAy, not that I’d sell them off or anything. After the initial furor created by this post, I welcome more articles from Kool Kim. Peace.

Comment by fosterakahunter 09.02.06 @

please kim, write more. there needs to be much more first person testimony in rap history. and your ethics in this piece are solid–you felt empathy for prince be and you didn’t have to.

thanks yo.

Comment by b 09.02.06 @

aiight .. at some point in this particular peice i wrote and the subsequent post I realized there was a fatal mistake that Robbie and I made in doing this.
Hold up .. I made in doing this.

Instead of making my first topic a synopsis of what i would be writing about, giving the reader the opportunity to understand the context of the articles it just sounds like i got HATE for kris.

when you read the next one I have completed you will really understand where I am coming from with these articles.

Also you will note that on occassion i use terms like LOL and different internet jargon things like these…… to give the reader a better sense of the timber and attitude of my writing. I have been chatting online for over 10 years now so I am a net junkie. But belive me my conversation is much different.
I’m trying to do something different with media by soeaking froma place of honesty and yet being open to the same criticisms that i might levy,

Think of how many writers, a bunch of faceless nobodies can write a career altering article about a person and have NO credentials what so ever. Or think of the people that will read my post .. from thier homes and pontificate on a rack of things about my career and me under an assumed name.

that’s not what i am doing. Keep reading and it will be apparent. Even Krs is going to feel me on this. All of you will and those that don’t .. don’t matter

Comment by Kool Kim 09.02.06 @


KRS aint had a hit in over 10 years and we’re here discussing something that happened back when I was wearin’ Carhartts, which is just a testiment to how great he really is whether you like it or not.

I think we all respect KRS but some of you, including Kool Kim, sound like you have gone too far in your idolization.

KRS is my favorite MC ever, but not so much that I gotta agree with everything the nigga says or does (No different that Martin Luther King, Maclom X, Elijah Muhammad, Bobby Seale, Huey P. Newton, Kwame Ture, etc.). That being said, I DON’T GOVE A FUCK ABOUT PM DAWN! … and, obviously, neither did Kris.

Ice Cube, you gotta show some respect for as he may be commercial but he was indeed a Crip and at the time in question he was considered the King of the West. No way Kris could throw him off stage if he ever expected to go out to Cali again.

PRT and King Sun, who the hell wants to have beef with the entire 5% Nation? You better talk that shit out. Not even Zulu would want that beef and they’re the only ones in any position to take it on.

X-Clan, say what you want but them cats was very deep at the time because of the Blackwatch Movement.

The point is you have to respect power. The problem with PM Dawn is that they had no credibility or power. They may have even had a point, but having a point is not enough, you need power too!

This was nothing more than a case of survival of the fittest.

As far as Kool Kim, I’m just happy to see you’re still alive sun! I wasn’t into the UMC’s that much but One To Grow On was my shit! I don’t know who was producing your music but the production was second to none; if it’s you, then I’d much rather hear your next beat than another article trying tear down someone that I think we all respect. After all, it wouldn’t be too hard to start tearing down the UMC’s if somebody wanted to.


Comment by Ausar 09.02.06 @

Dude can’t find you with your IP address–he can find your ISP (and general vague location based on that) and that’s about it. To get your individual info he’d have to have the ISP give it to him and the only way that would happen is with a court order. Chill out.

Comment by Finally 09.02.06 @

Prince B deserved a smack for having crap hair to be honest.

Look forward to the next one Kim

Comment by The Average Man 09.02.06 @

This is hot. Props to Robbie for bringing Kim on board (no Brokeback.)

Its fun to see these hardcore Hiphop defenders of the faith back Kris to the end, despite the fact his ass is currently licensing his music in Jeep commercials…

keep it real, eh?

Comment by A to the L 09.02.06 @

krs 1 a bronx bully? nah! krs is the best thing to happen to hip hop period. this crap happened over 10 years ago. krs has been rocking for over 20 years. yeah criminal minded came out in ’86. when krs put ‘feel the vibe’ on the flip side of ‘we in there’ the whole beef with pm dawn was over. he came correct to the party like a man and finished it on record. ps krs coming to toronto canada september 17, 2006. where is pm dawn performing at?

Comment by Great Scott 09.02.06 @

Everyone seems to be missing the point about the tracert. Yeah it is a little far fetched, and yes, the end of the trace would be the service provider — but the meat and potatoes of the comment was the inappropriateness of the violent reaction to an empty criticism.

Kool Kim — I followed a link from another board to find this story and it is interesting enough to keep me coming back. Keep ’em coming.

Everyone else — keep these comments coming. The dialog makes the articles WAY more interesting.

All that being said. I had the honor of meeting KRS out west late last year. He was coming through the Seattle area to help promote the launch of a new group (check out Common Market if you haven’t heard them yet). I agree that it seems that KRS may have lost sight of common folk’s perspective of his ranting, but he is saying some real shit. Him saying “I AM HIPHOP” is not any different that a Christian saying “I AM CHRIST.” (I think I’m going to start making bracelets that say What Would HipHop Do!) Anyway, my impression of Kris can be summed up by one experience. When the Common Market camp told him where to set up his merchandise table he said that he wasn’t going to sell merchandise. If people could buy his merchandise they might not buy the Common Market merchandise. Agree with his politics, actions, or strange commentary — the man is trying to support and build the HipHop community.

That’s my 2 cents.

Comment by deuce 09.02.06 @


Comment by grass 09.02.06 @

” who the hell wants to have beef with the entire 5% Nation?”

Haha, word up on that. You’d have crazy amount of brothers after you if you start shit with the Gods and the Earths.

Comment by Kafka 09.02.06 @

What the hell is wrong with you blasting on KRS-One like that. That’s KRS, muthafucka! That’s “Criminal Minded”, “J.I.M.M.Y.”, “My Philosophy”, “Black Cop”, etc,etc,etc. So what he threw Prince Be’s ass off the stage, he deserved it if he slandered the likes of KRS and Chuck D in Details. What’s wrong with you?

