The Other Ultimate Force?
Monday August 28th 2006,
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Another abrasive, scratch-heavy Shout Rap track? Why not. As Chilly B-Ware and G-Supreme declare, DJ R is “the quickest of the quick – anytime of the night!”. Not to be confused with the Ultimate Force that Diamond D started off with, these guys do a pretty good job of bigging-up their DJ while at the same time warning sucker MC’s not to test: “I definitely am a gangster, I’m the hardest not softest/ a wanted poster of me in the local post office!”

Don’t know much about this crew, but I’ve got an EP on the same label from some other kids. More importantly, this was a good excuse to rock my new Numark portable, which is a lot quicker to set-up than the 1200, and should result in a lot more old vinyl getting featured up in here, and in theory I can now bump my collection of Cold Chillin’ 7 inch’s at the local park bench thanks to the battery feature… finally I can impress those winos!

The Ultimate Force – Cuts Like These [Hip-Hop Records, 1986]

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For an ’86 track, this has a hell of a lot of vocal samples. At least compared to what I’ve heard.

Comment by Kafka 08.28.06 @

Yo, is the other ep you’ve got the Crush Force Crew? I’ve got both those records, and they’re pretty sick. What I would have called dust music at the time. I’d give you props for featuring it, but I haven’t had a lot of competition collecting this stuff, so lay off O.K.? If you put the U.S.A. Breakers or A.T.C. on here I’ll have to get ill. On the other hand you may have helped me unload my 4 copies of Weightless, so peace!

Comment by nixnutz 09.10.06 @

Yeah I’ve got that EP. This guys already posted it though:

Comment by Robbie 09.11.06 @

We made it do what it do! For some kids in the basement? I’d say not bad for some beginners!!! The first professional rap group out of Buffalo NY! Take it easy!

Comment by Chilly B Ware 12.09.13 @

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