What have the UMCs done compare to the magnitude of KRS-One’s accomplishments? You wanna talk about punk shit, let’s talk about you jumping on the Native Tongue bandwagon 1st lp, then jumping on the mid 90’s backpack/beatdown bandwagon 2nd lp.

I say that to infer that every artist has done things that can be deemed questionable by others. But by your own logic, for first rapping like De La Soul, then like Das Efx, Hip-hop sucks because of YOU, Kool Kim.

Comment by LZRHD 09.02.06 @

KRS is well-accomplished many times over, but I don’t think that someone’s accomplisments give them the right to throw a dude off of the stage for something that he said. KRS is the same brother that was talking about “Self Destruction” and how we gotta “Stop The Violence”, but he’s going to storm on stage and get into a physical confrontation with some guys over words, of all things. Not even a threat of violence to him or something, but WORDS. I have to say, in my opinion, that’s pushing it a bit too far.

Comment by Kafka 09.03.06 @

Funny shit is that I was there too. I used to roll with Leaders of the New School. This article is true. In fact, I remember seeing Kris coming in the door with his crew. They weren’t going to let them in. They talked their way in. I asked T Money recently if MTV was taping, he said no. Ha, in fact, I still have pics from that show!

Comment by DreadInNY 09.03.06 @

you said:
“What the hell is wrong with you blasting on KRS-One like that. That’s KRS, muthafucka! That’s “Criminal Minded”, “J.I.M.M.Y.”, “My Philosophy”, “Black Cop”, etc,etc,etc. So what he threw Prince Be’s ass off the stage, he deserved it if he slandered the likes of KRS and Chuck D in Details. What’s wrong with you?

What have the UMCs done compare to the magnitude of KRS-One’s accomplishments? You wanna talk about punk shit, let’s talk about you jumping on the Native Tongue bandwagon 1st lp, then jumping on the mid 90’s backpack/beatdown bandwagon 2nd lp.

I say that to infer that every artist has done things that can be deemed questionable by others. But by your own logic, for first rapping like De La Soul, then like Das Efx, Hip-hop sucks because of YOU, Kool Kim. ”

conversely.. what have YOU done compared to the magnitude of UMC’s?? You wanna talk about punk shit then let’s talk about you and the various internet THUGGS that talk tough behind a computer. You so called tough guys that wore polka dots when kwame was out, day glo shirts when we came out, Africa peices when jungle came out.

and by chance if u DIDN’T experience this. then my dude .. u should shut the fuck up.. cause that means u have NO frame of refrence for this hip hop experience other than as a fringe market.

aaah but never that my friend. U have EVERY RIGHT to your opinion and your perspective. Enjoy mine baby boy I aint tryna hurt anyone..

i swear i am starting to get the vibe that some of yall are writing back with teary eyes and the whole shit… i can damn near hear you sniffling and choking up over here.. LOL

I know i shit on your hero in your mind.. but belive me when u see the next shit u will begin to relize this aint a fucking source column,, this is a bigger type of discussion.
this aint some jerry springer, riki lake shit.. it’s about dialouge.

Comment by Kool Kim 09.03.06 @

So to all those who think KRS is some great intellectual, what did you take away from a BDP record that enhanced your life? Really. What did you really learn from a PE or X Clan record? What did they really do except capitalize on black nationalism as a gimmick?

That was an image. It sold records. Period. If you wanted to be ‘taught’ you either found real teachers or opened a book. All that said, those records served as a catalyst to make people interested in ‘consciousness,’ but I’m not sure how genuine it was since a few years later the Africa medallions were replaced with weed leafs — by 90% of the people buying those records.

I don’t agree with Prince B’s statements exactly, but I don’t know that they’re totally off-base. And that’s a big problem with Hip-Hop ‘heads.’ You hold up a fucking rapper as if he’s infallible; you hold up Chuck D as if he’s Noam Chomsky or some shit; like you have to take a side in everything. Maybe they’re both right in some respects.

And it’s beyond KRS making Stop the Violence or Self-Destruction. What about being a self-proclaimed humanist? Humanists stress the good in human nature, so if KRS wasn’t full of shit (which he is) he would’ve stepped to him and asked for clarification about the statements, and *THEN* looked into other alternatives. But even if Prince was just being ignorant so what? It’s like starting a fight because someone called you a name. Grow the fuck up.

Honestly the way people reacted to this thread shows the whole ‘consciousness’ era of Hip-Hop had no real effect on people. People reacted by calling Kool Kim a faggot, doubting his ‘realness’ and other assorted bullshit. Just the same old ignorance and fighting over REAL DUMB SHIT. If you hold up a rapper as your symbol of education and enlightenment that’s a FUCKING SHAME. Get a real role model.

As for people shitting on Kool Kim. I’d much rather listen to Blue Cheese than anything KRS has done in the past ten years.

Comment by bedouin 09.03.06 @

bedouin, like I mentioned early the uproar in the this article was mainly due to the way it was written….most people acknowledge that Kris was wrong in the actions he took and were appreciative in the way Kim explained what really happened that night, but the article didn’t come across as construstive critisism for certain wrong doings of Kris, it came across as hate especially when applying generalised statements like:

“KRS-One – Hip-Hop Sucks Because of You!


WORD, this dude KRS-One is a fraud”

As well as implications that this indcident led to cats bumrushing each other ar HipHop shows after that incident when in fact that is so not true. When bumrushing peoples sets and violence even goes back to the park jam days of HipHop.

Comment by Kevin 09.03.06 @


Yeah, that part I agree with you on. There was a little too much hyperbole in the whole write up, and I really doubt any one man can be blamed for why Hip-Hop sucks now.

I was just kind of upset at what I saw as blind defense of KRS in this thread.

Comment by bedouin 09.03.06 @

No Kim, you should shut the fuck up and stop copping pleas, throwing rocks at famous people to get your blog writings noticed. As far as what I’ve accomplished.. hold your tongue.

Comment by LZRHD 09.03.06 @

All these negative and bullshit defences of KRS – bet everyone on here wishes they were there to witness what happened though.

Looking forward to more stories from Kim – i wanna know about Wild Pitch!

Comment by beatlover 09.03.06 @

to go further:
What KRS was doing was sending a message to the hiphop community and world that muthafuckas like PM Dawn can not waltz into hip-hop and denounce our greats without consequences. Prince Be deserved that asswhipping and anyone else that steps out of line like that. “Public Enemy is making mountains out of molehills”? Dude, he should have been drug out into the street and shot for that alone. If a pussywillow like Prince Be can come out in the press and lambast pillars like KRS and Chuck D then anyone could have their way with us without consequences. It’s about respect. Shit, moves like the one KRS made are why hip-hop stayed strong as long as it did before MTV took over. Get it right.

Comment by LZRHD 09.03.06 @

“I was just kind of upset at what I saw as blind defense of KRS in this thread. ”

But bedouin, by the way it was written, it didn’t it came across like Kim just being critical over this one particular incident, it came across like was shitting on KRS and his legacy period especially with those statements I highlighted which is why his fans got defensive like they did, cos hell even I thought that Kim hated Kris, until I read his myspace page as well as his comments…so they were just reacting to the way it was written…even whilst acknowledging his career mistakes as well as his comtributions and achievements to HipHop.

Comment by Kevin 09.03.06 @

Also LZRHD, like someone else on other posts pointed out, PM Dawn in that interview and other outlets were making cynical commentry towards the “pro-black/conscious” movement and even at one point claimed “there’s no such thing as racism” which is significant towards the “Public Enemy are making mountain outta molehills” hence making it even more harsh…

Comment by Kevin 09.03.06 @

that’s the last time i am going to let u say shit about me.. when i find you i am going to fuck u up.
I’m a pillar in HIP HOP I made sacrifices in this music that your pussy ass could never begin to measure.
I been apart of hip hop in ways u could never imagine.
and just so u don’t get it twisted.. don’t forget.. blue cheese was fucking 15 years ago.. I aint that lil 18 year old kid son.. I’m on some UFC shit son.. what u think.. i’ma sing blue cheese nigga.. no i’ma stick my fucking fingers into your eye sockets and grab your fucking flailing arms and put u into a an arm lock and break your shit.

now that shit is stupid. But in my opinion .. based on what you are stating i have every right to fuck u up. Your on the net talking MAD greazy right now..directly to me. There isn’t even room for misinterpetation or anything. I KNOW your disrespecting me. And it would STILL sound STUPID and BE OVERKILL if i was on it like that. In fact someone will read the first part of what i wrote.. and not even get this far and reply about how foul i am for saying this to a fan of Hip Hop.. that is how OD of a statement the above was..
and yet.. u are gonna actually say that shit is kool.. that shit is justifiable??

Come the fuck on homie.. use some COMMON SENSE.. how in the fucking world could i say that KRS ONE fucked up ALL OF HIP HOP while u got dudes out like D4L and shit like that?? HOW..
u see that is what they call sensationalism.. and yeah i used it. My dude got a message board.. and guess what if i am correct this is possibly the most read topic he has had on here yet. because my writing style.. which … is so lathargic and clumsy.. but muggs can’t stop reading the shit..
cause it’s entertaining and thought provoking.

but again.. this is going to be my last remark on this topic cause i want u to just feel what i write next. U’ll get it.. more and more..

and when u do.. then come back and use the same energy u used to ride Kris’ dick to give me my due for what i am establishing.

Comment by Kool Kim 09.03.06 @

Why dis KRS on the last 10 years of his music and compare it to something that came out in the golden age of hip hop. Compare apples to apples and not raisens to watermelons. Hip hop is an evolving culture which is now fueled mainstream media and big business. KRS saw this happening way back when and decided to take his music in another direction where he could have creative control over his product, like any real artist wants to have and not change his music, style or opinions just to stay current with what bet, vh1, mtv and ‘urban’ radio wants to push down our throats. Sometimes the artist will take a hit in the pocket book because of this and lose fans who follow trends, but KRS/BDP were trend setters in their prime. KRS helped create a positive hip hop image and mind revolution when he realized that he could have (and had) a major influence on the minds of millions (with limited resources and financial backing). If the high budget cut and paste artists of today had the balls to take control of the music they put out instead of some college degree, marketing A&R dumbass telling them what to to do appeal to the mainstream, rap music would not suck as much as it does today. BDP/KRS will forever have classic joints in musical history comparable to zeppelin and hendrix, true ground breaking music that opened the flood gates for todays cats to collect the papes.

Comment by Great Scott 09.03.06 @

Kool Kim is right about one thing, I’ve never seen so many responses to a post on this site; but I really hope he brings it on his follow ups because I think I might’ve liked this site better when it was a little bit less popular.

This is starting to resemble SOHH.

Comment by Ausar 09.03.06 @

that’s the last time i am going to let u say shit about me.. when i find you i am going to fuck you up” – Kool Kim

AND you’re a hypocrite!
You called me an internet thug, now you’re gonna “find me and fuck me up”?
What are you, like 40? Aren’t you too old to be acting like this?Ok, let’s work under your logic: How’re you gonna find me, man? Get off it.

You wrote that KRS ruined hip-hop and those were your words. You’re slandering KRS to get noticed on your first blog post, and that shit is flaw. Get noticed on your own merit, since you falsely consider yourself a pillar. Your “sacrifices” pale in comparison to those of the likes of KRS and PE, so show some muthafuckin respect instead of only looking out for yourself. If you didn’t exist, the entire game would still be the same.

Stop dry snitchin’, grow some nuts and be a man.

Comment by LZRHD 09.03.06 @




Comment by JLH 09.03.06 @

Build and Destroy, was a response to PRT, not x-clan. This is why the name of the song is in direct relation to a 5%lesson(build or destroy. Kris and Wise never had a ‘long debate’ about anything on a college speaking tour, in fact the closest that came was wise and some of the gods and earths, showing up at a lecture that kris was giving, but there was no ‘debate’ about anything philosophical or otherwise. The god Divine(prt’s d.j) was waiting infact, to set it on the brother. All was peace though, no violence.

Comment by magnetic god 09.03.06 @

Okay i just went to YouTube and typed in umcs and saw yall’s videos. i do not remember yall at all. and i knew every mc back then. Why you riding KRSone’s dick to get the notoriety you did not acheive in the past? What you trying to do, blast on KRSone to some 20-year old white boys graspin at straws to learn about hip hop and to see a WWF monkey show between mcs? trust me they don’t take this shit as seriously as you do. you ought to be shame hiding behind your computer with this bullshit. KRS is the reason hip hop sucks? Dude that is so fucking disrespectful. You went too far with that shit. Air out your beef but don’t blast this disrespectful shit on the internet to relive your past. It’s over. Move on. and you weren’t even in pmdawn. what the fuck you care for?

…..and don’t be riding on OTHER famous people dick’s either on this site. name checking and shit. post about what you did in the 80s and 90s.

Comment by jlh 09.03.06 @


it’s apparent that KRS One is your lord and savior ..

I better chill before U call Jihad on me.

Comment by Kool Kim 09.03.06 @

“Build and Destroy, was a response to PRT, not x-clan”

Are you sure? Build And Destroy had lines like “You can’t be human if you’re music’s boomin’ anti-human” and X-Clan had been getting at him for being a Humanist. Wouldn’t that be serving as a response to X-Clan, then?

Comment by Kafka 09.03.06 @

it’s apparent to me that KRS One is YOUR lord and savior.

You wrote the blog.

Comment by LZRHD 09.03.06 @

keep in mind.. Your a viewer.. I’m a do-er

do something.. anything.. make your mark in this world to any extent past your moms computer.

Like it or not.. unlike you.. I’m his PEER not his fan.

and if i wanted to revive my career.. off KRS .. then i would just battle the dude.. which still wouldn’t amount to much cause he about as relevant in hip hop as I am now a days… that would be a wasted win
If i wanted to get shine.. I woulda shit on 50 or on Jay Z or Nas for all that.

I aint wanna respond anymore but that shit kills me.. how yall could blogg whatever bullshit u got in your mind with no credentials whatsoever.. Your not even a HAZ BEEN.. your a NEVER WAS and a NEVER GONNA BE.. and your tight at me cause I aint got enough status (in your mind) to speak on your Archtype.

shit is sad really..

Comment by Kool Kim 09.03.06 @

Point blank KRS-ONE is a human being. All of you have a misconception that a human being has to follow one way. If that was the case, we would never have the light bulb to be invented.
Without KRS-ONE this hip-hop vechicle might of never happened? I cant say that with certainty, but i know his contribution has helped it alot.
Regardless of what he does now and what he has done in the past, he speaks his mind.
Just like you speak your mind on this forum. Just respect that he still does what he believes in.
He believes in hip-hop, and whatever form that it evolves around him.


Comment by John Doe 09.03.06 @

Dude I am a satellite design engineer and have designed satellites like XM which blasts your shit on the radio. and you don’t see me riding on the coattails of somebody else’s work to get praise. i stand on my own merit which is what disturbs me about people like you. I love hip hop and I think you should show some respect to the artform and culture you proclaim to be apart of.

Comment by jlh 09.03.06 @

magnetic god….Build & Destroy was a response to X-Clan, cos if you list all the critisisms they gave Kris from interviews, to the subliminal shots on their 1st LP, KRS addresses them all in the track….

Comment by Kevin 09.03.06 @

“Kris and Wise never had a ‘long debate’ about anything on a college speaking tour, in fact the closest that came was wise and some of the gods and earths, showing up at a lecture that kris was giving, but there was no ‘debate’ about anything philosophical or otherwise. The god Divine(prt’s d.j) was waiting infact, to set it on the brother. All was peace though, no violence. ”

Also magnetic god, they did have a debate it may not have been serious or anything, but it was a debate, and Wise Intelligent even acknowledged it in an interview with Cedric Muhammad

Comment by Kevin 09.03.06 @

I’m trying to find the rational in your post jlh

people like me what?

I wrote an article for a website that in truth dissed me.
I wrote a RETROSPECTIVE.. about a historical event in hip hop.
I wrote MY account of it.

I don’t have a new album being relased..
I didn’t jump on a stage and assault another MC
KRS did.. (but u don’t understand people like me)
I aint call out an MC that never disrespected me for no reason at all
KRS did.. Nelly got shiited on for making a song called Number one.(but u don’t understand people like me)
I don’t contradict myself at every turn
KRS one did 1 2 3 the crew is called BDP and if u wanna go to the tip top stop the violence in hip hop why-oooo (then Prince B get turned into a drum machine on stage.. lol)
(but u don’t understand people like me)
I don’t call myself the EMBODIEMENT of HIP HOP then promote a full set of ideals that i have contradicted
(but u don’t understand people like me)

My man i’m not getting paid to do this. KRS get dough for his speaking engagements. UMC’s aint touring, How am I getting props. If anything I am arguing with cats like you and hearing what little some cats think of my team cause i called out they idol.
how am i profiting. I could just as soon stop writing for this site RIGHT now.

See i love this culture enough to speak any truth i feel .. and if you would have came with a solid argument.. i would be happy to recognize and if necessary apologize. But i can see u aint even read this whole thread.. where i went on to apologize when i heard the brother was on a spiritual journey.

Now it’s becoming disrespectful of the brother on the strength that in order to counter some of the more negative responses it’s like i am really tearing into this dudes character.

so i am really going to cease to speak on this issue..

and also cut that stupid talk about WHY DON’T I SAY this or that to his FACE.. for all that why don’t u come out to SI and say it to my face?? It’s a fucking MESSAGE BOARD AND AN OPINION

Further.. I LIVE in ny.. I aint hard to find at all.. I aint on here under some net psudonym.. for all that.. if i was the punk some of yall have inferred.. I would have went under a different name. If KRS is tight about what i said and want to step to me.. He could find me within a day. I aint hard to find at all. And I damn sure and gonna duck him. For what?? U think cause u looking at some video shot of an 18 year old kid in 91 that this is the same Man your talking to now??
u’re stupid if u think that.

Comment by Kool Kim 09.03.06 @

Kim, I just think what people are trying to say is you could’ve written and worded the article alot different than you wrote it initially, especially as you stated that you love KRS (despite his flaws) and how he was one of your influences in your myspace page instead of writing it in vein of a hater….especially with the KRS-ONE: HIPHOP SUCKS BECAUSE OF YOU headline…as well blaming him for the violence and bumrushing at HipHop shows today in the way you put it:

“In fact, he the reason why HIP HOP is fucked up now, ’cause right after that niggas went CRAZY tryna replicate that crap. Mad fights and people getting jumped, it changed the face of the music ’cause dudes were tryna toughen up to show that they weren’t soft either. 14 years later – look what we got: A bunch of savages.”

Comment by Kevin 09.03.06 @

i never liked KRS, so fuck him and his fake teaching. he is just talking and done nothing.

Comment by Kremi 09.03.06 @

You have a solid point..

however wait till robbie post my next joint.. and then u can see where i am coming from..
once u do .. u may have a paradigm shift in regards to this issue.

Comment by Kool Kim 09.03.06 @

ok Kim, but if you still believe in this statement you made:

““In fact, he the reason why HIP HOP is fucked up now, ’cause right after that niggas went CRAZY tryna replicate that crap. Mad fights and people getting jumped, it changed the face of the music ’cause dudes were tryna toughen up to show that they weren’t soft either. 14 years later – look what we got: A bunch of savages.” ”

Then that is unfortuante, especially as I can name and tell stories of incident of niggaz rushing your set, take over, rock and leaving WITH YOUR SET….starting with the Crash Crew beating up on Fantasy 3 (AJ from JVC Force even mentioned it on his site) all cause of biting within their songs

Comment by Kevin 09.03.06 @


Comment by c.s 09.03.06 @

Grandmaster Caz could be a teacher, but not this krs.

Comment by Kremi 09.03.06 @

KRS-One 1992 Source interview

Comment by Robbie 09.03.06 @

This dialogue is incredible. Kool Kim, you’ve made your mark in hip hop and have a right to speak on the culture, its ideals, and the hypocrisy of a great mc. I, for one, look forward to ya next installment, pimpin.
As for the dissin and all that, hey, this is a controversial topic. KRS got die-hard fans. I’m a fan of his first two albums, but like many, I’ve been disappointed by his flipping out on a journalist who challenged him to a debate…not a fist-fight…a DEBATE. I heard the whole thing on Davey-D. Still a fan of his music, regardless,… and yesssss, I still pump “One to Grow on” in my SUV like its’ the 90’s. lol!
Some cats can’t take it when you shed light like this. So keep the “E TRUE HOLLYWOOD”-like vibe coming, Kim. And be ready for cats to spit dirt on ya legacy. It’s going to happen. But by the same token you will have objective cats such as myself.
Did UMC’s ever have to bring it to cats (lyrically or “otherwise”) because they got things twisted with your image and tried to diss?

Comment by Ronald Goines 09.03.06 @

Kool Kim follows up with Part 2: UMC’s – Hip-Hop Sucks Because Of You!

(sorry LZRHD, but he wrote it before your comment of the same name).

Comment by Robbie 09.03.06 @

Are you sure? Build And Destroy had lines like “You can’t be human if you’re music’s boomin’ anti-human”

By the title alone, I know that he is addressing the 5% theology base and by expressing that “god is NO BLACKMAN, god is conciousness” and other refrences to mathamatics and such. He was getting at both of those groups on that song, however this title is what really drew alot of attention by those in the 5% nation at that time. Peace Brother.

Comment by magnetic god 09.03.06 @

By the way, Peace to Kool Kim and Has G for putting together one of the better albums 90-91. Respect fam. Peace.

Comment by magnetic god 09.03.06 @

Also magnetic god, they did have a debate it may not have been serious or anything, but it was a debate, and Wise Intelligent even acknowledged it in an interview with Cedric Muhammad

Thank you for the correction brother, and the respectful manner through which it came. Peace Kevin.

Comment by magnetic god 09.03.06 @

woah…I just spent how long reading this? Y’all are some sensitive people. Props to Kim for posting this and for the idea…even if at least half of these commenters didn’t/don’t understand it. So, I wonder why you and anybody else didn’t call KRS out on this personally at the time? I understand not getting involved in it publically, sort of…actually it seems that at least 75% of hip-hop culture is public, its personal problems sell records. Anyway, so nobody told him that boppin’ pacifists on the head with mics was uncool? I don’t think he’s gone crazy, well maybe a little crazy. The stuff he says makes sense, sort of, but he is a much better rapper than debator…yet he feels compelled to debate quite often. And on that clip from Stanford, where he calls out the journalist, he says he WANTS to beat the journalist up, but he doesn’t and hasn’t because he would rather debate it. That’s about as silly as college professor or politician challening KRS to a rap battle, yet wouldn’t the world be a better place if more college professors and politicians tried to do that? Sure it would be ugly and not so easy to watch, but wouldn’t it eventually be better for hip-hop? And actually I think that is what KRS is doing now, with varying success…it’ll be good in the long run. I also think its what Kim is doing with Hiphop suck because of You. And I can’t wait to read the next one.

Comment by csharp 09.04.06 @

From the article:

“And they (PM Dawn) got on stage and ripped it! ”

Uh, ok.

Comment by The J 09.04.06 @

It’s PM Dawn, why would you give a shit what that dude was saying.

Comment by T 09.07.06 @

Peace Kool Kim, I just found ya article and must say this has far more truth to it than the ’70’s vs 80’s baby’ crap on other blogs….who shall remian nameless……

and I have to say I haven’t read the second part yet but I already know goin with this…and think its gonna be good stuff…

I KNOW you don’t really mean KRS-1 killed hiphop, but the little so-called insignificant antics at the time did alter perceptions and cause a change , did it single handedly kill hiphop?NO, but it did contribute….

no matter how small it may seem outside of NY, in NY it was big as hell…because we still the mecca….so here it is dude pens STOP THE VIOLENCE to curb rash behaviour with the west coast gangs…then does this…contradictory? yup!! add to the fact that alot of the kids(me included) did look up to him as a teacher (the real truth is that after this event I started to peep the real BS he on! I AM HIPHOP! BS!) so when he does rash stupid-shit like this is kinda breaks pedestal he put himself on

I was around when all this went down and like some one said it splintered his fan-base cuz no one knew what was real anymore….and yeah shit like that ws goin on all over (I dont think KIM said he started the ish, just contributed to it’s growth), but thats like sayin everyone was sellin crack so if my history teacher sold it, I should be OK with it….and there’s there a differnece between thinkin of smackin some one and actually doin it…a true philospher should have the wisdom to overcome those thoughts, except in very rare circumstances of which this is not one, he took it from words to acts of violence….

KOOL KIM..I understand ya…keep up the history lessons..maybe there’s still time to save this sorry state of hip hop…

ps I cant spell (or type) for shit either….

Comment by Lion XL 09.07.06 @

i am very suprised at this piece written by kool kim………considering we did a show with the Umc’s a few months after the Pm Dawn incident at the ritz in new york and they were acting real cool with us, in fact i’ve seen them many times over the years and i thought it was all love……….you never know what people really think of you in reality.
As for the actual Pm dawn incident, in didn’t happen the way kool kim described it at all from my perspective (which was from the deejay booth overlooking the whole crowd since i was the one throwing on KRS’s records). Maybe this website will one day allow me to give the real entire story from before, during and after the incident which kool kkim couldn’t possibly know…………lastly, considering the people who roled with KRS at the time of the incident, i’m glad the umc’s didn’t decide to step up at that time.

Comment by kenny parker 09.10.06 @

Please do NOT confuse disliking.. matter of fact let me use the term dispising something that someone did VS How a person FEELS about you.

I have UNTOLD respect for you kenny and on the honest regarding that Ritz performance we WERE Kool until some other isht took place and if this is really Kenny..then you would know exactly of what I speak. And then u would also know of the WORD that was given and broken.
That did a LOT to us and caused us a LOT of problems.
When a mans word isn’t his bond that does a lot to moral stock he has with others.

But that is my word I am not going to ressurect this article again because if u read the full thread u will see that it is reactionary to the fact that i JUST heard this audio and it was presented as if it was just done recently.

I can easily be reached at
if u want to break bread or whatever or u feel as tho I been disrespectful or unjust, hit me up and i’ll hit u brothers RIGHT BACK

Comment by Kool Kim 09.11.06 @

“A Bunch of Savages”???
It’s clear to me that you’re an outsider. We are a Culture with Dignity, Pride, Self-respect, Humility, and Virtue. We are not savages. I’ve heard of many occasions of people gettting their asses beat for this reason or that reason, but don’t confuse the actions of one man with the culture, and I don’t care if that man is KRS1, after all he is a man.
Hip Hop is Beautiful, and I AM SOMEBODY, You sir , are a savage.
If anyone is interested in OG copies of “Blue Cheese” or “One to grow on” y’all can e-mail me.
DJ Slopoke
do it first, do it yourself, and keep on doing it…

Comment by DJ Slopoke 09.11.06 @

my email is

Comment by DJ Slopoke 09.11.06 @

Brohem! PM DAWN SUUUUUUCKED, get over it…if anything De La Soul are still the shit on some peace and love shit but even THEY matured to a sense of reality…as far as i’m concerned, KRS has always approached hip hop with some awareness

Comment by Mr. Lee (and yes i rule Hip Hop) 09.12.06 @

Lion XL it was me, that stated that it splited his fanbase and it didn’t surprise me…

“and yeah shit like that ws goin on all over (I dont think KIM said he started the ish, just contributed to it’s growth), but thats like sayin everyone was sellin crack so if my history teacher sold it, I should be OK with it….”

But that’s the point I made, it wasn’t ok….as Kris took alot of heat from it, which is why I doubt that it influenced HipHop as the article implies, it just simply noise but eventually time and people moved on from it….and even I admit as fan I still believe he was wrong for doing

Comment by Kevin 09.12.06 @

Krs 1 is the illest always will be! So what if he beat that corny ass kid over the head with the mic. rappers now talking about shooting each other in the head over some bullshit rap beef.

Comment by krsdickryda 09.12.06 @

krs is hip hop anyone who dosen’t believe that go to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoever is saying negative things about KRS you must not know not even 1 thing about HIP HOP! you SUCKA!!!!!!!

Comment by HIPHOP 09.14.06 @

“I was there”. Don’t nobody give a fuck that you was there. All you motha fuckas who hate on Kris need to realize that nobody is perfect and we all have contradictions that we live with. KRS is not a lord and savior, nor is he a profit. But at least Hip-hop has some one trying to LEAD it with as much positivity as possible. Go to a KRS show and then see if you can talk shit. Kool Kim what the fuck has he done for HIP-Hop but use it to get some ass. Instead of talking about the savages get in the streets and try to fix the problem motha fucka. And REMEMBER.

Comment by Fuck Kool Kim 09.29.06 @

LOL… some of y’all are gettin’ too emotionally invested in this shit. Has KRS or Kim or PM Dawn ever bought any of y’all a chicken wing before? I’m just sayin’, come on with the takin’ it to heart, lol.

Comment by DanjaMania 09.30.06 @

Fuck Kool Kim….did you read all the posts? or did you did you just skim through them? cos if you did as well the Kenny Parker interview, then you’ll realise how late and unnecessary you are with you commentry especially as now it’s all peace

Comment by Kevin 09.30.06 @

ha ha h a.. I could actually see this dude “Fuck KK” in front of his keyboard wit a leather africa pendant and a stop the violence pin pounding away at each key as he typed that last line..

that was probably the stupidest thing i have read on here thus far.

and at the same time the funniest.. LOL

thanks for the laugh!

lol.. hold up.. lol.. i can see this dude in my mind sitting in front of his moms computer fuming right now too.. LOL.. he named himself “Fuck Kool Kim”.. LOL.. yo… do u know how mad he must be at what he read to go there with it.. LOL.. oh shit i am crying over here.
just for future refrence.. shit like that doesn’t bother me at all.. in fact i get a real kick out of it. So please go right ahead with that sort of thing.. me and my peeps sit here and read the shit and cry laughing at some of these hyper emotional men.

Comment by kool kim 09.30.06 @

Hahahahahaha… and I bet when he named himself that, he said “yeeeeeah, that’ll show him! That’ll fix his little red wagon! I named myself Fuck Kool Kim… WHAT?! Real hip-hop is ova here!”

Comment by DanjaMania 09.30.06 @

i am a krs fan but i also had mc shan’s back when they had there beef. i just love hip hop. the rebellious attitude it’s in us. the thing is assholes have opinions and some act them out and usely when they do it’s a bunch’o shit somebody has to clean up . unfortunately this is not a perfect world so as humans we make a fair share’o mistakes. hopefully we can learn from the mistakes of others. it’s when we stop talkin and start doin what we’re not teaching; the devil finds his way in and says,” see with your eyes not with your ears “f” what your hear monkey see monkey do and they’ll all follow you.” so here we are wit a gang a rappers with the same identity rappin about the same shit over pretty much the same beats. theres no originality. i was not a big p m dawn fan but one thing i did like about them and it goes the same for the umcs when i heard them there was no one else that sounded like them. that some how got lost in hip hop’s growth. and anyway the wind blows blue cheese was the shit! holdin it down in san antone where they chunk up the duce i’m still sayin PEACE…

Comment by ray grant 09.30.06 @

What do you mean?? It takes real balls to get on stage with 20 other six footer dudes and push off Hiphop’s equivalent to Richard Simmons. haha nice article.

Comment by Planet 10.07.06 @

Crazy shit but I remember this happening. But KRS is Hip Hop regardless. One incident doesn’t make a career, Kim. You of the UMC’s fame, right? Yea, I blew that joint up in the day and I have mad love for you. But to come out now and say this is kind ass’d out, son.
Hip Hop is bullshit today because of the commercial industry part f it. Mofos selling out to make money. no passion. KRS is still out there keeping true Hip Hop alive to where you are bringing the kid down for one incident.

Go after these fake niggas that are eating because of Tupac and the Thug image.

Comment by The Mixgician 10.19.06 @


Comment by NONOLOCO 11.07.06 @

Kool Kim.

Leave KRS alone. your the savages, you have noting better to do than to talk shit.

Comment by sunlogic 01.06.07 @

Kool Kim is dope.
KRS is dope.
Both of these guys had hit records while alot of people who post on this site were in diapers or couldn’t go outside their frontgate yet. I don’t think anyone who posts on this site had a hit record by 1991 or was a permanent fixture on Martin Lawrences wall on fox television so yeah Kim is definitely entitled to his opinion.

Comment by MERCILESZ 01.06.07 @

Man I herd about he is rippin’ off promoters and stuff when he’s on tour out here in germany n shit! And they can’t say shit about it in public or he will sue theire asses off. If this is all true he is one of the worst purpetraitin, fake-ass two-faced wanna-be-wholy-pseudo-teacher mofo in the whole goddamn game. And I got Like 6 Records from this punk.

Comment by stunner 01.30.07 @

Darrell Dimebag RIP

Comment by ForceofNature 02.04.07 @

“long befor KRS came out.. and I NEVER heard of any HIP HOP code or implicit statement that allowed for an ass whuppin on stage, when u called someones shit out”

You say you been around long before KRS and never heard about ass whippins on the side of the stage. WHat are you, new? That shit’s been going on since before rappers delight. Ask Melle Mel and he’ll tell you a million stories about that shit (or is “Melle Mel” before your time?) and Mel never told those stories until recently because he didn’t want to glorify it. If you got beef with KRS why don’t you adress him about it? Or are you afraid you’ll get your ass whupped by KRS or his crew? (ever hear of Just-Ice? he’s been whippin asses of smart alec MC’s since the 80’s) Complaining about it over a decade later when it’s seemingly safer to complain about KRS seems like a bitch move on your behalf. If you’re so outspoken about it then post your interview on KRS’s myspace so HE himself can see it. Otherwise, grow up already you washed up hippie rapper. You ‘outta here’ like Kwame.

Comment by darealshiz 06.15.07 @

I just found this online.. A kool Kim record w/ the label scratched out and KRS ONE written on top of it.



Comment by hotsteppa 06.15.07 @

Kool Kim sucks anyway. Lookin like a fag in the ‘blue cheese’ video.

Comment by koolkimsucks 07.19.07 @

I agree with “koolkimsucks”

I always heard from real ny hip hop heads that haz g & kool kim were bisexuals. it sure looks like it in the blue cheese video. (which by the way is a mad homo video. that fruity dancing while holding that purple muppet is mad suspect. no straight guy would dance like that in any video. fo rizzle.)

Comment by jenga 10.05.07 @

Wow. I never realized how much of a drama queen Kool Kim was until i read this entire thread. Who put the sand in HIS vagina?

KRS is 1 billion times more hip hop than you’ll ever be. get off the net you little one hit wonder havin’ faggot bitch.

Comment by realhiphop 02.17.08 @

Yo jenga i also heard from very reliable souces that kool kim and hass g had a bisexual relationship on the DL but kept it under wraps to maintain street cred while their rap careers were still intact. I’m suprised kim still denies it to this day considering he has no career now.

Comment by halfrim 04.03.08 @

forgive me for commenting on shit that is years out of date… the last thing i wanna do is upset anyone ha ha

i have just read pretty much this whole thing [my fuckin eyes are achin now]and i know people write lol on the internets all the time but fuckin hell did i laugh

robbie you are a genius for setting up this thing
funniest shit is kool kim threatening to fuck people up then calming down again and just the fact of how many comments there were in about three days
although idiots like the ones who made the last few comments[probly all the same 12 year old kid] started to get boring in the end

one thing i dont get with all this prince be sample nazi shit is who in their right mind wud want to sample pm dawn?

also when is someone gonna record a tune called’keep the violence in hip hop’?

loads of respect to kool kim noone for setting out to be controversial and succeeding

and lastly just for the record in my opinion the equation to break it all down to is this:

krs/bdp > pm dawn x umcs + x-clan + prt


Comment by feva 01.20.09 @

that noone after kool kims name was a typo i was gonna say noone can say he doesnt have balls[no homo] but decided not to offend any faggot hiphoppers
oops said it now
wicked blog again
audi 5 thou

Comment by feva 01.20.09 @

I just found this thread, very interesting. I remember reading the actual interview with PM Dawn where the guy’s quote was, “KRS says he’s a teacher, but a teacher of what?” I was in the military then and a bunch of guys in the barracks were passing the mag around basically shocked that a soft dude would call out BDP like that. I’m from that era and that environment (which is why I joined the military in the first place), so there are certain things that you don’t do. Especially if you’re soft as a piece of cake and don’t know the first thing about the person you’re talking about.

We all predicted a confrontation, but not a beat down. Contrary to Kool Kim’s assertion but Hip Hop did not turn people into savages. In certain areas, that violent element has always been prevalent. BDP never shied away from it or claimed to operate outside of it.

People have this fantasy that ‘the golden age of hip hop’ was a candy coated b-boy dream of rhyming, djing, breaking & graffiti. That did NOT exist. It came from the ghetto and the ghetto is not some sweet place where inner city griots turn degrading living conditions into digestible musical odes of inspiration. If you step to the wrong person, then expect to get checked. Period. Instead of saying, “Why did he step to a soft group?”, you should be asking, “Why did this soft industry dude have the gall to name check someone who is no joke and has made an indelible imprint on Hip-Hop.”

Now with that said, the entire episode happens on the regular. That does not, however, make it right. Regardless of KRS-One’s anger, role or actions, he should not have let it get to that level. But to say that HE’S the reason Hip-Hop sucks is truly absurd. Unlike the vast majority of ‘artists, rappers & emcees’ that have come and gone, at one point in time he truly was the essence of the culture. If PM Dawn were anything but disposable wackness, they would have persevered instead of becoming a punching bag foot note.

Hip-Hop doesn’t suck anyway. There will always be acts who bring the real, with or without the industry hype behind them. Instead of magnifying a very dark incident, shine light on those talents that deserve all the attention, love and money we can give to keep this thing going.

Comment by Seven Duece 06.03.09 @

u kno wut fam, im from the southside of chicago, and i wanna say sumthin real quik. i dont know SHIT about new york, wuteva’z cleva u feel me. at the same time, imma man who grew up in the streetz too, tho i wuddnt no bully. this wut IMMA say: Chicago got sum muthafukkin goons too! It aint alwayz BOUT L. A., or New York. First of all, theze individualz we speakin of are DIRECT OFFSPRING OF THE BLACK PANTHER MOVEMENT, ya dig? Secondly, ot would be only rite that Mr. BoogieDown(krs) receive repsect nationally and possibly INTERnationally, given the fact that he plugged by association of the movement! They 70’s babiez!!! It wuz either that, or u fukkin up in da streetz doin goofy shit(hustlin and bangin). So, he basically fukked hisself in they azz…..WHY? Cuz if he WUZ a hooligan, then he just comPLETELY slashed and DEBUNKED the fact that he WUZ THIS self proclaimed “teacher” of the masses of the lost and damned. BOTTOMLINE: If this nigga so HARD, why he aint get with them X-Clan boyz like PM???

Comment by kino 11.11.11 @

BULLshit ALLWAYZ haz, and 4eva will be, CHEWED UP GRASS! He bogus for fukkin wid sum niggaz that aint even ON wut he on! Datz sum square azz shit to do man! I thought that cat wuz better than that man. . . . . . I uzed to look at em like “he jus a ugly BIG STRAWBERRY NOSE ASS NIGGA!” Then i started checkin hiz interviewz and seen the brotha had sum sense u feel me? But this ridiculous act of barbarism on sum catz who were wooing the ladiez with smoov tunes just proved to me it aint niggaz hatin on KRS………He wuz hatin on THEM NIGGAZ cuz they wuz nabbin all the poosie on dat nigga singin dat “Die without you” type shyt, smoov sailin on hiz KOALA NOSE lookin ass! TF? KRS wuz salty he couldny sing them sultry azz cutz and make a eazy kill on the poosie like DEM niggaz did!!! He had to BEAST MODE a muhfukkaz to get sum package goodz u dig? LMFAO………… Shiiiiiit, Nas shoulda been fryin HIZ azz instead of Jiggaman!!! LMFAO! I think Nas wuz talkin bout KRS ass he just had an artist mix up! LOL

Comment by kino 11.11.11 @

Dat muhfukka look OOGLEE im dis bytch! X-Clan wuz gon WOLVERINE hiz ass thatz why he turnt into MAHATMA GANDHI real quik on they ass! Im bout to FRY this nigga fo life fah DIS SHIT! I respect he makin a change and we all do make mistakez, no doubt!!! But. . . . . . pm dawn? SERIOISLY? PM DAWN FOE? Maaaaan like that nigga gon get sum kool pointz fah dat sorry act of mobbin on a clique like dat!!!! LMMFAAAAAAO!!! Like CEDRIC sayz “Nigga PLEEZ!” Rakim prolly wouldve put the FOO-FOPS on KRS if he woulda stepped at that nigga like dat jack! LoL Fuck outta here!!! PM wuz sum SPIRITUAL catz fammo! He mite az well shoulda been tryna fukk wid KIRK FRANKLIN n shyt cha dig? DAM KRS…….U fukked me up wid dat one pimpin………now i see how u REALLY BOOGIE DOWN fo’….!

Comment by kino 11.11.11 @

In light of the recent fights at the BET Hip Hop Awards, I gotta agree with Kool Kim….LOOK WHAT WE GOT NOW…A BUNCH OF SAVAGES! NUSS SAID!

Comment by DOC SAMSON 10.01.12 @

fuck you dude. that is all. fuck your stupid mom too.

Comment by Fuck-U-Sideways 11.27.13 @

KRS is a bitch, someone questions his BS pholosophy and all he can do is get violent, he’s a hypocrite with all the stop the violence, he is the violence. PM Dawn just loved Jesus. KRS is a sad old joke.

Comment by Malcolm Hiume 11.20.14 @

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